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[Complaint] AFK is OK but FEED is still problem

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Post time 2021-2-20 04:06 AM | Show all posts |Read mode

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Greetings Everyone, I am playing MLBB for 4-5 years. I am very happy with updates and playing this game is big fun for me. But something pissed me off badly and I wanted to share with everyone here.

I have to say that reporting system is very improved and working very well especially against AFK players today. But for feeders, no, INTENTIONAL feeders who dont fight, it doesnt work at all. 1-2 kills and few assist, done. no point deducted from him/her. This is not fair.

Here is the last case I lived (Battle ID: 473289867031218333). User of Benedetta sold his all items and told enemy players "come and finish, I sold all items" in turkish and he didnt fight. Intentionally, he/she didnt fight and we lost. Even we reported, he didnt get any point deducted. 20 minutes gone for nothing.

I dont come here to complain about this last match. I lost many matches because of intenational feeders. Players who dont get their main heroes while picking, These things always happen in solo games. I believe that it is a bit cultural problem because I always see turkish players swear and feed. Please increase punishments for feed reports and improve requirements and detection of intentional feeders.

Best regards!

P.s. I hope this player gets his/her credits deducted.



Post time 2021-2-24 11:01 PM | Show all posts
shinee. replied at 2021-2-21 04:16 AM
That is because we are mods on the forum, not ingame xd What we can do is forwards complaints, repor ...

No, it won't happen. If there are thousands of absolutely same complaiments, in this case feeding, and if you pass that to developers for 1000 times and they do nothing, why would it change now or later in the future? I think you know why they never change that ONE thing, but if you don't know...I'll say in most simple way: Punishing and lately removing feeders or trolls (pretty much same thing) from the game will significantly reduce amount of money spent in game. Very sad and very true.
Post time 2021-2-20 04:01 PM | Show all posts
Indeed the report and punishment system has gotten better overtime compared before. Sadly, there's still a flaw in it and we know for a fact that toxicity will always prevail at some point . Indeed feeders are a pain in the a$$, also AFKers.

Although, @Anand is half right, we can't really handle complaints about those stuff here. But it doesn't mean we can't do anything. Your feedback + suggestions here will always matter as we always relay them. Though, to make it more effective, it'll be better to send a feedback and suggestion in or customer service in-game as well. Hopefully, things will get better sooner.
Post time 2021-2-25 05:31 AM | Show all posts
Magnum_bangbang replied at 2021-2-25 05:16 AM
In another words, players no way to report cheaters or feeders?

Because you cant. Discord modera ...

Discord Moderators can't, Forum Moderators can't, and Facebook Moderators can't.

We're here to provide assistance and guiding you to where you should go for these issues. It's not our fault that game service doesn't do anything on reports. You can report cheaters and feeders with the system provided after the game ends and click on report and they will determine whether or not the player you reported was a cheater or a feeder, we don't determine these.

I think suggestions should be made on what customer service should be doing to assist users who make these reports.
Post time 2021-2-22 01:59 AM | Show all posts
Edited by MightAlly at 2021-2-22 02:12 AM

Ai punishment system is never going to work. Better pay to play some games on PC that people manualy adjust then this bot punishment system. Which is abused by team of 2 or 3 to report solo players. How can AI system punish Franco that is hooking creeps located in team jungle and not giving carry jungler hero farm? Because he is jelous of teamate win rate he decides to troll  or he is just having a bad day. There are multiple examples of this abuse and Ai system not working(hint glodend days of  troller Jawheads throwing teammates to enemy turrets). I wont type anymore examples to not get any ideas to trolls how to destroy and ruin this game. This is all from my personal experience. Whats more I would like admin to remove this replay of mine after creator of post see it so wider toxic community of this forum dont get troll ideas in their head. Later I would be blamed for mentioning this like I suggested it which was not my intention.  Before when you typed teammate afk you got the punishment for verbal abuse. At least they upgraded nightbot.

This game is good to kill time but nothing more serious I stopped giving suggestions year ago its a waste of time.
Post time 2021-2-20 07:42 AM | Show all posts
Some time afk punishment system also not work. If player just move on the base or just buy-sell items on the shop. Its make me really salty some times.
Post time 2021-2-20 12:46 PM | Show all posts
There is no use reporting in this forum

The mods are gonna say "contact in-game customer service"
 Author| Post time 2021-2-20 06:38 PM | Show all posts
Thanks for replays.

Well, I will do some suggestions in game customer service.
Post time 2021-2-21 04:16 AM | Show all posts
There is no use reporting in this forum

The mods are gonna say "contact in-game customer service"
That is because we are mods on the forum, not ingame xd What we can do is forwards complaints, reports and suggestions - in case you have one

I'll have to agree, for me lately on ranked it has been hell with all the players who feed intentionally..just like my last match (no idea how we won it tho) where our marksman was always alone somewhere dying on the map. I think reports on intentional feed should be handled more carefuly in the future, and i have no doubt it will happen
Post time 2021-2-22 04:10 PM | Show all posts
Its so annoying. Automatic report for players who:
-dont move
-move but dont attack
-only attack jungle, no minions or enemies
-use skills on no target
-over text
This might help...
 Author| Post time 2021-2-25 01:05 AM | Show all posts
I reported that battle ID 473289867031218333 in game customer support and nothing happened. Auto-decrease or manual report. One of them must work because I have limited time from work and family to play game. Please redirect any authorised personnel about these complaints.

Best regards,
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