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[Hero Concept] Effluvium

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Edited by FeederNextDoor at 2021-2-22 11:13 PM

Class: Support
Specialization: Guard/Control
Position: Roamer

Basic attack range: Ranged
Basic attack damage: Magic
Skill damage: Magic

Skill 1: Frostbite
Cooldown: 16 – 12 Seconds
Places a Chill mark on an ally for 6 seconds, 'Chill mark' ally gain 25% – 40% damage reduction for 2 seconds. Every basic attacks that 'Chill mark' ally received will be reflected to the attacker and immediately disarmed attacker for 1 seconds. The reflect damage can triggers the effects of opponent's equipments. Each attacker can only have their basic attacks reflected once.

The mark can be removed by Purify Skills.

Skill 2: Heatwave
Cooldown: 8 – 6 seconds
Enhances his next basic attack, dealing extra magic damage and Blaze mark target (opponent hero or monster) hit for 6 seconds (legend monster excluded). 'Blaze Mark' target (opponent or monster) will take 12.5% - 20% extra damage from any physical and magic damage for 4 seconds. He and all nearby allies will also gain shield absorption for 2 seconds equal to 480% enhanced basic attack damage blocked by the target, either with magic defense or basic attack immunity (Tigreal Passive, Karina S1, Aldous S2) or block skill (Benedetta S2, Lolita S2).

The enhanced basic attack can still mark target who has basic attack immunity (Tigreal Passive, Karina S1, Aldous S2) or block skill (Benedetta S2, Lolita S2) but does not deal damage.
The mark can be removed by Purify Skills.

Special Skill/Skill 3: Crossfire
Cooldown: 24 – 18 seconds
If hero successfully mark target (opponent hero or monster or allied hero), he can use this skill.
Passive: Hero gains 37.5 – 60 movement speed when moving towards marked target.

Active: Hero blinks to marked target (either opponent or monster or ally).
For opponent or monster - deals magic damage to himself and marked target and stunning both for 1 second.
For ally: heals himself and marked target and removes all control (suppress excluded) effects from both. For the next 0.5 second, hero and ally are immune to control (suppress excluded) effects and their movement speed is increased by 65%.
This skill can be used twice again within 5 seconds.

This skill is available after hero unlocks Skill 1 or Skill 2.
Each time Skill 1 or Skill 2 are leveled up, this skill also leveled up.

Ultimate: Firefrost
Cooldown: 32/28/24 seconds
Hero shoots a Firefrost projectile to designated direction and Iceburn mark first target (opponent or ally or monster) hit (legend monster excluded) for 6 seconds. If this skill hits target that already marked by Skill 1 or Skill 2, the projectile will rebound to unmarked target.

For opponent or monster - deal magic damage and slow opponent's movement speed by 50% for 3 seconds
For ally - heal and increase ally's movement speed by 80% for 1.5 seconds.

If this skill successfully mark a target, this skill can be used again to switch places with marked target, within 6 seconds.

Use again: hero will switch places with the 'Iceburn mark' target.

The mark can be removed by Purify Skills.

Passive: Cloud Veil
Every 40/36.7/33.4/30.1 seconds, hero can block control (suppress excluded) effects. When control effects is blocked, hero gains 35% control effects reduction for 3.5 seconds.

Hero basic attacks deals (+90% physical attack)(+30% magic power) magic damage.

Special Item: Shard of Chaos
Price: 0
After you purchasing this item, you cannot switched places with hero, instead hero will teleport to you.
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Hi.. @FeederNextDoor

its pretty good concept.. would be more better if you add a reference image about the hero and submit it to in-game cs as well

thank you!
Post time 2021-2-24 12:31 AM | Show all posts
So is this hero basically a fire and ice hero.
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