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[Hero Balance] hero balancement lol

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hm... first, Rafaela hasn't get revamp until now since the latest patch she gets revamp skin only? i think she needs revamp of her Passive and Ultimate. I always use her Skill 1 to detect enemy (can counter Natalia invisible state, also prevent team to be assaulted by enemy) and Skill 2 to heal and escape. Her Ultimate seems nice when combo with other CC skills from your Ally, but it's not enough (Her Ultimate like Nana Ultimate too but with different skill area/range). The useless passive isn't helped at all even it deals enemy Max HP to enemy who killed her (like Zhask Passive but different skill area/range again).  So what is her unique then? I hope Moonton will revamp her as soon as possible.

second, Belerick in latest patch gets buff on his durability but it's not really change him at all. The problem is his Skill 1 and Ultimate. His Passive is really useful to counter most annoying enemy DPS and Skill 2 can make him roam/catch/escape also get alot HP from next Basic Attack. But, CC from Skill 1 and Ultimate really hard to use. They have too long delay time before CC enemy. I hope Moonton can reduce/remove the delay both of them.

third, i have some suggestion here:
Estes : buff his damage/CC from Skill 2 and Passive.

Diggie : buff his Ultimate Shield or change it to recover the state in last x seconds before the Ultimate since he can control the time.

Faramis : buff the skill 2 area/range. This skill is too close as a support only.

Carmila : buff the skill 1 area/range. Same reason as Faramis.

Akai : buff base HP or Shield from Passive. He needs his durability back.

Hylos : buff reduce Mana Cost from Skill 2.

Alice : revert her Ultimate back. The current Ultimate just like Hylos but better lol. Ofcourse remove her Tank Role or change her into Mage/Support.

Terizla : revamp his passive since it useless.

Sun : make his Skill 2 can escape/dash with manual control not auto lock target.

Gord : how about increase his movement speed after he cancel his Ultimate?

Odette : how about make her Ultimate can stun enemy for 1s or less then slow enemy?

Vexana : how about skill 1 longer CC or reduce skill 2 delay time?

Nana : how about revert back her Ultimate to Old Nana? i like the old nana when she can knock up all enemies rather than stun.

Kadita : how about Skill 2 to trap or pull slowly enemy side as the wave move without delay time?

Post time 2020-11-28 11:53 PM | Show all posts
Kadita doesn't need any changes, it's important already to me. Nana perhaps needs a few changes to her first skill or second skill. I am not sure. But I think they are good enough.
Post time 2020-11-23 05:24 PM | Show all posts
i like this ideas especially vexanna one, I rarely see her in rank like forever
Post time 2020-11-23 11:10 PM | Show all posts
Nana is good hero. I think she is underrated hero. Her ultimate stunning enemies could deal massive dmg. hylos, reducing mana cost might make him too op bc he deals so much dmg already. Don't forget his passive that he could use hp as mana. Diggie ultimate is one of the best ult as you could counter everyone in this meta. Diggie dmg is decent. All the others one I agree with.
 Author| Post time 2020-11-24 08:47 AM | Show all posts
Edited by shimura27 at 2020-11-24 08:58 AM
aznager replied at 2020-11-23 11:10 PM
Nana is good hero. I think she is underrated hero. Her ultimate stunning enemies could deal massive  ...

I know Nana still good tho even her current Ultimate can deal damage better, but when i see her intro animation, her ultimate should be like the old one right?

Hylos isn't OP though, he's good becuase he has higher Base HP comapred to other Tank and good at back up your carry. but Hylos is a slow Tank, he can't roam well without his Ultimate. He can't deal damage well if you can't close to enemy. his passive just make him squishy just for use skill 2 continously even he hasn't good Mana Regen like current Alice.

About Diggie he is only good to counter 1 enemy CC after that he can't do anything. i imagine if Moonton can make Diggie Ultimate restore the state in last x seconds will better. For example you got CCed in 2s and your HP now is 30%, Diggie Ultimate can restore your last 5s ofc get your HP back at 100% from time leap.

Post time 2020-11-24 11:15 AM | Show all posts
Even though Rafaela has gotten several revamp/rework in the past but still not quite good to say as a support until now in my opinion, same goes for Balerick. I think that both of them need buffs at the very least

For Sun, it's more like bringing back his second skill to the old one before his got rework in the past too, where his 2nd skill is dash skill

For Vexana, I think its really good idea to make the casting speed of her 2nd skill a bit faster cuz sometimes it can be avoided easily

So, most of all those ideas above I agree

Thanks for your suggestion
Post time 2020-11-24 03:35 PM | Show all posts
I hope Vexana will get some attention from Moonton in the nearest future.
Post time 2020-11-24 05:11 PM | Show all posts
Vexana need rework.
Post time 2020-11-24 11:57 PM | Show all posts
Edited by Kathey at 2021-1-2 11:27 PM
shimura27 replied at 2020-11-24 08:47 AM
I know Nana still good tho even her current Ultimate can deal damage better, but when i see her int ...

do you know diggie ult does. It does not remove one cc effect, you could have team just be immune to crowd control effects. The reason why diggie is played is bc of his skill dmg. He does decent amt of dmg. Diggie allows the team to initiate and usually win the fight.

shimura27 replied at 2020-11-24 08:47 AM
I know Nana still good tho even her current Ultimate can deal damage better, but when i see her int ...

I didn't say hylo is op. I said he might be op. I think giving him movement speed boost is fine. Diggie is one of the hero's that ultimately depends on the player. It allows your team to initiate the fight so they do not have to worry about crowd control
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