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Minotaur - From Hero to Zero - change it PLS!!!!!!!!!!!

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Post time 2017-3-14 12:38 AM | Show all posts |Read mode

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I am pretty pissed off and i know there have been already a post about this.

But i just need to make my anger public.

He got no charge and his crowd control is depending much on players timing and so his skills.
That makes him for a beginner quite tricky to handle
... he was my main Hero before and i play on Epic / Legend
but even there people not able to chose good constellations, so i mostly go with Minotaur.

You increased his time of rage a few weeks ago ( he was not strong enough or why did you so )
Yeah he became stronger ....
Then you decided to increase his ulti cd and moti roar cd as well ( maybe reasonable )
You decreased his gained rage-
Result: He is a victim
On Brawl modes, it is almost impossible to reach rage mode before beeing killed.
In Ranked it is almost impossible to farm Rage in a good team ( because they jungle all and kill minions before mino reach )
He lose Rage very fast, and without Rage Mode he is just weak ... no support, no tank, no crowd control ... just a victim.

In a disadvantage, at a point where the enemy push a lot, you wont be able to gain any rage at all before mino is not dead or almost dead.

The "balancing" is not good and i already dont like to play my ranked anymore because my fav hero is useless
And the new update M.L. already plan to weaken him again ....... Push at turret ? no Way !

Please Please Please all mino-lovers bring down your complaints, i want to enjoy my game and not wait weeks for a change.

Post time 2017-3-14 07:33 AM | Show all posts
Dear Painful,we will balance our hero every week,so don`t worry about the hero balancing issue.Thanks for your response.
Post time 2017-3-14 08:51 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
mino is still great. it cant be the only tank though since mino cant save carries at all. so he's best used with another tank like akai/tig
Post time 2017-3-14 09:16 AM | Show all posts
it's part of a marketing strategy for Johnson. I have played against Johnson in the advanced server and he is very durable.
 Author| Post time 2017-3-14 10:49 PM | Show all posts
Yes, he is still strong ...
There is no reason to have akai/tigrael in team with mino together.
Its just the balancing was not in favor for mino the third time in a row.
And grinding rage cant be the purpose of his passive to make him useful at all.

Post time 2017-3-15 06:11 AM | Show all posts
Absolutely right.
Post time 2017-3-18 10:29 PM | Show all posts
Edited by Yagloo at 2017-3-18 22:31

"mino is still great"

Yeah whatever, tell this to his 45% winrate. Before update .64 he was at 49,5%. Now, it is 45,2% since last week. And it will keep decreasing until it's been a whole week after update .64
I expected it to decrease to 47%, but it's nearly under 45% now, and it keeps falling. That's a complete disaster. At patch .60 Minotaur probably needed a nerf. But now it's just a piece of shit, the lowest tier character of the game, considering that the only lower winrate of the game is Fanny, and it's because of her high skillcap.

To be honest, I didn't feel like 3 nerfs in a row was that much of a good idea. Especially after his rage generation and duration nerf. It was way more than enough, bringing him from high tier character to low tier/trash one. Deleting his healing on towers was just too much. Why would people play Minotaur and his 45% winrate, whereas Akai got over 55%? That is pure insanity.

(Right now Minotaur has the lowest pick rate of 15000BP or less characters. That just shows how general my thoughts are)
Post time 2017-3-19 12:21 AM | Show all posts
Mino is a crocodile?
Post time 2017-3-19 06:13 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Still great they said but they don't main Mino so they can say that, that's just half bake comments, they really nerf him bad, really bad! So Johnson can take the tank spotlight!
Post time 2017-3-19 06:23 AM | Show all posts
Joshua_#04B replied at 2017-3-19 06:13
Still great they said but they don't main Mino so they can say that, that's just half bake comments, ...

That s just dev strategy dude, at begining, new hero is over power so many player wamna buy it, and next update, it will get nerf, like yss,alpha,kagura etc
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