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[Hero Balance] Layla suggestions

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Layla adjustment suggestion

Hi everyone, hopefully all here's fine and good.

I have an suggestion for Layla.

If you know, Layla have a Compo with her second skill and her Ultimate.

When the enemies is very close to each other, use your second skill and your Ultimate. And you'll deal massive damage.

So I'm here to improve this compo, since Layla isn't popular.

My adjustment suggestion is:-

Increase second skill range, or make it like Basic attack range, and also make it increasing with first skill hit, just like Basic attack.

Also, i hopefully to increase the Area of effect for her second skill, to increase the hit rate.

Also, cuz Layla have low Mobility, you can add this for her second skill:-

After hit the marked enemy, increase your movement speed by 5% for 5s, can stack up.

Also this suggestion

If you hit the marked enemy by your skill, the Mark damage can be a Critical.

You can go to this link and see this video, this compo will make Layla more unique, just if devs improve it. ... P/view?usp=drivesdk

Post time 2021-1-2 06:39 PM | Show all posts
Agree with you, her 2nd skill is hard to hit and need more range even to combo with her 1st skill. Need a buff range or slight bonus rework. Ty for the suggestion.
Post time 2021-1-2 07:55 PM | Show all posts
In my opinion, Layla is balanced (before Project Next, it was harder to win with her). Maybe Kha-Kun played less matches than me with Layla.
Her 1st skill can deal critical damage and boost mobility.
Marked enemies can take extra damage not only by her basic attacks, but also by her skills.
Moreover, Aurora's 2nd skill has shorter range than her 1st skill too.
Post time 2021-1-2 09:18 PM | Show all posts
agreed too...i find layla still unbalanced sadly
Post time 2021-1-2 10:27 PM | Show all posts
I thought Layla was unbalanced previously, but then after playing a few matches against Layla, I think she is balanced now. I play Miya a lot and I was mad that because of Layla's far range, I can't even get close to Layla unless I was risking myself to be killed before even reaching Layla.

I think Layla needs a mobility buff as she is one of the weakest Marksman.
Post time 2021-1-2 11:48 PM | Show all posts
I definitely agree with you on layla second skill about having longer range. It makes more sense to me to have layla with more range than mobility because it fits with her style.
Post time 2021-1-3 04:50 PM | Show all posts
That's too much
Post time 2021-1-3 10:50 PM | Show all posts
Edited by diwang at 2021-1-3 10:51 PM

Layla just dont work in the game where there is a lot of movement speed , immunity , and blink skill . She is the only oldest hero that never get a spotlight even with a lot of revamp . Yeah sure she might have appeared once or twice but she is never spammed ban and never spammed pick in tournament unlike some overpowered hero. Layla is too situational.

The only way for layla to work is to delete her from game and release it again :D because mon ey toon keep releasing hero that is balanced or overpowered , only once a new hero is underpowered but it is only once and mlbb have a lot of new hero.
 Author| Post time 2021-1-4 01:19 AM | Show all posts
diwang replied at 2021-1-3 10:50 PM
Layla just dont work in the game where there is a lot of movement speed , immunity , and blink skill ...

Layla damage is good, but she just need a little adjustment in her skills
Post time 2021-1-7 03:16 PM | Show all posts
Layla's damage is massive. I got several maniacs with her tho XD. But, I really think Moonton can't further revamp her anymore unless they completely change her skill set. But that would defeat the challenge of knowing how to play marksman. However, here are ideas for Layla adjustment:

1) GLOBAL SKILL RANGE FOR ULTIMATE: Layla's Ultimate has a short range. If you properly distance yourself from enemies, the skill range is not enough to extend to mages/mm at the back. I think they should make Layla's ultimate like Moskov's.

2) REMOVE MOVEMENT SPEED DECAY ON MALEFIC BOMB: Currently, Layla gains 60% addtl movement speed upon hitting enemies. It becomes 120% if heroes. But, the additional speed decays over 1.2s. If we truly want to increase her mobility, Moonton should remove the decay and give the full 1.2s movement speed increase.

3) SLOW EFFECT ON ULTIMATE: Layla's only AOE skill is her ultimate. If we add a slow effect (perhaps 60% for 1s), that could indirectly improve Layla's escape skills. So basically, Ult --> Skill 1 --> Escape. That combo works if the movement speed decay is removed.

However, of the items enumerated above, it's still not enough to make her a constant pick on tournies or professional leagues. But in casual play, we might see her more frequently if the suggestions above are implemented.

Regarding diwang's suggestion to delete her and release her again: I think that would defeat the purpose of learning how to play marksman because positioning is extremely important for Layla. Considering her wide range, knowing how to position her properly is the key to her mechanic. I must thank Layla tho. Without playing her before, I would have a hard time mastering Cecilion.
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