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[Complaint] Please fix the report system

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Please fix the report system,
Nickname akrhy
He doesnt participate in teamfight and im the only one getting credits score deducted?
Maybe Moonton Will only hear if they lose to Game F +
Post time 2021-1-10 12:44 AM | Show all posts
It is very much possible that he/she also lost credit score through other players reporting them. I dont know if its credible to say that he didn't without any proof. Ofcourse, if you still think so, send out a message to customer support and they should be able to help you.
On the other hand, I believe that Matchmaking, report system is an evolving system that needs constant updates to work around with new cases and it will definitely get updated when needed.
Thanks for your Feedback
Post time 2021-1-10 08:13 AM | Show all posts
All you need is one kill or assisst to escape punishment

I posted a thread about it but no one listens until they experience it themselves

I am seeing quite a lot of threads like this recently
 Author| Post time 2021-1-10 02:41 PM | Show all posts
Edited by Kathey at 2021-1-12 02:24 AM
imAldric replied at 2021-1-10 12:44 AM
It is very much possible that he/she also lost credit score through other players reporting them. I  ...

No,they doesnt get credits score deducted,i already put him into my blacklist so i could check them everyday,and until now,no credits score  deducted,and you cant lie to me because i have the proof that her doesnt get credits score deducted

Because this is cheating,not fair,i'm getting 7 points of credits score deducted and her not?


i already report him and doesnt get credits score deducted?

imAldric replied at 2021-1-10 12:44 AM
It is very much possible that he/she also lost credit score through other players reporting them. I  ...

In fact he didn't LOSE A SINGLE CREDIT SCORE,because I check over him everyday, and still until now,no credits score deducted
I have to play 21 games to return my credit score and he didn't have to do it a single once?!
Is that you called "FAIR"?
And the system is not working

We can see IT CLEARLY THAT me and him have no teamfight participation and you saying that this is a new case?
Its clearly me and him HAVE ZERO PERCENT OF TEAMFIGHT PARTICIPATION and you say it's new case?

Post time 2021-1-11 12:36 PM | Show all posts
Edited by Chrisnetika at 2021-1-11 12:37 PM

I think moonton overthinked the penalty system too much, i understand the reason is to provide fairplay for everyone but there alot of instances where the system fails and penalizes when it shouldn't and doesn't penalize when it should.Good example.. oddly this system also works the same criteria in brawl which baffles me... why? well normally if you play rank/classic you will normally choose a hero your comfortable at playing but in brawl that is not the case.I cannot tell you how many times I was forced to play a hero a.) never used before or b.) do not know how to play it and because of that I got penalized because I did not play that hero to the expectation of a person that knows how to play it.Can also tell you the experience of a new player when I 1st started a half a year ago was miserable because of this system always penalizing me.Game feels more like a job/chore than having fun at times and scares people away.This has alot to do with credit system, and moonton needs to ask themselves if it really effective? Is it? I do not think in the way moonton believes.There are people not afraid of it if they are skilled enough to take the hit and get credit back fast, 2 days ago I had a rank matched where a person literally said they was gonna troll so they started feeding the other team and oddly enough we still had a chance to win but as match dragged on that dwindled and because of that we lost.Obviously this player should know the consequences and get reported but they did not care or were afraid to do so and another glaring issue, people that have alt accounts(in this game some you call it smurf accounts?) so obviously they do not care what happens to it.
The point of all what i'm saying is, the system namely credit/reporting system is deeply flawed and it prob hurting innocent players more than punishing bad players at it's current design imho.
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