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[Complaint] jungle update is shit and assassins are broken

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Post time 2020-11-2 05:43 AM | Show all posts |Read mode

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ur game is shit im fed up with 3+ assassins being picked on every mythical glory 700+/1100 game because they are so fucking overpowered and so fucking overtuned
u go from hayafucktard to natalia to ling to gusion to lancelot to helcurt, even saber oneshots with ult now like how fucking braindead can assassins get seriously?  they're picked every game because their damage is inflated to stupidity and they can farm with ease and they can play with retri because their skills
today im getting 10 natalia games tomorrow 10 lancelot the day before 10 haya in a row, its always the same shit. I dont care how pro play is cus 99.99% of the play for this game is in soloq and in soloq assassins are broken as fuck

mlbb dev team came out admitting they're all assassin mains which is obvious to anyone actually playing the game considering how incredibly inflated their damage is, ALL of the assassins are **INCREDIBLY** easy to play and incredibly overpowered, lancelot is just dash 2nd skill 1 basic, haya is dash basic ult basic , ling is similar, they're all fully protected and in iframe while doing aoe damage and with the jungle changes they can farm with ease and always have dual buffs

mages got assfucked by the update while assasins got even more broken than they were before, you cant play mage on mid any more unless you take retri but good luck playing mage without iframe and dash with retri

im quitting for + i dont care ,this game was fun and good but the last update destroyed it and i dont think it's ever going to go back
Post time 2020-11-2 07:42 AM | Show all posts
yeah its pretty bad. I dont feel confortable playing mage anymore. I mean my mage is zhask but lancelot and gusion kill me before i can even use my ultimate. And even if im able to use it, they will just wait for me to come out and kill me fast.
Even when im tank, their damage is too high.
 Author| Post time 2020-11-2 09:05 AM | Show all posts
this game used to be fun and unique but now it's just another shitty game ruined by biased developers who have assassin dick in their mouth

lancelot/ling/gusion are "melee" heroes only all their skills have more range than fucking mages, ling random dash+stabs outrange most spells while doding skills, also assassins have iframes in case they get caught

in EU ling is banned 49 out of 50 games and the one game he isn't hes 10-0 because the hero is made for actual toddlers ,after almost a year of nerfs he's still broken as fuck because of his fucking design, he has multiple iframes and infinite dashes. Who survives longer in a team fight? Its not the tank, go play khufra if u miss ur jump u get bursted in 3s but if ur an assassin u just use iframe then 10 dashes and ur all fine and dandy , u can dodge/escape everything u dont need a brain just press a button

Post time 2020-11-2 10:05 AM | Show all posts
yeah the update was so gross.
in mythic now every draft have 2 assassins. like wth.
even assassin in this game are have aoe damage. like? wtf?
Post time 2020-11-2 03:11 PM | Show all posts
lol that is why i stopped  playing  my main cyclops and switched
Post time 2020-11-2 10:24 PM | Show all posts
Don't worry they'll nerf lance after the sword event.
Post time 2020-11-3 12:24 AM | Show all posts
I already explained this jungle restriction will make assassins op. But many people didn't listen. This is very unfair to mm and mage players. They just want to eliminate mm role from the game
Post time 2020-11-3 08:13 AM | Show all posts
nah i enjoy the new game now w.ild r.itf
Post time 2020-11-3 08:58 AM | Show all posts
Edited by Ncup.Ajh at 2020-11-3 11:00 AM

Well basically jungle restriction won't make assasin OP. But since it only 3 minutes, i think it doesn't affect the game so much. I hope jungle restriction become longer like 5 minutes. Tank like Akai, Hylos need Buff for sure since they can counter most of Assasins.

For MM/Mage user. Don't focus on gank often, clear lane first until get core item/certain level. For MM don't use retri spell for jungle, use escape spell like aegis, purify, sprint, flicker. Because retri spell basically are used by Assasin or Fighter with Burst Damage.
Post time 2020-11-4 05:04 AM | Show all posts
shimura27 replied at 2020-11-3 08:58 AM
Well basically jungle restriction won't make assasin OP. But since it only 3 minutes, i think it doe ...

What do you mean it's only 3 minutes?

The jungle items give more exp for those who kill jungle monsters.

This means they can level up fast and wreck havoc from early game
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