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Edited by 君莫笑 at 2021-2-7 08:13 AM

I really want to change Rafaela's passive. Oh, not only me. We want a new passive than is helpful in teamfights.

Passive: Angel's Tears
An angel's tear will generate for every target hit by her skills. Deals additional 10% damage on her first and third skill for every tear (capped at 50%) while grants additional 5% healing effect and 0.2 second movement speed buff duration for every tear (capped at 25%) on her skill 2. The maximum stacks of the tears is capped at 5 stacks.

When she dies, a holy light will strike on the killer dealing 10% of their max HP (+25% of Magic Power) of True Damage and 50% of the damage to the enemies nearby the killer.


Wiith these changes, her kit must be revamped too.

First skill:
Remove the additional 20% damage per stack
Increase the target by 5
Increase the damage by 50 (or any amount you like) in all levels
(These are the adjustments for the -10% additional damage of the stacking)
Additional: instantly reduced the cooldown of the skill by 0.2 seconds per target

Second skill:
Revert the movement speed duration to 1 second
Increase the base heal by 50 (or any amount you like)
Increase the movement speed buff from 50% to 60%
(Since as the allies nearby increases, the duration also increases. 1.2, 1.4, 1.6, 1.8, 2.0 the healer is included in the stack)

Additional: reduce the skill cooldown by 0.5 seconds for every ally affected

Third skill:
Widen the skill by 15%
Reduce the base damage by 75 (or any amount you like) in all levels
(Since the damage will be increased by 10% per enemy, it's right to reduce the damage slightly)

Additional: reduce the cooldown by 2 seconds per target

Edit: in the third skill, the first damage taker receives 1 stack of additional damage, when there are two, the second taker will be the only one to receive the 2 stsck of additional damage. Since the ultimate is more like a projectile skill.


Post time 2021-2-13 12:55 AM | Show all posts
I feel like my suggestion is better, I used rafaela skill's description and tweak it to more of a supporter with more CC and Damage to be better in a team fight. I tweak her Passive so that she heals more during a team fight if she the first one to got targeted and died. Adding to her extra heal converting to shield is a unique aspect that Mobile Legends hasn't done before. Yours is good too, but she sounds more of a mage with a healing skill.   
Post time 2021-2-11 06:10 AM | Show all posts
+1 to revamp Rafa,I mean i love her.. i main her and tired everytime I wanna use her in rank people moan groan flame and bitch at me.Mostly I use her so i can keep up my titles.It never been an issue before I reach epic but wow..people make a big deal of it.Usually I get my gold medal to shut up the whiners but the toxicity really sets a bad tone.
Post time 2021-2-3 09:59 AM | Show all posts
its more like a suggestion to completely revamp her, even though we know that she's got revamped a few times in the past but still.. she needs a much better change
I support this idea
Post time 2021-2-3 01:46 PM | Show all posts
She does need a revamp, not a lot of players use her and she is not in the meta. I agree with you.
 Author| Post time 2021-2-3 03:17 PM | Show all posts
Edited by Ncup.Ajh at 2021-2-7 08:02 AM
Ncup.Ajh replied at 2021-2-3 09:59 AM
its more like a suggestion to completely revamp her, even though we know that she's got revamped a f ...

Thank you! I hope devs will review this!

Kathey replied at 2021-2-3 01:46 PM
She does need a revamp, not a lot of players use her and she is not in the meta. I agree with you.

Thank you!
Post time 2021-2-3 11:42 PM | Show all posts
Edited by prinsesa07 at 2021-2-3 11:43 PM

Rafa needs a revamp. There are a lot of suggestions about enhancing her kits and changing her passive, however Devs are not eager to help their first ever Healer Support on the game. She was given some revamps before but they've failed. It's already been like more than a year since they've messed up her. They said that she's even being picked ocassionally during tournaments, like from the word itself "Ocassionally" and rarely seen on Rank Games. Dunno when are they going to wake up with the reality that she is in a bad shape. To the person who suggested these changes, I highly agree with you. Keep it up, keep posting about Rafa on this forum and on CS portal. #RevampRafaela
Post time 2021-2-7 12:51 PM | Show all posts
i think current raf skill 123 is good, maybe more healing amount on skill 2, and maybe give her passive additional function before get kill will be good.
 Author| Post time 2021-2-7 04:47 PM | Show all posts
wanwanlove replied at 2021-2-7 12:51 PM
i think current raf skill 123 is good, maybe more healing amount on skill 2, and maybe give her pass ...

Actually it's just the same slow, mvmnt speed, stun, and damage but with this new passive, it encourages her to be always in teamfights and support her teammates more. The more nearby allies and enemies, the more useful Rafaela is.
Post time 2021-2-11 10:34 AM | Show all posts
DEVs please read
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