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[Gameplay] Mvp in losing team and only silver in team

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Edited by MightAlly at 2021-1-27 10:48 AM

We need better matchmaking system or harsher punishment for guys that want to practise heroes in ranked. They get 3.0 grade and lose a little credit score and I lose mmr and grade without any compensation for my effort.

How is your experience how many games did you need to reach mythic glory playing solo?

Post time 2021-1-28 04:03 AM | Show all posts
MightAlly replied at 2021-1-27 06:21 PM
If u think I am low then you should see my random teammates. I have tons of screen shoots for educat ...

Just like other mythic players you are also a scaredy cat

I thought you were trying your best but you were just picking a hero to save the win rate and MMR of your main heroes

You played safe and came to complain about others here

In my opinion you are a trash too
Post time 2021-1-31 12:05 AM | Show all posts
"If I picked khufra or atlas in that game nothing would have changed. Even I would have bronze. This is what you want to see for a game to  last 3 minutes longer and for all the team to get bronze is it???
I am so done with you if you want forward this to game moderators and do your job if not delete this post."

This. This just don't find way to their brain. They simply can't understand. You can be the best tank ever, the best I-will-adjust player ever, but it is pointless when your teammates practicing, when they play rank like it's classic...You need to have all the luck of this world to win such games. And it happens once in 10 games. Epic comeback exist on youtube and once in 10 of your games.
Post time 2021-1-27 11:54 AM | Show all posts
I have played around 17 000 games in 3 accounts. My highest has been Mythic IV.
I have a squad, we are only 3, but our win rate together is less than 50%. My solo wr is a little higher, not much. I play solo 90% of the time, main tank. I will try to be honest and neutral with my answer to you.
1. Odete is not the best mage. You have no speed or flicker skills, you cant escape. She cant get towers either. And she is only good when ultimate available. So you cant carry with her. Zhask and Chang are more versatile mages.
2. You pick odet no matter what? I see 2 games with odet…
3. In one of the games your team has 2 mages, but most importantly NO TANK. Even if you only had one mage, no tank is suicide.
4. In that same game the enemy had a tank and 2 fighters, that is a great team composition.
5. Besides Odet, your team got an Argus (the worst fighter right now). Enemy team got Dragon and Gatotkaka, 2 great heroes vs 2 bad heroes.
6. You have the same build in both games, don’t you change your build according to the enemy? You were fighting against 3 tanky heroes but dint buy magic penetration, you focused on mana…
7. You were the least bad, but doesn’t mean you were great.
8. Your second game was better, nice team. But who goes where? Miya needs jungle, hayabusa too. And then you have Angela, none of these heros can be offlaners, they cant solo. There are better options for offlaner, no Baxia because he cant clear waves fast. He is pure tank or support. So it still was a weird team composition.
9. That happens to me often, Im tank with most kills and damage. That shouldn’t happen. The assassin and marksman must be the ones with the most money. Maybe you used execute to get the kills? Maybe you were offlaner and the other tank was the tank? As a tank you most have supports, in your case you had 0, so im sure you were offlaner.
10. Solo socks, that’s for sure. Matchmaking is terrible, yes. In my newest account Im only assassin, 500 games, and my wr is close to 80%. Im, mvp most of the time, I barely die, most towers. So maybe pick a mm or assassin if you want to carry and improve your stats.
11. Meta heroes for sure, its harder with non meta because of the recent buffs and nerfs. Your emblem needs to be level 60, and if possible get a skin with all the heroes you main (for the little extra attribute). Spell is important too, not sure what you use. I have a friend who is only jawhead and he rocks!! Tanky, stun, damage, speed… Im using hanzo now, and I will later start with jawhead, helcurt, Natalia.
12. Im legend now, always reach mythic at the end of the season, not sure what your rank is now but in lower ranks its easier to end fast.
13. Don’t keep playing rank after one loss. Rest or play brawl or classic. There is nothing worse than a loss streak, that affects your win rate and also makes you depressed.
 Author| Post time 2021-1-27 06:21 PM | Show all posts
Edited by MightAlly at 2021-1-27 06:32 PM

If u think I am low then you should see my random teammates. I have tons of screen shoots for educational purpose on youtube.My highest rank is mythic 3 you can check my profile. I have 60% win rate this season. 52% overall.  My goal this season is mythic 1.
Odette is my pick to carry trolls same goes for Hanabi and Layla. My main mages are Esmeralda,Lylia, Harith but I dont play them with troll teammates. My main mm is claude but I dont play him with trolls. My main fighter is Martis I have 100% win rate last season and this one. When you see a losing game it is good to try odette. I succeded a few times to carry.

