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[Gameplay] Arcade Mode: 555 Event (5v5v5 mode)

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Edited by haise_kaneki at 2020-11-1 10:55 AM

For the past few months, someone suggested about the 5v5v5 where 3 teams will be competing to win the game. So, I made inspiration of it and made it a full suggestion. I hope you have give some thoughts for improvements in this mode.

The 5v5v5 mode is like classic and ranked games but instead, there will be 3 teams will be competing to win the game.

This is gonna be the map for this mode. (Note: It is just a diagram. Sorry for the cheap effects since I don't have good editing skills)


At the start of the game, it is just like in classic and ranked games but instead, the laning will be different especially in the middle lane.

Side lane- pretty much the same but one sidelane will be fighting to one team and in the other sidelane, you will be fighting with other team.

Middle lane - this is where you will fighting against other 2 teams since you will neet in the middle of the map.

I like to introduced the ward system in this mode since you will need to aware the happenings of the other team while fighting to the oppponent of the enemy team. The wards have 45 secs to see whats happening in that area.

There will be 2 options for the wards:
Option 1 - You will be purchased ward for 75 golds. You cannot purchased again unless the effects of the ward ended.
Option 2 - It will be an active skill and it has 1 minute to cooldown.

When one of the enemy team's base has been destroyed, the enemy heroes from that base as well as minions will be dead and it will continue to the game. Also, the special lane will be used once the base of the enemy team is destroyed. It will be like classic and ranked games after this since there will be two teams left in the game and the teams who will destroyed the base will win the game.

Example: If the base of enemy B has been destroyed, the minions where they should go to the enemy base B will go to your team through the special lane.

Post time 2020-11-1 11:25 AM | Show all posts
Nice idea but I am sure Devs wont listen it because they do what the want to do and dont care for our suggestion. The devs themselves are making the game less fun.
Post time 2020-11-1 02:20 PM | Show all posts
Well..the idea itself is not bad. But can you imagine the chaos..getting ganked while ganking..15 people fighting each other..Could be fun...but I think too chaotic..However, you should still suggest this to customer support ingame. May never know if someday in the future...we'll see this mode
Post time 2020-11-1 08:45 PM | Show all posts
ooof imagine if two teams decide to team on one lol
Post time 2020-11-2 08:28 AM | Show all posts
Great idea!! Great diagram too!!
1.        In order to make it just an arcade mode, and for a fast matchmaking, it would be easier and better if its just 3 vs 3 vs 3 (plus one ai bot tank in mid at all times). So it would be kind of the new survival mode. Matchmaking 5 vs 5 is already messy and unbalanced, imagine matching 15 players.
2.        Map is great. What happens with lord and turtle?? Maybe just one big circle at the center where there is turtle and then lord?? , it would be unfair to have 3 protected areas and having the turtle-lord in just one of them; it would be easier for one team to get it. And definitely not 3 turtles because the team who gets the first one would be more likely to get the other 3.
3.        To make it faster (like ravage) everybody should start at level 4, with buffs and turtle from second 0:00
4.        What if we had endless minions waves in mid? Lots of money and very hard to destroy. So teams focus on side lanes.
5.        Map would need to be very small to make it a fast game. I mean I love your idea of 5vs5vs5, but we would need a bigger map and games would last more than 20 min, maybe 30 or 40?? And if its not even rank, just an arcade mode, people would prefer to play a fast brawl to get the credits and the rewards. This mode shouldn’t take more than classic or rank, should be fast as brawl or ravage I guess.
6.        Maybe have fixed heroes like in survival. There are just 3 heroes available.
7.        Some op heros or too difficult not included, like fanny gusion yu zhong.
8.        All teams have one marksman one mage one fighter (plus the ai tank bot in the mid lane).
Post time 2020-11-4 01:25 PM | Show all posts
like about 2 years ago that I've seen someone's idea like this on other social media platforms at the same time as Survival mode was released, I thought they were inspired by it cus there are many players in a match with a large map. so it would be interesting if Devs could make this mode and placed in Arcade mode
Post time 2020-11-5 07:34 AM | Show all posts
5v5v5 is a horrible idea , because smart player know to cross team first to eliminate 1 team before going war with each other.
Post time 2020-11-6 06:27 PM | Show all posts

Awesome; I kinda enjoyed the chaos on Survival Mode back then.

Hope to see this arcade mode be implemented
Post time 2020-11-18 11:30 PM | Show all posts
Amazing stuff would be good to add as arcade mode
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