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[Hero Concept] Ezra (Brave Frontier Hero Concept)

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Edited by YukariMurasaki at 2020-11-5 09:59 AM

I'm making another BF concept because today is BF's 7th anniversary and I'm making Ezra because she's the fan favourite girl in BF


Child of Eneroth and Deva






Ezra is the child of a Morokai and a Deva, two opposing races that were once merged. The Morokai and Deva were once a single powerful race known as Ancients. The ancients decided amongst themselves that their people wielded simply too much power, as they were the perfect combination of brains and brawn. They split themselves into two different races, also splitting up their key attributes: wings and horns. The Morokai kept the attribute of horns, and were extremely powerful. The Deva were gifted with the attribute of wings, and are extremely sharp and cunning, with an affinity for magic. Ezra’s mother was a Morokai, and Ezra’s father was a Deva. Ezra’s father, once the commander of the Deva Imperial Army, deserted his post to run away with Ezra’s mother. This brought great shame upon his brother, Mikael. Without knowing it would happen, Ezra’s mother gave birth to a child of unending power, merging the two races to create the first ancient born in eons.

Durability 5/10

Offense 9/10

Ability 7/10

Difficulty 5/10

Passive: Blood of the Ancients

Ezra has two weapons; Ortus and Ima, in which they both have their own distinctive passives. Ortus ignores 30% armor and deal 180% damage (can't crit). Ima restores 20(+5% Lost HP) HP and briefly slow enemies by 80%. At the third basic attack, she will use both weapons at once.

1st skill: Song of the Wind


(Cooldown: 5)

(Mana: 50/55/60/65/70/75)

(Damage: 250/290/310/350/370)

Ezra fires a wind blade towards the designated direction, dealing 250(+120% Extra Physical Atk) Physical Damage to all enemies along the path. At the start of the battle, this skill will start with Ortus. At the third slash, she will do both weapons at the same time.

Ortus: Deals 10(+30% Total Physical Atk) True Damage to enemies along the way and slow them by 20% for 1.2 seconds

Ima: Gains bonus 30% Movement Speed and a shield that can absorb 5% of her Max HP for 2 seconds. This doesn't stack.

2nd skill: Dance of the Wind


(Cooldown: 14/13/13/12/12/11)

(Mana: 60/65/70/75/80/85)

(Damage: 250/270/290/310/330/350)

(Damage per 0.25s: 70/90/110/130/150/170)

(Explosion: 220/240/260/280/300/320)

Ezra dashes towards the designated direction and deal 250(+110% Extra Physical Atk) Physical Damage to enemies along the path and resets the 1st skill's cooldown. Pressing this skill again, summons a windstorm at the designated direction, dealing 70(+50% Total Physical Atk) Physical Damage every 0.25 seconds and continuously pull and draw enemies towards the center of the eye before explodes, dealing 220(+70% Total Physical Atk) Physical Damage to all enemies within the area.

Ultimate: Time to get Serious!


(Cooldown: 60/50/40)

(Mana: 120/140/160)

(Bonus Atk Speed: 45%/60%/75%)

Ezra awakens her true form and becomes serious, gaining 40% Movement Speed, Atk Speed by 45%, and slow immunity for 7.5 seconds. Removes debuffs upon casting. Hitting an enemy target either using skills or basic attack will briefly reduce the 1st and 2nd skill's cooldown by 0.6 seconds.


Here I come! I hope you're ready!

Whee! Let's go! Let's go!

You ready? I can't wait!


Time to make it shine!

Catch this, everyone! Now smile!

Come on, uncle hits harder than that!

Everybody gets squished together!

Oh look, pudding!

She shoots, she scores! Bullseye!

C'mon, take your best shot!

I'm having lots of fun! Are you?

I won't make it easy for you!

1st skill

Uh-uh! I won't let you do that!

Bam! I got you right where it hurts!

1st skill + Ultimate


2nd skill

Time to make it nice and chilly!

Time to make it cool


Time to make everything disappear!

Time for explosions!


Ow! Wait, did that hurt?

Ow! Hang on, time out!

Ow! That's going to leave a mark!

Post time 2020-11-6 05:20 PM | Show all posts
for the ultimate, is it the same like zilong? also, don't forget to submit it to in-game CS.
Post time 2020-11-15 12:06 PM | Show all posts
I hope you don't mind me asking, but what's BF?
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