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[Hero Concept] Zhanshi, Mountain Huntsman (Hero Concept)

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another one of non human hero I've made


Mountain Huntsman




Crowd Control/Charge


High up in the Shang mountains, far to the East, there existed a tribe of snow leopards known as the Zhan. The Zhan were excellent hunters who thrived in the cold climate, taking sustenance from the forests of trees that grew in the cold and snow.

One day, humans arrived in the Shang mountains, building a village near the foot of the mountain. At first, they went about their business, generally ignoring each other. But as time passed on and the humans ventured farther and higher up the slopes, they came to view the Zhan as a threat.

The leader of the Zhan bore the title of Zhanshi, which, in the language of the Zhan, meant "Leader of the Zhan". The current Zhanshi feared their generation would be the last, with how aggressive the humans had become. When the humans started blaming the Zhan for every little misfortune that took place, like some missing cattle, Zhanshi knew it was time to leave.

Zhanshi's fears were realized one day when, returning from a hunting trip, he found his entire tribe massacred by the humans. Not a single soul was spared. In his anger, he began to attack the human village, but eventually he was caught and severely injured, only barely managing to escape with his life.

Zhanshi vowed to take revenge, not only on the village, but on all humanity. However, he wasn't strong enough yet. Therefore, he secluded himself at the very summit of the tallest mountain, a place no human had ever went, and began to train relentlessly, only descending into a forest high up to hunt, slowly honing his skills to perfection.

The day Zhanshi descended to the human village, the snow ran red with the humans' blood. But this wasn't enough for him. Deep in his heart, Zhanshi knew he would never be satisfied until he had wiped out all the humans. He would fulfill his vow.

[★ Stats ★]

Durability 4/10

Offense 8/10

Ability 6/10

Difficulty 5/10

Passive: The way of the Hunt

Everytime when an enemy move, they'll leave tracks to the ground. Following the tracks will increase his movement speed by 30%. The tracks will disappear after 6 seconds. The tracks can also be seen in the mini map.

1st skill: Paralysing Arrows

(Cooldown: 0)

(Energy: 40)

(Damage: 200/220/240/260/280/300)

Zhanshi shoots a poisonous arrow to the enemies that paralysed them for 1.5 seconds. The arrow will deal 200(+100% Total Physical ATK) Physical Damage, when the Paralysing effect wears off it reduces their movement speed by 50% for 4 seconds. The Arrows can be stacked up to 5 times. If the Arrow doesn't hit a target, it will remain on the spot for 30 seconds. Obtaining the land arrow will gain 1 stack of it.

2nd skill: Wind Talker

(Cooldown: 10/9.5/9/8.5/8/7.5)

(Energy: 70)

(Damage: 160/180/200/220/240/260)

Dashes towards a short distance and slashes his saber forward, dealing 160(+80% Total Physical ATK) Physical Damage to the surrounding. His slash causes a frozen wind that froze the surrounding for 0.8 seconds. Using basic attacks will reduce the CD by 0.8 seconds.

Ultimate: Trap initiate

(Cooldown: 30)

(Energy: 100)

(Damage: 300/350/400)

Zhanshi initiate a net trap to the targeted area, dealing 300(+180% Total Physical ATK) Physical Damage to the enemies that hit. Immobilize them for 1 second, reduces their movement speed by 80% and breaks their Armor by 20 points. The net will last for 5 seconds.


Similar to YSS, he can do range and melee attacks.

his lore wasn't just made by me but made with someone else on other website or a friend perhaps, i don't remeber his name or anything but he did help me

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Thank you for your great hero concept, please submit this to our ingame CS > Advice or suggestions regarding the game > Suggestion for Game Design > Form_Game Design Suggestion.
Fill the form and put this link thread to the form and submit.
Thank you.
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