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[Complaint] WHY?!

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1) will there ever be penalties for trolling?

( In mysthick 80% trolling match :))

2)WHY were Ukraine and Russia added to the servers from Europe?

3)Why are the most idiots in the highest rank? ( Mysthick )

on the epic you could win the game solo on mysthick, it's not possible anymore ..

Finally, do something with this BIGGER PENALTIES at mysthick rank ...

to make it even possible, that 80% of the players ON THE HIGHEST RAND IN THE GAME DIDN'T HAVE A BRAIN is it something wrong?



Post time 2021-1-30 03:30 PM | Show all posts
First of all it's mythic, not mystick

But I feel your pain and I can tell you: There is no solution for our problem. I complained everywhere how Russians, Ukraines, Belarus etc. should play on their own server, not EU, but it's pointless.

I would be thrilled if any of admins, moderators, devlopers are on EU server for a month to feel a pain playing with Ukraines and Russians.

One simple example of playing with them:

S1 (Ukraine) - I want to use Lesley - Matches 122 Win rate 51% Spell: Inspire(!) (Thinks thats an amazing win rate, never played tank in his MLBB life, only MM or mage. Going first everywhere and anytime with some random build, oftenly trapped by 2-3 enemies, crying how nobody helps him and trashtalking from draft)
S2 (Russian) - I want to use Chang'e. My hero mastery is Expert.(!) (Never showed wr coz its very low, never heared about ganking other lanes, recommended build(!), staying under tower all game and having score 2-1-10 coz he doesnt know how to use Chang'e properly and having only asists from ult to make him silver/gold and to tell you how bad you are when you are ganked on top every 20secs)
S3 (Ukraine) - I want to use Karina, Matches 27 Win rate: 61% (20 of those 27 matches are from Classic where he played with 2 friends, using assassin emblem on Karina(!), wrong build ofcourse, 15mins taking all buffs and jungle, press Ult couple of times to steal couple of kills and to be MVP with score 5-1-2)
S4 (Belarus) - This is feeder by default. Don't know basics, don't know how he even finished in Mythic.
S5 (Poor you) - If S4 is a tank, you are helpless offlaner. You are trying to defend your lane,but you simply cannot. Long time feed enemies ganking you whenever they want while you mage is killing litho. If you are a tank, than God help you. You stunned 2 enemies, leaving them on half HP, using all your skills while your MM is killing minions beside you.
Post time 2021-1-30 04:02 PM | Show all posts
@[GA]Adamek @s5tank

As much as I would like to empathise with you, unfortunately toxicity is prevalent everywhere and not exclusive to a region or server. It's just inevitable due to the environment induced by the net, making a illusion that people are allowed to behave irresponsibly.

However, not to worry as our team is constantly working towards making Mobile Legends a more hospitable and healthy gaming environment with each passing day. Fret not as we value each player's feedback and take them into account.

We apologise for your bad experiences, and hope that you may get a better impression and experience of Mobile Legends with our constant updates and improvements as we strive to always improve Mobile Legends.
Post time 2021-1-30 04:17 PM | Show all posts
My answers are...
1. Yes, if all your teammates report the troller, there will be a punishment, even it is just simple easy punishment. No, since trolling is hard to be identified actually. Mythic trolling, because mythic is actually boring tier, nothing you can achieve more when you are in mythic. People bought mythic account or boosted, its different story.

2. No need to build another server so maybe moonton merged the ukrainian and russian server into the europe server.

3. Do you forget about the notorious epic tier? Try to solo rank in SEA server and you will experience the pain of epic tier. Legend tier, it is no different with epic but with golden border.

4. If 80% high tier player have no brain, so 20% low tier elite warrior gm and epic are genious. If they are genious, why they race to reach the no brain tier? Should we all the high tier players race down to the genious tier? It is confusing.
Post time 2021-1-30 07:16 PM | Show all posts
One possible reason why you face players across the globe is that, there's a lack of playerbase in that rank and at the same time, during that time + same bracket. Toxicity is pretty much existent everywhere in every game. Try doing a premade match to lessen the risk of losing. Report system has gotten better overtime, so yea most of the trollers get punished with the massive number of reports they're receiving. Though, there's still room for improvement.
Post time 2021-1-30 08:38 PM | Show all posts
Charles replied at 2021-1-30 07:16 PM
One possible reason why you face players across the globe is that, there's a lack of playerbase in t ...

1) Nobody here is talking about toxicity, I rly don't know why you all answering with that statement. It's about knowing basics and it's about how hard is to play in EU server

2) What do you think, why is there a lack of playerbase in our rank? Maybe because other EU players leaving and deleting game because they don't want to be abused by Ukraines and Russians?

3) Put this into your head if you can. I can't play with Turks because whenever I face 9 Turks, my ms is from 87 to 120. We can't play on the same server, WE ARE TOO FAR from eachother! 90% of Turkey is in Asia FFS!
Post time 2021-1-30 10:22 PM | Show all posts
I mean it may be hard for developers to see who is actually trolling and I doubt that they could ever catch someone trolling because 95% of the time, they don't. I play one other MOBA game as well on phone and they can't even catch trolling when we reported.

I also wanted to say if you google Ukraine and Russia, they are both in Europe and that makes sense as for why they are in Europe server.

I don't know what or where you are coming from with most Mythic players don't have a brain, but I assume that you mean that they don't adjust and that is because there are people trying to raise MMR points with their main hero or that they only know how to play this role.
Post time 2021-1-31 01:29 AM | Show all posts
Toxicity is everywhere. Not just in game but also in real life we face those toxicities. We cant run from it. Anyway, are Ukranian and Russian players really very that bad until you hate them? But one thing for sure, from long time ago this game has been not populer in europe and US. That is why the playerbase is very low and the result is some problems in the matchmaking. Today you face this problem and tomorrow you will face again and again and again. I think you know what you should do.
Post time 2021-1-31 04:42 PM | Show all posts
Edited by Magnum_bangbang at 2021-1-31 04:44 PM
StormlordArdan replied at 2021-1-31 01:29 AM
Toxicity is everywhere. Not just in game but also in real life we face those toxicities. We cant run ...

Most Russians or Ukraina players is kids like 12-14 years. A lot of obscene language and verbal abuse on their chats. So, yep. From my expiriance, Russians and Frenchs is most toxic players.

Btw, you can easly fix it - just find friends and play with them.

And stop carrying about winrate. Its a game.

Also, some time ago - one mate told me - "you cant solo up legend rank. You can it in previous seasons, but now". So, maybe if you cant play solo-myth its problem with you, like this guy. I never see ideal player in this game. Just find you mistakes, stop blame you team, and be better.
Post time 2021-2-1 07:57 AM | Show all posts
most of my games in japan, legend rank, finish fast. We win fast or lose fast. I would say 9 out of 10 games are like this. there is just one game sometimes where we actually enjoy the game and its balanced.
My winrate is 50%.
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