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[Mood] My thoughts on the new update

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This is my first post after more than a year of inactivity here, plus months of not playing ML. So it felt pretty good, even at the end of Season 16. But before I start, let me say this,

I'll miss my pre-revamp Alucard....

Now, back on track.

About this season:

I could definitely conclude, that Season 17 was the best one so far, possibly the peak of what Mobile Legends might be. It felt really great that we have the jungler role now, unlike before where everyone was using the the Raptor Machete for that fast exp from jungle creeps (if not, Star Shard. Beast Killer was rare sight to see, even though it's good).

Heroes that were obsolete before due to the flaws of the map and the mechanics are now to be seen in some matches, and because of the META (pre-season 17). I really hated the funnel strategy, I'm genuine about that and it's undeniable. But the fact that you can use it on non-meta or obsolete heroes and dominate those existing meta heroes (again, pre-season 17), was pretty satisfying to pull off or to witness, even if I was their enemy team.

The matches were now longer, instead of 6min fast matches. It was punishing if you did not respect your opponents. The map felt bigger than before, but that might be just me.

EXP and Gold lane was one of the highlights of the changes this season, and I really loved it. Now, players will have to go to their respective lanes, according to their heroes' (and their respective roles) needs. It gives each of us the resources that we need in order to be successful at the match.

(I feel like the mid lane should also be given to the jungler and another hero that would gank other lanes)

Now, coming at the item changes.

I was both satisfied, and disappointed. Reason why, is that there are some changes that really weren't necessary or left me confused, but some were pretty understandable. At this point, I understand why the devs do this, but if they don't test out everything to their games, I'm fairly certain that they might make bad choices for the sake of balancing.

1. Demon's Advent - best all-around armor resist item

This one's changes were pretty good, and understandable. It was an armor item, but the fact that it can also reduce magic power made it kinda OP (in a sense, especially if you build full magic resist or hybrid resist).
The compensation was good to be honest, and if we consider that 10% to be stacked upon, I can say that it was a good change, on the part of the devs.

2. Oracle - an item that increases your healing and shield effects

I'm still neutral of my topic to this item, especially with the increased magic resist stats. I think it needs more adjustments, like bringing back the regen HP but must received at X% amount of HP under X seconds (but unaffected by the increased healing and shield effect passive), this would rival the best magic resist passive, which is Athena's Shield.

I used to build this with Athena's Shield, pre-season 17. But now with the removed shield passive on Athena's Shield, I don't know if there's any reason for me to even bother using this item, except if I'm using a support that gives heals (Rafaela, Angela, and Estes. Maybe Mino idk)

3. Athena's Shield - still the best item for magic resist

I'm really disappointed on the changes they made on this item. They removed it's passive shield, which was the best thing to have in every hero (unless you're a marksman, but it varies on the situation), in exchange for a passive which only reduces the magic damage

Wait for it *drum rolls*

by 25 points. Really? 25 points, for a passive shield. Is this how they compensate something good?

Seriously, 25 points is negligible even at early game. Sure, you could use it against physical heroes (when facing all-around lineup that has everything including mages and supports). And it activates when you receive magic damage! What if the amount of magic damage was like Diggie's second skill, which was almost near zero (before it's second damage)?

And do I have to wait for a few seconds for the passive to be ready, just to reduce only 25 points of magic damage? Seriously, the passive shield was a lot better than this new passive.

Again, 25 points is negligible. You might use it on some situations when you might receive only at least 100 magic damage, but at the end of the day, it's still negligible. The new passive was pretty useless, all in all. But still, it's undeniiable that it would be used by players due to the fact that it gives high amount of magic resist.

Now coming up on hero revamps (Layla, Saber, Miya, Tigreal, and Alucard)

1. Three heroes (Layla, Saber, and Miya)

The revamps were really good on these three heroes. They have something that compensates something that they're lacking at, and their speciality made them be able to stand out, especially in this current season. I don't have anything else to say to this three heroes, other than they were annoying, but they deserved the sppotlight after being left in the dust for so long.

They were just specialists, but they were able to stand out alongside with the meta heroes. (Generalists are the ones that has great mobility, able to adapt at any situations better as they can attack and defend themselves. Specialists are those that stand out depending on certain situations)

Layla is still a tank though, jk

2. Tigreal's revamp

I don't have anything to say to him yet, as I haven't played him yet. But to me, I still feel like he's the same. Yet I could also see his improvements on his revamp, so I think he might be pretty good.

