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[Hero Concept] Nezuko (Hero Concept) | Fighter/Support

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Edited by TheLtCaptain at 2020-12-15 09:00 AM

"She was the beauty of our hometown, our Nezuko!
Also, how could anyone call Nezuko ugly? She's adorable!"

Awakened Form

Chosen Demon


Gotouge Koyoharu (manga)
Ufotable (anime)


Neutral Good

Humanoid, Female, Earth, Oni


24000 BP/499 Dias

Stats and Attributes
Durability: 78/100
Offence: 65/100
Ability Effects: 50/100
Difficulty: 32/100

Movement Speed: 257
Physical Atk: 112
Magic Power: 0
Armour: 23
Magic Resistance: 10
HP: 2250
Mana: 0
Attack Speed: 0.9
HP Regen: 40
Mana Regen: 0
Basic Attack Crit Rate: 0
Ability Crit Rate: 0


Passive - Abstinence

Because Nezuko doesn't consume human flesh or blood, she relies on sleep to rejuvenate her strength. If she stays idle for 5s, she will take a nap and continuously recover energy and HP. This effect can be cancelled if Nezuko moves or takes damage.

(Secret Buff) Fighting Side By Side

If Tanjirou is on the same team as Nezuko, both of them will gain 10% more Physical Atk and movement speed. If Nezuko's HP drops to below 30%, she can crawl into Tanjirou's box where she can activate her passive undisturbed until she chooses to jump out. This effect will be cancelled if Tanjirou is controlled or takes too much damage. Once Nezuko comes out of the box, all nearby enemies will be knocked back. As long as she is inside the box, she can recall with Tanjirou.

Skill 1 - Homing Kick

Nezuko charges in a designated direction and upon contact with an enemy hero, she will kick them, dealing 226 physical dmg (+102% total Physical Atk) and knocking them back. This can be activated a second time and during the second phase, the kick will now deal 200 physical dmg (+80% total Physical Atk) and slow down the target by 24% for 1.7s.

Energy Cost: 20
CD: 6

Skill 2 - Shrink

Nezuko becomes small for 4s and gains the ability to repeatedly do short distances. When timed correctly, the dashes can ignore basic attacks.

Energy Cost: 11
CD: 10/9.5/8/7.5/6/5.5

Skill 3 - Blood Demon Art "Blood Burst"

Nezuko ignites her blood, dealing 390 physical dmg (+146% total Physical Atk) to all nearby enemy heroes and inflicting a burn effect that dealing 10 (20% total physical attack) lasts for 6s. If there are any nearby allies, 30% of all their lost HP will be restored and they will be purified from all control effects.

Energy Cost: 27
CD: 17/16/15/14/13/12

Ultimate - Demonic Awakening

Nezuko awakens her full potential as a demon and goes berserk for 5s, gaining 30% Physical Atk and 50% Armour. Additionally, this will also increase her energy regen continuously. During the buff, Nezuko cannot access her second skill.

Energy Cost: 34
CD: 30

The second eldest of the Kamado family. After her family was slaughtered by demons, Nezuko was turned into one herself. Though she acted wildly at first and even tried to eat her own big brother, Tanjirou, most of her human personality has remained intact. Unique to her, she doesn't eat humans and recovers her strength through sleep. Tanjirou and Nezuko now embark on a journey to avenge their family and hopefully, turn her back into a human.


"Humans are to be saved and protected. I will never hurt them."

In Battle
"Hmm! Hmm!"

Mhmm.. Hmm.."

[Mastery Code]



[Kimetsu Academy]
Rarity: Basic
Price: 269 Dias

[Tips and Tricks]

Battle Spells
Nezuko can use Aegis to sustain herself longer. Your other options are Arrival to rejoin clashes faster, or Sprint if you want a way to escape.

Item Builds and Emblems
Take Bravery, Firmness, and Unbending Will; a combination of those three will give you an edge in team fights. Alternatively, you can use Tank Emblem and take these: Firmness, Purity, and Tenacity but it's less recommended than the other one due to Nezuko's comparatively less CC to conventional Tanks. Build depends on the situation, but spellvamp and armour are always recommended.

Hero Synergy and Counters
Nezuko is a versatile pick, but her best teammate is undoubtedly Tanjirou. She is bad against Baxia and Khufra; the former due to reducing her regen, and the latter for his ability to cancel her dashes.

Nezuko is a simple, straightforward Fighter who is easy to learn but unfortunately just as easy to counter. However, she does bring decent support to the table and can be optimal with the right lineup.

[End Notes]
Well, I'm obsessed with Kimetsu no Yaiba and this resulted from it. I chose Nezuko because she is the show's most iconic character and a cutie. I'll probably make Tanjirou next.

Original author :
I got a permission to send this hero concept from her to here because I remember there's survey about anime hero and I think her hero concept is very good and I modified it a bit to make her more balance

Post time 2020-12-15 05:01 PM | Show all posts
hey isnt this just demon slayeer
Post time 2020-12-15 11:52 PM | Show all posts
yeah, it is. Its not a bad idea cuz she does play a supportive role to tanjiro.
Post time 2020-12-16 09:47 AM | Show all posts
fkin' weeb xD overpopular anime zzz it doesn't fit into Mobile Legend ideal kind of hero
She could be a skin for selena or someone who can transform from being cute to dangerous.
Post time 2020-12-18 01:29 PM | Show all posts
cool concept, pretty neat and superb skillset she has, especially her passive as anti-recall ability and her 3rd skill is very useful too during teamfight with allies
don't forget to submit it to in-game cs too along with this thread link

waiting for Tanjirou's concept then
Post time 2020-12-22 03:36 PM | Show all posts
Good job!
Post time 2021-2-5 08:16 AM | Show all posts
Edited by Vincenza@849 at 2021-2-5 08:19 AM

I detest her when she keeps things those cover/hide her mouth.
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