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[Map] Bigger and broader map, Please.

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Edited by The_Invoker at 2020-11-20 07:31 PM
Well, seeing that Others have made their suggestions about this, now comes my turn.
A bigger map(probably 2 times bigger than the current one) could be needed(with the jungle update, and blah blah blah) without disrupting the fast paced mechanics title Moonton wants the game to retain.

As in current patch, i still encounter players still play red buff-MM, blue buff-mage/assassin, which goes kinda wrong, as jungle was meant to be an activity where one role should occupy. And not only that, the jungle seems too small and isn't enough to justify for a dedicated jungler.
I'm okay with someone farming both lanes and jungle as long as he's taking jungle from enemy or nearby neutral is unsecured/freshly spawned and being a duolane. So anyway, here are my suggestions listing them one by one.

1) Increase the pace of minions:
The minions in the huge map would disadvantage fast paced mechanics if they continue with their slow movement so I guess 1.25 increase in movement could help, along with their spawn rate, make minions spawn faster(also by 1.25x) otherwise they might be having a huge gap between them.

2) Add more minions to spawn:
Currently only about a mere 3 minions spawn together at a time, so I guess for a larger map, 5 could suffice. This would also help in gaining more gold and exp which would pace the game much faster and making turret pushing a bigger objective to focus on, as most of time when there are no minions to clear(waiting for the next line of minions) usually the laner or the hero lying in that lane would head to nearby neutrals and would continue the harvest with their activity of jungling, even when there were a teammate clearing the buff, they would usually "steal" or deny their teammate from gaining buff or jungle.

3) Reduce gold/exp gained from killing minions:
As there would be an increase in minions pace and number of spawning minions, it would be a necessity to reduce the gold and exp that should be gained from killing of minions, currently I see its 32$ per minion(w/ cs, w/o cs=24$), maybe switch it to 22$ with cs, and 5$ w/o cs to make it more punishing if a player does not decide to last hit.

4) Buff the health and armour of turrets to increase their sustainability:
Turrets currently can withstand only a mere small amount of damage, and its HP is quite less, I suggest buffing the armour or the shield that exists within the outer turrets by 200%(as the minions would be faster and more of them means the turret would have to sustain more damage), buff HP of all turrets by 75% and increase their defense as well by 50%, due to the minions becoming a bigger powerforce in pushing.

5) Buff Turrets attack speed:
Due to the abundance in minions being higher in numbers and being harder to kill, turrets attack speed should be buffed(by 100%, dealing 200% of the current attack speed), and this would also assist in increasing their offense.

Buff Turrets range:
Of course this would be necessary in a wider map, the Turrets need to cover wider range.

Add level tiers for Minions and turrets, indicated by an alphabet next to their level, Minions start at Level "E" granting small amounts of gold/exp, and having low amount of hp and damage, the level rises along with the match length, maximum level an ordinary minion can reach is Level "A" by match length, while there is an "S" level that only applies to super minions, well in this case for turrets, all the turrets outside of base will have their levels scaled according to match length, like the minions, while the base inhibitor turret would be Level "S"  by default, unaffected by match length, the power of turret levels as shown in table below:
Turrets-> Level "C"Level "B"Level "A"Level "S"
HP pool: Medium Medium HighVery High
Armour: Low Medium MediumHigh
Regain HP: No No No Yes, Medium

Also, higher level of turret or minion unit means higher number of gold can be acquired by destroying them. The outer last turrets will, by default start at level "B".

I hope you liked my suggestion, for questions please ask them below,
Thank You for taking the time to read my Suggestion!

Using Google Translate to translate it to Chinese for the sake of the developers,




随着奴隶步伐和产卵奴隶数量的增加,有必要减少杀死奴才所获得的黄金和经验值,目前我看到每只奴隶32美元(w / cs,w / o cs = 24 $),也许用cs将其切换为22 $,如果不决定最后一次击打,则将5 $ w / o cs切换为更惩罚。


5) 提高炮塔攻击速度:

6) Buff炮塔范围:


在小兵和炮塔的等级旁边添加字母表示的小兵等级,小兵从“ E”级开始,获得少量的金钱/经验值,并且马力和伤害小,等级随比赛时间的增加而提高,普通小兵可以达到的最大等级为比赛等级“ A”级,而“ S”级仅适用于超级小兵,在这种情况下,对于炮塔,基地以外的所有炮塔都将根据其等级进行缩放像小兵一样匹配炮塔的长度,而基础抑制器炮塔默认情况下为“ S”级,不受炮塔长度的影响,如上面的英语表所示,炮塔的强度。
Post time 2020-11-26 10:16 PM | Show all posts
I prefer long games over short ones so this is absolutely fine with me


Thank You!!!  Post time 2020-11-26 10:56 PM
Post time 2020-11-20 06:56 PM | Show all posts
make the map bigger will look attractive and fun to play, or maybe this mechanism could be built for new mode suggestion would be nice too
 Author| Post time 2020-11-20 06:59 PM | Show all posts
Ncup.Ajh replied at 2020-11-20 06:56 PM
make the map bigger will look attractive and fun to play, or maybe this mechanism could be built for ...

