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[Query] More coordinated enemy team or cheaters (and which type of cheat) in enemy team?

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On 29/12/2020 (at evening in Europe time), I played a 5 men classic match and my team was humiliated.
For the 1st time, me and my teammates suspected that there were cheaters in enemy team. After that match, I talked about that match with a player of my friendlist (who didn't play that match) and he suggested to report them, but I haven't idea on which type of cheat (if it exists) had enemy team. Later, I rewatched that match and I'm not so sure if enemy team was cheating (maybe they were more coordinated).
When I played that match (and there was the bug about the switch between gold and xp minions after the death of the turtle, then fixed in the following versions), the version of the game was:
Due to updates (actually the version of the game is:, I cannot longer rewatch that match.
Unfortunately, my iPhone 7 is having trouble with Touch ID (I'm not longer to take screenshots) from a few days before that match.
The ID battle of that match is 437536566390006790.
My team consisted of Odette (at grandmaster), Leomord (at legend and he had retribution as spell), Miya (used by me, at grandmaster), Johnson (at grandmaster or at epic, and he bought mask) and Khufra (at epic). Enemy team consisted of 4 epics (maybe Helcurt, Franco, Lylia and Ruby) and 1 legend (maybe Wanwan). Helcurt had retribution, while Franco bought mask. Final score (in terms of kills) was 7-35 in favour of enemy team (and they had an initial partial of 0-10).
Post time 2021-2-5 11:42 AM | Show all posts
Without any video or replay, I personally don't know what to tell you. But what I can say is that you can click on the headset on the top left side near your profile. Click on that, that is customer service. You can click on Bug Reports or Report/Appeal if you feel that the enemy cheated.

But what I have to say is that I have seen 0 cheating in my games and it could be that enemy are very map-wary and have a very good team fight coordination.
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Lol, what do you expect its classic. So many mythics use classic to boost their ranks. You look at their comps and their comps are better than comps I get in rank. Its just bs.
 Author| Post time 2021-2-5 07:55 AM | Show all posts
aznager replied at 2021-2-5 07:50 AM
Lol, what do you expect its classic. So many mythics use classic to boost their ranks. You look at t ...

There were 4 epics and 1 legend in enemy team. That match was played in late December of the previous year, so I don't know their current rank. Furthermore the whole enemy team wrote their IGNs with strange characters.
Post time 2021-2-5 10:46 AM | Show all posts
It happens to everyone

I would not care if it is classic

At the same time, I don't see any action against cheating in recent times
Post time 2021-2-5 01:11 PM | Show all posts
i dont think it was a cheat. My winrate is 80%, BUT I only play with friends. All my friends are pro, I only add people with 60% win rate or higher. I have between 20 and 30 friends. We only play classic, we play everyday for hours, we win most of the time and by far, sometimes 20-0.
We never get tank, its always me hanzo, a brody, there is a great ruby, only jawhead he is amazing, sometimes there is a helcurt, a great guinivere...
We always start the same way, get the first kill, steal jungle and kill them all ;)
Post time 2021-2-5 04:08 PM | Show all posts
In my opinion, cheating is legal in this game. Moonton will absolutely ban the cheaters.....but they never be able to fix the game. Once the cheater be banned, they will create another account and do cheat again again and again. It seems like moonton provides a weakness of the software so that there is a way to cheat. A big question, why does moonton give a privileage to the top players and esport players to hide their match history? I believe some of top players and esport are cheater and moonton tries to protect them. Is the fate of this game on their hands?
Post time 2021-2-5 04:20 PM | Show all posts
You can report players for using cheat after every game. I report someone if I feel they are cheating. The usual ones I experience are insane damage even with no items, no cooldown of skills, and able to see our locations. Sometimes moonton punish them sometimes not. If you feel something is not right just report and let the system do validation.
 Author| Post time 2021-2-5 05:07 PM | Show all posts
Kathey replied at 2021-2-5 11:42 AM
Without any video or replay, I personally don't know what to tell you. But what I can say is that yo ...

My device (iPhone 7) is almost 4 years old, its memory (32 GB) is almost full and recording a match usually requires >1 GB (I'd say 100+ MB/minute).
Moreover, I had lags (with ping at 120 ms) during that match. I'm experiencing lags when my device is recharching after the release of project next (before they were less common, but in late July of the previous year, I had a match where I picked Kimmy and I wasn't able to play because the timer was at "00:00", the ping was >200 ms and fixed, and the other heroes were immobile only according to my device, while they were able to play that match without problems, see here).
When I rewatched that match, I thought enemy team was more coordinated than mine (in my opinion, my teammates weren't able to manage disadvantage).
Post time 2021-2-5 09:15 PM | Show all posts
I know how you feel. It would have been better had you explained more so we could guesstimate what cheat(s) occurred.

Honestly all you can is either report after the match or submit a detailed report after. Either way Moonton is the worst dealing with cheaters. They have only ever visibly banned map hackers, while cdr hackers, damage hackers, lag hackers run wild. It's frustrating because these cancers infest Classic (not so much Ranked).
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