1)Have you ever played odette in high elo or just tanks? Here I need sustain for mana because of my eblem 2nd effect that is burst. Same like some guys are using kagura in high elo. On top of that I had to use purify spell for life sustain beacuse short cd and items for life steal. I dont carre about mag pen when using kagura and odette. It is waste to focus on tank. Just carry your team until the late game. Foucus mm dont trust your jungler. Pray to god to have at least 1 healthy lane and you can carry.

2)About baxia hylos was afk because he didnt want to tank for miya. After 3 minutes he started playng. I had to offline tank because troll pick angela with russian flag girl and only use this hero. I had 4-0 in 4 minutes. Later when thry feeded enemy killed me a few times. And baxia is perfect offlaner with item to clear lanes and emblem 3rd skill for tanks. If you dont beliave me watch finals. And I have above 50% win rate with baxia.

Post time 2021-1-27 06:58 PM | Show all posts
In my opinion , the problem is straightforward , nobody picked tank , and you not even pick tank hero , next time just pick tank hero when solo tanked because there are too many high ego player or player that does not main tank.
Post time 2021-1-28 01:03 AM | Show all posts
Edited by Kathey at 2021-1-28 01:05 AM

The problem always that comes in ranked matches is who will play tank? Not a lot of people like to play tank. If you want to have a tank player in your friend, I would recommend playing with a friend or with friends for that because not a lot of people play tank and it is very hard to get paired with someone that plays tank. Matchmaking may not be fair to some people, but it is not perfect. You can't just tell Moonton to cast a magic wand to the matchmaking and tell them fix it. But what they can improve is making role selections in ranked mode so they can pair users based on the roles they play instead of hero, which I hope has been suggested as well.
Post time 2021-1-28 03:56 AM | Show all posts
The punishment system should be harsh

Mythic players are afraid of losing win rate and MMR so they are trolling.

These troll players just don't understand how much effort we are putting in to reach mythic playing solo

Many trio don't care about losing because to them they can always win the next game. Their overall win rate is above 50 percentage so they don't care trolling few matches and losing
 Author| Post time 2021-1-28 04:48 AM | Show all posts
Edited by MightAlly at 2021-1-28 04:50 AM
Anand replied at 2021-1-28 04:03 AM
Just like other mythic players you are also a scaredy cat

I thought you were trying your best but ...

Thanks for being the only one to notice point of my post. I must be truthful here and agree with you. I carre about win rate with my best heroes. But like you see I adjusted and picked mage because we had 0 magic dmg. If I picked tank we wouldn't have had magic damage and enemy can ez counter with phy def items. Lastly I didnt have last pick.I have 52% win rate with odette.
Can you be truthful now and say if someone show win rate 35% and pick that hero do you pick your main? Dont lie here on forum like keyboard warrior and tell the truth.  We had 100 world rank lesley and miya picked with 40% win rate.

I agree with you and point of this post is punishment for bronze 3.0. I dont carre about 3.1 3.2 3.3 and so on but please at least punish 3.0 I checked this guy profile and he didnt recieve punishment..

Btw I tend to clear lost game in rank playing classic I just reached mythic 4. I had 10 wins in a row today. But mostly its 3 wins 1 lose and thrn classic.
Post time 2021-1-28 05:15 AM | Show all posts
Edited by Anand at 2021-1-28 05:18 AM
MightAlly replied at 2021-1-28 04:48 AM
Thanks for being the only one to notice point of my post. I must be truthful here and agree with yo ...

Will you believe me if I say I picked Layla as first pick ignoring pro op mages?

Layla is my main for this season and I pick her without worrying about my other teammates

If I am not first pick, then I will adjust for my team.

I pick an expert hero with win rate above 50 percentage based on the required role mostly tank or fighters

Post time 2021-1-28 06:40 PM | Show all posts
like Diwang said honestly, first screenshot draft was just really bad, not even a tank
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