Yeah, it could be implemented as an arcade mode first.(in advanced)

If player base like it, devs should make a survey whether they want it to be implemented as in Rank and Classic.

And when majority vote "Yes", they can move it to Ordinary modes like Classic and rank, and it would reduce early jungle invasion.
Post time 2020-11-21 04:50 AM | Show all posts
This would probably push the average match time though to be 30+ minutes (Take League, not WR, for an example), and not to mention it would probably require more assets and take more storage space. It's a great idea nonetheless.


But I even fast paced the minions and towers to shorten the length.  Post time 2020-11-21 04:30 PM
Post time 2020-11-21 07:46 PM | Show all posts
Sky.Kg replied at 2020-11-21 04:50 AM
This would probably push the average match time though to be 30+ minutes (Take League, not WR, for a ...

A bigger map calls for a longer travel time to get from point A to B, plus it feels like if the map is enlarged twice its size, the playerbase would most likely spend more time farming rather than focus on pushing.
 Author| Post time 2020-11-21 10:36 PM | Show all posts
Edited by The_Invoker at 2020-11-22 01:29 AM
Sky.Kg replied at 2020-11-21 07:46 PM
A bigger map calls for a longer travel time to get from point A to B, plus it feels like if the ma ...

Might as well add TP scroll in ML.(and remove arrival, recall can be detained/unaffected,  tp scroll acts as a buyable active item, maybe regen could be removed, and replaced with slots for tp scroll, or call it arrival scroll or turret blinking item)

Also, they would have to focus more on pushing turrets as main objectives due to minions being faster paced, they wouldn't be distracted with other options as there would exist much minions to kill, I mentioned spawning 5 at a rate of 1.25 speed, the minions would occupy the lanes without leaving much gap between, and a tp scroll they can teleport from base to turret, ignoring the time that would have taken if they'd walk all the way to clearing lanes.


Having a TP scroll is a good idea, I feel like it should be in the game. The concept of buyable, one-time use items is really genius, I'm surprised this is the first time I'm hearing of it.  Post time 2020-11-22 04:14 AM
Post time 2020-11-21 11:50 PM | Show all posts
You should never use google translate because it is wrong and inaccurate and they won't understand what you are saying here. We already have translators here that know English and Chinese well and is good enough to translate them.
If this suggestion is collected, it will be translated by our translators here.

I do think it would be fun if we have a bigger and broader map and more place to play on in the battleground, instead of just focusing on destroying enemy base.


The map is damn too small in this game, there would be more fun if the map was larger, like a traditional ASSFAGGOTS.  Post time 2020-11-22 01:35 AM
 Author| Post time 2020-11-22 01:32 AM | Show all posts
Edited by The_Invoker at 2020-11-22 10:21 PM
Kathey replied at 2020-11-21 11:50 PM
You should never use google translate because it is wrong and inaccurate and they won't understand w ...

This is not made to add other objectives in the battlefield.

Main objective in the genre is to focus on destroying enemy base the fastest(this is what a traditional ASSFAGGOTS functions like, I won't use that term"moba", its definition by other games is flawed).

But to reduce early jungle invasion and properize the jungler role, as the current number of neutrals that spawn in the battlefield does not suffice enough for a jungler role.
Post time 2020-11-22 10:03 PM | Show all posts
Imo, just a little balance is what's needed in the actual game or just addition of some paths in the map. The game is designed to be fast-paced and making it last longer is idk. They've been doing lots of rebalancing, so don't worry. Also, watch your language


"ASSFAGGOTS" stands for Aeon Of Strife Styled Fortress Assault Game Going On Two Sides. How is it a slang?  Post time 2020-11-22 10:22 PM
Post time 2020-11-24 05:14 PM | Show all posts
I think none wants 30min games and that's the thing its fast phased MOBA from beginning and how people will get used to long phased and different map i dont think soo its a actual thing to need review.


Also, you do know that the current ml map is too small compared to average ARTS games.  Post time 2020-11-24 07:12 PM
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