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[Hero Balance] Can u Rework Hanabi please '-'

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Edited by Kha-Kun at 2020-10-19 02:13 AM

Before starting, as a Hanabi player, I demand to Revamp her, she are nothing now!! Especially after Nerfed her Passive in the last Update!

Hi everyone, i hope you are safe and good, i have ideas to Revamp Hanabi(if she will Revamped, and i hope she will Revamped anyway).

However, let's start

Passive: Equinox

(New) with Basic Attack, Hanabi can get a Sheild that equal to 40% of HP she restored by Lifesteal(up to 20% of her current HP) for the next 3s
When she have the Sheild, her Movement Speed is increased by 30 points.
If she have the Sheild and her HP is full, the sheild will don't have Duration and she is immune for CC effects.

First Skill: Betal Barrage

Passive: with this Skill, Hanabi is Have 10%~20% Physical Lifesteal.

Active: Hanabi Basic Attack will bounce between the enemies(up to 3~5 times), Each bounce dealing 30/45/60/75/90/105 + (50% Total Physical ATK).
•Damage will decrease by 25% with each bounce(bounce Damage can be Critical and effected by Lifesteal effects, but can't dealing other Basic Attack effects).

Second Skill: (New)The Higanbana

After read her story, i see she have the equipment "the Higanbana", and she don't have any skills with Higanbana, so i created one and i hope you love it.

Use:(New) Hanabi throw the Higanbana to designated direction, dealing 280~410 + (60% Extra Physical ATK) Point of Physical Damage along the path, Slowdown the enemies hit by 20% for 2s.

Use Again or after 3s Duration: the Higanbana will come back to Hanabi, dealing 140~205 + (30% Extra Physical ATK) Point of True Damage along the path and Slowdown the enemies hit by 20% for 2s.

As well, with each hit, Hanabi restore 60~180 Point of Mana(reduce with multiple hits, 30% of amount for non-hero units)

Ultimate: (New)Higanbana Flower

Hanabi throw the Higanbana Flower Scroll to designated direction, with first enemy hit, the Higanbana will bloom and immobilization the enemy for 1.5s and dealing 300~600 + (100 Extra Physical ATK) Point of Physical Damage.
If there's an enemy in Higanbana Flower Range after short Duration, Higanbana Flower will bloom in the enemy with short range with the same amount of damage and immobilization( Each enemy can effected once).
With each enemy effected, the next Higanbana Flower will have Extra 0.5s immobilization(up to extra 1.5s) and Extra 40% Damage(up to 120%). Reset efter use.

If Hanabi use Higanbana Flower and "the Higanbana" casting, the Higanbana Flower will bloom in the Higanbana location, immobilization and Damage all the enemies in the area with the same amount(Flower stacks will stacked).

•slightly decrease damage bonus to be balance with this new effect.

So, do u like my suggestion:" or not '-'! Take it seriously please!

Post time 2020-10-19 10:01 AM | Show all posts
if the not add blink skill in this next update.she should have build in jungle damage.on current game she very2 useless for retribution for jungle item coz she dont have blink to escape..moonton have to carefull revamp her otherwise they ruin her so much
Post time 2020-10-19 02:01 PM | Show all posts
There used to be a lot of players making skill replacement suggestions, and many agreed and the dev just ignored it and made his own skill plan -_-
 Author| Post time 2020-10-19 03:59 PM | Show all posts
lightyear replied at 2020-10-19 10:01 AM
if the not add blink skill in this next update.she should have build in jungle damage.on current gam ...

For me, isn't important to give her a blink skill, just increase her damage slightly to be balance, and improve her skills to be more  unique because i see her skills is nothing.
Post time 2020-10-19 08:03 PM | Show all posts
thanks for your suggestions, there lots of suggestions about her by forum users here as well and have been submitted to the developer
I think that the developer need to consider all those suggestions, like this one. hopefully in the future update there will be some changes for hanabi. If she doesn't get a rework/revamp, getting a significant buff will be very much appreciated
 Author| Post time 2020-10-20 01:02 AM | Show all posts
Ncup.Ajh replied at 2020-10-19 08:03 PM
thanks for your suggestions, there lots of suggestions about her by forum users here as well and hav ...

I hope that, i really want to use her and my team say to me we recommend Hanabi :". Currently, when i want to use her, My team ban her "-"
Post time 2020-10-24 08:53 PM | Show all posts
Current Hero Hanabi still great in some scenario, when max lvl and item she is really good specially with her skill 1, plus if cover with good tank, slightly adjustment might enough, Thank you for suggestion.

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