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[Hero Concept] Hero Concept: Goibniu The Forger

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Edited by Kratos007 at 2021-4-7 03:36 AM

-  He is Support/Tank hero.

-  He has 2 Passive skills:
* (Living Forge):
it works only when he is out of the battleand not fighting for 5 secs. He will forge brand new exclusive items that only him can use. Each item takes around 7-10 secs to finish forging it. While he isdoing so, the forging kit will appear in front of him and will use it to forge. During that time, he can’t do any action (move, recall, use skills or even basic attack), as he is busy forging his item. To forge an item, he uses gold as you normally do purchase an item from the shop. The prices ranged from 100 to 300 Gold a piece depending on its quality and use. He can store up to 3 different forged items at once. Once he is successfully forged an item, CD toforge another item is about 20 secs. if he attacked by creep or enemy hero, the forging process will reset and CD of next forging will be instant as long as he left the battle and doesnt receive  any more hits for 5 secs. He can store 3 copies of the same exact item if he wants to. The quality of items will be depending on his current level. There will be a new skill button exclusive only to this hero, called (Forge) as he can access to both “living forge” items and “Master Craftsman” items which I will explain in moment, while his teammates can access thought that skill to just “Master Craftsman” items only. There will be 5 different items with unique uses and each ne of them has 3 different levels of qualities. All items work for limited time according to its quality and price, which it will lasts from 7 to 20 secs.  He can use all 3 stored items at once if he wants to. 1st item is to boost his speed. 2nd item is to give increase his max health. 3rd item is to increase his basic attack strength. 4th item to give him resistance to magic attacks by 10% max for each item of this type at highest quality. 5th item is to give resistance against stun.

*  (Master Craftsman): He will know all teammates selected item builds before the battle starts. From that knowledge, only one random item from each build of theirs and himself too included will be enhanced and give them newer higher stats. For any teammates, including himself, to select that enhanced item, they must purchase the original item first, and then they will get this enhanced version for 50% off the original item gold price. The forger cannot enhance more than one copy of the exact item, there will be always different items to choose from. All teammates can choose the same enhanced item if they want, or even build their items based only on the enhanced ones, but again, the Forger will enhance only 5 items randomly.

-  1st skill (Volcanic Rupture):

·   if an enemy hero is nearby, he will smash ground beneath him to create two pillars of volcanic rocks behind that enemy hero. they will work as barriers, slowing his speed.

-  2nd skill (Bellow’s Breath):

·   He will unleash unstoppable lava breath from his mouth for 3 secs. he can still get hits from enemies while he unleashing that breath, but it will not be interrupted. If an enemy hero faced that breath for more than 2 secs, he would suffer from Brittle. Brittle is working in two ways. Brittle enemies will suffer more from all negative effects that dealt by Forger and his teammates, and that consume the brittle effect. The other effect of Brittle is when a teammate hit that enemy by basic attack, that enemy will be knocked back and consumes that debuff.

-   Ultimate (Summoning the Forging God):

·   Player select certain medium to large destination, then Forger will summon The Forging God Spirit in form of giant ramming bighorn sheep of fire in that destination, knocking sideways both creeps and enemy heroes. This spirit will be begin marching from the end of destination towards Forger, as it get very close, the player can hit the skill button again to select same detination or another one, but this time the Forging Spirit will march from him to the end of the selected destination.

The Forger

The Forger
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...This a just a copy of orn from lol...
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Darkflamecas replied at 2021-3-3 10:39 AM
...This a just a copy of orn from lol...

True, i wish he will be introduced her in MLBB
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