3. Lastly, Alucard's revamp

I was really disappointed in Alucard's revamp. It's more on the fact that he's now pretty underwhelming, unlike before where he could stand a chance even at late game.

First of all, I play Alucard ever since Season 1, or to be specific, at the end of season 1. I even mained back in those days, where I was still pretty bad at moba games, where I don't know how items work. I even made him a semi tank for some reason (Double BoD, Demon's Advent, Athena's Shield, Bloodthirsty King [which was the first version of Guardian Helmet], and Ice Force [first version of Corrosion Scythe, where it was even a tank item]) when I was still new to the game. I adapted to the changes the devs made on him by adding delay between his skills and passive, and even unable to move during his skills.

Before season 17, he was at his very peak once again, even though people thought he was bad, and players who played him as well.

Nowadays, he feels clunkier than how I tried to adapt Alu's clunkiness before his first revamp, which was way before Season 17 (or Season 16 advance server that they introduced his revamp once again).

His first skill feels slower in close range, where in situation you'll use those milliseconds that it took for you to change the tide of the battle. This is what made him feel clunky because of it.
The change on his ulti is what he really needs (the "point it at a direction" instead of "lock on hero" ult). That could've been the change Alucard really needed to make him better.
His passive dash-attack, while I think that they could've make him faster and need some fine-tuning, now only gives one basic attack, which came from your passive. In my opinion, they could've at least kept the 2 basic attack mechanic on his passive (one from his passive and an auto after the passive) as it's what kept Alucard somewhat better, especially even before his revamp today.

The reduction of his lifesteal on his skills, I'm still neutral to that. However, I'm leaning towards to the side, where it might give a bad rep for me.
The increased damage on passive, was good but kinda unnecessary. 50% felt too much in my opinion. The nerfs on the damage output on his skills (excluding passive) felt crippling. It felt like Alucard was weaker when I need him to deal fast damage.

Overall, the revamp was really underwhelming, so I was fairly disappointed as to how the devs attempted to make Alucard better than the state he was before this season.

Lastly, I would like to say that the update was great, as it changes the flow of the game than it was before. There were some bad changes needed to be considered to be addressed, but there are good things that have come out from this update.

This is my take, and I'll see you again guys some time soon.

Post time 2020-10-1 12:16 AM | Show all posts
Hi dotcom,
Thanks for your wonderful feedback, glad you like it. Personally, I like this new update too. MLBB has evolved a lot, thnks you guys for your support and suggestions. Keep supporting and see you again :)).
 Author| Post time 2020-10-1 07:27 AM | Show all posts
seimz replied at 2020-10-1 12:16 AM
Hi dotcom,
Thanks for your wonderful feedback, glad you like it. Personally, I like this new update  ...

Yeah. There were some changes that were implemented in this update I don't personally like though. Hope the devs reconsider the changes they made.
Post time 2020-10-1 11:07 AM | Show all posts
Edited by lightyear at 2020-10-1 11:09 AM

u just see a small portion of the good in update. u not see on the other side. example solo player.u have no idea how toxic now in ml.u can say its good etc2 coz u play with friend family etc2. what benefit in solo player in this next update? nothing fcking dongkey

8/10 will lose

others are lucky coz got player that can play
rip wr mmr this new season

Post time 2020-10-1 12:19 PM | Show all posts
this new update is really a challenge for solo player
especially your teammate do not care what is exp lane or gold lane...
Post time 2020-10-1 02:13 PM | Show all posts
the bad thing is that  exp and gold lane are on different side every game lol
Post time 2020-10-1 03:58 PM | Show all posts
I dont like this new update, too much afk players in each match for solo players.
Post time 2020-10-1 06:18 PM | Show all posts
StormlordArdan replied at 2020-10-1 03:58 PM
I dont like this new update, too much afk players in each match for solo players.

lol how update is fault for afk players lol
Post time 2020-10-2 09:37 AM | Show all posts
pastichka1 replied at 2020-10-1 06:18 PM
lol how update is fault for afk players lol

Beside the revamping old heroes, the new update also give new graphic update. It has been informed long time ago. Dont you know that upgrading the graphic will cause so much lag to some low devices. Lagging will force to be afk. If one player afk, oftenly, the teammates will experience lag too. Besides, nowadays it is popular to use vpn and it creates big lag too. IMO, Moonton doesnt need to upgrade its graphic quality just because they are worry of that new moba that will release.
Post time 2020-10-2 02:16 PM | Show all posts
i started to hate this update too ML idiots nerfed huge Hilda zodiac skin secretly ... all  skills and passive reduced alot worse then elite skin ....
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