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[Talk With Developer] Voice from Developers 4/11/2020

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[i=s] Edited by irezer at 2020-11-5 03:51 AM [/i]

Hi MLBB players. Developers have been paying attention to MLBB's community feedback. Thank you for your feedback. Here are some suggestion of date 11/4. (Suggestion resources from: players from official MLBB Discord groups, players’ proposal to customer service.)

If you want to see the previous feedbacks, you can refer to these links:

1.)[Talk With Developer] Community Feedback & Devs Reply [ 28/7/2020 - 18/8/2020]

2.)[Talk With Developer] Voice from Developers 28/10/2020

MLBB Player Suggestion #1

Player Nickname: lLilacFlame#4634

Please give Harley higher damage or some immunity as when he is being targeted he has no defense other than the short blink, his ulti does average damage without his first skill and his movement speed is so slow that almost all other heroes can outrun him or catch up to him after he used his blink.

Keyword: #Harley



 Developer Reply

Thank you for your comments. We have also noticed that this "little man" has got some snubs, and we will care about him. But before that, we need to collect enough information, so stay tuned for subsequent adjustments.


MLBB Player Suggestion #2

Player Nickname: Assassination#3078

Adjust the sensitivity of the "basic attack smart targeting" because you need to drag over at the end of the "basic attack button" to work which is annoying, pls adjust it.

Keyword: #smart targeting


 Developer Reply

Thank you for your feedback. We have already optimized it, so stay tuned.


MLBB Player Suggestion #3

Player Nickname: Ezezezez

Johnson shouldn’t be able to take turret damage every time we Johnson players drive past enemy turrets then before we enter a fight our health would be damaged. PLEASE CHANGE IT BACK TO NORMAL WHERE JHONSON WILL NOT GET HIT BY THE TURRET WHILE DRIVING PAST IT!!

Keyword: #Johnson


 Developer Reply

Thank you for your suggestion. But a tank that ignores the control effect and all damage will make the enemy completely unable to cope. Therefore, we have retained the damage-taken setting, and hope that you will be more cautious when crossing the tower.


MLBB Player Suggestion #4

Player Nickname: Petche²

Cecilion is greatly overpowered with his stacks. Lots of players exploit this everytime, Cecilion can even eliminate Uranus, Esmeralda, and other tanky heroes in just one hit. This cause a use imbalance during the game. Not only I has this concern but lots of players are complaining about this. I may suggest that you should fix the stack of Cecilion like Aldous. I once watched a YouTube video about Cecilion having 99,999 stacks and can even kill the turtle and lord in one hit. Fix his stack issue, make it atleast 300 or 500 stacks. You should address this problem or we will go to Game F +. I look forward on the development of this report.

Keyword: #Cecilion


 Developer Reply

Thank you for your opinion. We hope to retain the possibility of Cecilion in the later period, but we will continue to observe and reserve the possibility of reducing its intensity in the early and middle period.


MLBB Player Suggestion #5

Player Nickname: Anonymous

There have been a lot of heroes that got a buff especially the Tanks. So the question is, when is the patch that support heroes will shine particularly “RAFAELA”? Don’t play dumb ass DEVS you know that she needs your help in order for her to cope up with every META per season. A hero that is so underrated, with a .1 popularity!!! We Rafaela users are desperately asking you every now and then to enhance her skills which are so basic that you’re having a hardtime adjusting. Complexity wise it is not. You just simply need to buff what needs to buff. Increase healing powers, add some purify effect on the 2nd skill against debuffs (slow&stun) so that she be more effective as a support. Increase range for Skill 1, make it 5 falling light beam, damage output is enough, should stack 5 times like it was before. Skill 3 just add a trail that last for few sec to slow enemies like on gatot’s skill. Lower mana consumption all skills. Passive nah u’ll not gonna change it tho. make it 3 projectile.

Keyword: #support #Rafaela


 Developer Reply

Thank you for your opinion. Rafaela can occasionally qualify in MPL and play a good role. So we think there is no problem with her functionality. But she does not appear very commonly in rank. We will adjust her after collecting enough information, so stay tuned.


MLBB Player Suggestion #6

Player Nickname: JayPower

I'd like to suggest about Terizla's First Skill. If Terizla's First Skill successfully hits an enemy or multiple enemies, they will be pulled closer to Terizla.

Keyword: #Terizla


 Developer Reply

Thank you for your suggestion. But currently his 1st skill already has the effect of speeding up and terminating damage, and we more like to put the control effect on his ultimate skill. Related adjustments will be officially launched in the near future.


MLBB Player Suggestion #7

Player Nickname: Anonymous

Players are complaining about the nerf in Hanabi's damage.

Keyword: #Hanabi


 Developer Reply

We don't want to weaken Hanabi. But as you can see, her win rate is far ahead of all other Marksman heroes currently. Therefore, after strengthening her shield, we have to consider balancing her other abilities. However, we will continue to observe the data in the advanced server to determine whether this change will be officially launched.


Post time 2020-11-5 06:26 PM | Show all posts
Is suggestion #4 playing a match longer than hours for cecilion, its not possible to one hit Uranus even within 30-40mins.


ahahaha. Well, I don't know much since i rarely play Cecilion. Probably did happen during clash on long period match, and accidently killed by 1 hit or maybe not really happened. X3  Post time 2020-11-6 04:04 AM
Post time 2020-12-2 06:25 PM | Show all posts
dude u really need to buff harley and tanks
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