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[Hero Concept] The Untold Toxophilite

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The Untold Toxophilite
Role - Marksman/Support
Specialty - Poke/Control
Lane Recommendation - Gold Lane/Roamer

Passive - Desire/Greed
Every third basic attack will gain an Armor stack. Up to 12 stacks.

Armor stack: Increases hero and nearby allies Physical and Magic Defense by 6 and allows any of his skills to have additional effects but will also reduce/consume the Armor stacks.

When hero consumes an Armor stack, increase Hero's Attack Speed by 10% for 5.5 seconds. This buff can stacks, up to 40%.

Skill 1 - Fusestrike
Remove debuffs upon casts, and increases his Movement Speed by 65% for 2.5 seconds.

If hero has Armor stacks, it will consume 2 Armor stacks and nearby allies will also gains 25% Movement Speed for 1.5 seconds as well his next basic attack will deals Extra 120(+50% Physical Attack) Magic Damage and stunning opponent for 0.5 second. The Extra Magic Damage can be critical.
Cooldown - 12.5/12.1/11.7/11.3/10.9/10.5 seconds
Cost - 70 mana

Skill 2 - Reap
Hero fires four arrow at designate area. Each arrow, deals 115/140/165/190/215/240(+30% Physical Attack) Physical Damage and will reduce opponents' Physical Defense by 15% for 4.5 seconds. This debuff can stacks, up to 60%.

If hero has Armor stacks, it will consume 2 Armor stacks and the arrows damage will be increased by 80(+10% Physical Attack) Magic Damage and the cooldown of this skill will be reduced by 40%.
Cooldown - 10.5/10.1/9.7/9.3/8.9/8.5 seconds
Cost - 40 mana

Ultimate - Dark Abyss at Dawn
Hero summons Light of the Moon Area (at designated area) and Dark of the Moon area (in front of hero). Opponent Hero on the Light of the Moon area will have a clone that has 50%/55%/60% of original hero's attribute on the Dark of the Moon area, that will mimicks Opponent Hero movement for 3.5 seconds. Every Damage and CC Cloned Hero takes, will be averted to the original Opponent Hero.

The Cloned Hero is considered as a Neutral Creep. Because Cloned Hero is Neutral Creep, Cloned Hero is immune to Turret Damage.

If hero has Armor stacks, it will consume 4 Armor stacks and the Moons area will also slowed opponents by 90% for 3.5 seconds and his next 2 basic attacks will triggers explosion area. The 1st explosion, deals 800(+50% Physical Attack)+5% of target Max HP as Magic Damage and the 2nd explosion, deals 480(+50% Physical Attack)+5% of target Max HP as Magic Damage and knocking opponents into the air for 1 seconds. The explosion area can't be critical.
Cooldown - 60/52/44 seconds
Cost - 100 mana

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Thank you for your great hero concept, please submit this to our ingame CS > Advice or suggestions regarding the game > Suggestion for Game Design > Form_Game Design Suggestion.
Fill the form and put this link thread to the form and submit.
Thank you.
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