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Change in Balance Between Trials and Permanent

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Balance Between Trials and Permanent

I believe there are too many trials for heroes, skins, cosmetics, etc.

I understand that this is a free game and there is a need to make money through microtransactions. I have no issues with that and I do love how the ability to try things is given out so freely.

1. Getting things permanently after working towards a goal feels nice and motivates us to play. However, it can take a very long time to get enough to unlock something permanently and when someone feels like they are not making progress, they can give up and lose motivation. There are also so many heroes I have never seen used in a match before simply because no one has them.

I don't know the exact weekly BP limit, but mine is current at 9,500 and to get all heroes (based on ways to purchase them) it costs 2,670,800 BP, 52811 Diamonds, 4041 Tickets. 73% of these heroes cost the max (32000 BP or 599 Diamonds.)

Buying with just BP, and assuming no new heroes are added, that would take between 2811 and 2812 weeks. Asumming 52 weeks in a year, that would be over 54 years. If we remove the heroes that you can use tickets for, that gives us over 43 years.

If we bought them all with diamonds, the most cost efficient is 8 of the $99.99 + 1 of $49.99 + 1 of $29.99 + 2 of $0.99 for a total cost of $881.88.

The ticket cost is not that bad of an issue, but there are only 9 heroes you can get with tickets, which is 9%, and these are the heroes that almost everyone gets, so they are used way more often while some are almost never used. You can then buy 6 more heroes that are 6500 BP or lower. So that is 15, or 15.5% of heroes that can be obtained easily.

2. Overabundance of trial cards that are not used. There are often roles or heroes that an individual has no interest in using, so that trial card just sits in their inventory.

3. People may only play for 1-2 hours a day, or less than 10 matches. If we use a trial card, it is almost like a waste as not much time is spent in the game or you may only be able to use the hero a few times due to team composition. We then don't get much practice on a hero and may not want to work towards permanently obtaining it to use in Ranked.

4. Other things are based off of what we permanently obtain, such as achievements.


1. Allow us to exchange trail cards for something else. This could be BP, diamonds, or a system where if you exchange a number of trial cards of a hero or any hero, you obtain a fragment for a chosen hero. Obtain enough fragments and you can obtain that hero. This does not have to be for all heroes, but maybe a few out of the more costly ones.
2. More BP rewards, higher BP gain from matches and a limit increase. Many events or completing something gives a trial card or a box that gives trial cards. Maybe less of these trial rewards and more BP ones.

3. More heroes that can be bought with tickets, or as heroes become older, decrease their cost. Newer ones should cost more, but maybe after a number of weeks or months that a hero has been out, their cost decreases.

4. Role based reward/progress system. For each of the 6 roles, there is some type of progression or goals to be done during matches. Completing these goals will give you fragments for that role and with enough fragments you can exchange it for a hero in that roles. For example, a Support one could have goals, individual or ones that progress like the achievements do like
       - Heal ___ amount of HP in one match
       - Obtain a score of 8.0 or higher on ___ matches
       - Slow enemies for a total of ___ seconds
       - Buff a teammate ___ times
and so on. There could also be hero specific ones.

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I really like your ideas. I mostly like #4. A sort of progress that could lead to some fragments that you can obtain from it..having enough of those fragments can help you buy the hero..not bad. Reminds me of a similar game..but for pc, where by playing a certain hero, the progress gained had chances of getting shards that could be combined to get a hero.
For beginners in particular, it can be pretty hard to gain BP. Overall, seems you have given some thought into this. And I support all of your ideas, I think they're really good.
Post time 2020-11-23 09:45 PM | Show all posts
shinee. replied at 2020-11-14 04:50 AM
I really like your ideas. I mostly like #4. A sort of progress that could lead to some fragments tha ...

I aggre same thoughts
Post time 2020-12-2 11:46 PM | Show all posts
Nice idea
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