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[Hero Concept] Corvus - The Plague Doctor

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Back at it again which the Hero Concept specially made by our forum members. I really appreciate YukariMurasaki for this sick hero concept. He was able to give out the hero's background story and as well as where he was inspired to come up with the concept itself and some educational facts about plague in a way that relates to the land of dawn.

Background Story

Deep inside the dark forest near the village is a dark, sturdy mansion. Rumor has it that this mansion has never been touched by any single human, not even monsters from the abyss and the forest creatures ever come close to the mansion. Rumor has it that this mansion was used to be a hospital made by a couple. Corvus, as the doctor and Florence, his wife and his nurse. Ever since the plague occured, the locals now fear them and began to seeing them as harbingers of death, many supposed these "cures" had instead killed patients; they also heard that the doctor tortured his nurse, his own wife, till death just to find the cure for the plague. Because of this noone will ever set foot on their territory.

Years later, Corvus has returned to world with his wife who is now an undead, came to the nearest village and found bodies lying around in the road. They examine all the bodies, but they've encountered a monster from the abyss. Corvus, who is unable to feel fear anymore, continued with his examination.

The monster became so restless, he grabbed Corvus and tried to eat him. But instead the monster was contaminated by his plague. The monster released him and tried to clean off the plague, but then he soon realized that the people who the monster killed are now zombies. The zombies swarmed the monster and tried to eat it.

The monster cleared off the zombies on his body, but he realised that his body became weaker rapidly. Corvus came to it and injected the monster. The monster went crazy and eventually he lost all of his sanity, and turned him into a zombie. Corvus and his undead wife, continued travelling and find any victims who they can find, and leaving all the zombies wandering to the Land of Dawn.

Skills and Abilities

Durability 4/10
Offense 4/10
Ability 10/10
Difficulty 6/10

Passive Skill - Miasma Theory

Any units that got too close to him will lose their HP by 5% every 0.4 seconds, reduces their lifesteal by 80% and Mana leakage by 5% every 0.4 seconds.

First Skill - Pseudoscientific Method

Corvus drag a target and inject a suspicious antidote that causes a target to berserk. The berserk target will increase the target's damage, speed and defense by 75% for 5 seconds. The player will unable to control the hero, the hero will move and spam it's skills by it's own. The player will able to control the hero after it's berserk state and lose all those buffs.

Crowd Control (Buff)
Cooldown: 13/12.5/12/11.5/11/10.5
Mana: 80/90/100/110/120/130
Damage when inject: 100
Berserker state: 5s

Second Skill - Plaque Rite Exorcism
Corvus inject a suspicious medicine to all allies or self. Restoring 370(+50% Total Magic Power) HP and Mana, gaining 30% Movement Speed, removing all CCs and become immune to all CC effects by 2s. The next basic attack will slow the target by 30% for 2s.

Heal (Buff)
Cooldown: 11/10/9/8/7/7
Mana: 110/130/150/170/190/210
Heal: 370/410/450/490/530/570
Duration of the effect: 3

Ultimate Skill - Black Death Cure
Corvus captures a target and inject them a suspicious antidote. After 5s (unable to remove), the target will instantly die and turned into a zombie. The Zombie will have the same attribute and level as the target and randomly spamming it's own skills. The Zombie will last until the hero respawn back. This skill also work on dead heroes

Crowd Control
Cooldown: 42/38/34
Mana: 150/175/200
Damage when inject: 100

Additional Information

  • The idea of his lore is came from the game, Brave Frontier, name Plaguewarden Theodor.
  • Corvus's full name is Corvus D. Clemon, the idea of the name is from this Youtuber.
  • Corvus is actually Hazel's biological father but it was never mentioned in his lore, the reason why Hazel is in Eruditio and the pair is in the Dark Forest. It's actually because ever since that plague hit the near village in the Dark Forest, they left Hazel in Eruditio. But then they never come back, and they leave her in Eruditio alone.
  • The Miasma Theory is an obsolete medical theory that held that diseases such as the Black Plague, cholera or chlamydia was caused by miasma known as night air.
  • If an ally turned berserk, the turret damage will be reduce by 25%. If an enemy turned berserk, he/she will mindlessly killing his own allies. Also if they got a kill, Corvus received a kill instead of them.
  • His Ult can also be used on dead heroes as well. And they don't need to be control, because they'll move on it's own.

Heres the original post -

Props up again to YukariMurasaki for this hero concept. Definitely a thumbs up! Keep up the good work! I'll be eyeing more!

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can u tell more?)_
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