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[Gameplay] Improve game Bars

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The suggestion below is just some details to be improved so the game will be more new-player-friendly. Currently, the game’s bars are quite messed up and not standardized (as described in the picture attached). I am going to talk about the issues the game have, then the suggestions for each of them.

Issue 1 (White rage bar and White energy bar):
new players might be confused with white rage bar and white energy bar, causing low tier matches to have players fighting over buffs even though they do not need it.  Similar to the white bar issue, Fanny and a few other energy heroes use Yellow bar, but Khaleed also uses the Yellow Bar but these two mean totally different things. There are also red rage bar, but lately new/reworked heroes use white bar that changes color when certain requirements are fulfilled.

- Standardize all rage bar colours (either all red or all white, and only transform colors when they reach their specific requirements)
- if possible make Ling use the same Yellow energy bar. It looks cool to have white bar but it does not make much sense actually.

Issue 2 (Rage mechanics):
Regardless of the bar colour, now this is about the mechanic. Some rage bars will decrease with time (such as Minotaur, Hanzo, Yuzhong) while some don't (such as Guinevere, Argus, Lapu-lapu). I am not requesting to make all the rage work the same way, but I would like you to add a clear descriptions in each heroes involved

- Mention clearly in the heroes’ passive description, whether their rage will fade off over time or not

Conclusion: Mobile Legends have to have more standardized bar mechanic to avoid inexperienced player from playing the wrong way – and also to make the game more uniformed.

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diwang replied at 2021-1-10 05:36 PM
This is exactly what i am thinking about , there are no reason for guinevere bar to be red color , b ...

Guinevere deals 25% increased damage to airborne enemies.
Guinevere's mastery of magic allows her Basic Attack.png Basic Attack to deal (+80% Total Physical Attack) (+60% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage.
Guinevere accumulates 1 stack of Super Magic each time she deals damage. When her Super Magic reaches 5 stacks, her next Basic Attack.png Basic Attack will let her jump towards to her target, dealing 80 (+100% Total Physical Attack) (+120% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage and restoring 8% of her lost HP.

The text above shows Guinevere's passive description, and you are right though, she gains "super magic" instead of "rage" so it should be white bar and probably turns purple when it is full

i think the final state of bar should be based on hero type, while this kind of "power accumulating bar" when  it has not reach its requirement it should be white. Then to avoid confusion, make Ling's bar yellow.
For example: Minotaur, Guinevere, Khaleed, Lapu-lapu etc all should have white bar in the beginning, when their requirement is fulfilled it transforms to their respective color.
Mino - White to Red
Guinevere - White to Purple
Khaleed - White to Brown/Yellow
Post time 2021-1-10 05:36 PM | Show all posts
This is exactly what i am thinking about , there are no reason for guinevere bar to be red color , because bar with red color is associated with "rage" bar and it does not make sense for guinevere to have "rage". Rage bar really need more adjustment so it fit the hero.
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NICE!! How about not bars but little circles (like Tigreal). We can also change the place, rage UNDER the hero, not above the head. Or more clear colors: rage white and red, energy yellow.
Post time 2021-1-16 09:37 PM | Show all posts
You have some really good points that can be utilised and acted open. I hope it will be taken into top consideration when looked upon by the devs.
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