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[Hero Concept] Youka The Usurper New Assassin

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Edited by Mjuyts at 2020-11-13 01:48 PM

Youka The Usurper


Appearance: in human form, she has the appearance of a fragile and normal child.Attacks from long range.
in true form, she is a red fox, like blood,with some baby pink parts.attacks from medium range

An ancient and evil entity known to few, these few being great figures, like kings, emperors and conquerors. Youka is a kind of demon who loves chaos and disagreement, seems to feed on discord and misfortune and loves to manipulate big events.

One day Youka is summoned by a great king, who seeks power, both military and political, to expand his reach, such a king signs a contract with Youka and apparently, does not care about the price, being unknown, the king only heard that the demon would come back to charge him someday.
After years and years, the king's eldest son, his wife and he, mysteriously die in a "war" and end up leaving a pair of twins, Sole and Lune, who are now in the care of their uncles.
It turns out that the events involving the death of the king, his son and wife had been devised by Youka. The demon, when probing the future and seeing that one of the twins, Sole, would have great potential, ends up manipulating the king, making him want to sign a pact, where she could manipulate the situation more easily.
After all this, Youka also ends up manipulating the twins' uncles, as well as beginning to exert influence over Sole, who changes her being and becomes evil, cold and merciless.

Passive-Emotion Manipulator:
Every 4 skills
The next atk basic will trigger an explosion on the target
Inflicting 104 (+ 27% total magical damage) magic damage
on the target and enemies close to the target.
When it is under the effect of the ult, the explosion is activated after 3 skills
And the target can attack the allies themselves.
This curse lasts 1,8sec.

1skill-Cunning Fox:
It casts a sphere at an enemy causing 220/240/260/270/300/340 (+ 98% total magical damage) magic damage
With ult:
The target's allies will also take damageAnd leaving them all
Unable to use scape skills per 1.2sec.Cooldown 11.5 mana 100

2skill-Attractive Sparks:
She makes a big leap
While negative sparks come out
Around it they deal 260/300/340/360/370/380 (+ 82% total magical damage) magic damage to surrounding enemies.
With ult: she will draw enemies close to her.
Cooldown 9,4 mana 100

3skill-Mark of Death:
She casts the soul of a minion / monster she killed
Marking one target and dealing 260 (+ 55% total magical damage).
Enemy marked
Become an easy target from the ult.
(This skill is available, whenever it kills a minion or monster of the jungle) (can join up to two souls in the "bag", however, the skill is not stakeable)
Cooldown 8 mana 95

Ult-True Shape:
She turns into a fox for 6sec
with colored flames on their tails
While giving a dash forward
Each flame will potentiate 4% of each of Youka's attributes.
By pressing again (can only be activated once every ult)
She will take another step forward
And it will open its mouth close to a target
Sucking 25% / 30% of his life.If she kills the target in the process, it will restore her own hp by 40%
And if it doesn't kill, it will slow the target 30% per 1sec.
Cooldown 50 mana 140

Special Passive-Merciless:
When Sole is on the enemy team
Youka will manipulate her for longer
With the passive
However, it will do less damage.

Two of the lines:
"Think of all the forms of cruelty that a demon can do
That a human hasn't already done *laughs*"
"it's your dear... end"

Sole ... iewthread&tid=78585

Lune ... iewthread&tid=78618

Suggestion of Mju,Lya and Marc

Post time 2020-10-23 07:10 PM | Show all posts
Thank you for your great hero concept, please submit this to our ingame CS > Advice or suggestions regarding the game > Suggestion for Game Design > Form_Game Design Suggestion.
Fill the form and put this link thread to the form and submit.

The first picture cannot displayer, please check again.
Thank you.
 Author| Post time 2020-10-23 08:50 PM | Show all posts
DennisST replied at 2020-10-23 08:10 AM
Thank you for your great hero concept, please submit this to our ingame CS > Advice or sugges ...

             Thanks :)
Post time 2020-10-24 11:54 AM | Show all posts
Nice concept man, the ult is pretty sick. You should submit it to in-game CS.
 Author| Post time 2020-11-6 04:50 AM | Show all posts
Eizy replied at 2020-10-24 12:54 AM
Nice concept man, the ult is pretty sick. You should submit it to in-game CS.

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