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[Hero Techniques] Layla - catch me if you can!

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Edited by koicafex at 2017-3-13 22:38

Moba game is a team game (5v5)! Do not over extend on kills push without looking at the mini map! LOOK FOR PUSHING OPPORTUNIES AND STAY BEHIND YOUR TANK OR KITE YOUR OPPONENT AND LAUGH AT THEM!
Layla's Intro

Layla has the furthest range in game due to her passive and she should always stay as far as possible due to her passive as well, her passive increases her dmg the further she is away from the target.
She also has an ultimate that covers a very long range by firing a charged beam infront of her
This two combination allow her to play as far as possible away from the enemy heroes without letting them get away with low hp. Therefore the title :) catch me if you can! If played right with the properly kiting skill and game sense, no one should be able to catch you off guard.
Her range and second skill also renders tank heroes like minotaur useless as they can never get near her. (Wind chaser + passive helps to deal alot of damage to tank heroes)
By level 12, she outrange tower allowing her to down towers without being hit by it.

Item Build

Build according to the item order for early - mid game
Change build to 2nd build by selling Jungling blade (Build should be completed by 17minutes if played well)

This item build allows her to have insane amount of damage even to tanks while allowing her to kite.
The jungling blade is a good item to have as it is way cheaper and better than any item she could possibly have (provided you farm jungle everytime lane is cleared)

Why is scarlet phantom not included? Yes that is also a good item for marksman, however having high attack speed means you won't be moving that much as you stops everytime you shoot, this makes you very vulnerable to heroes like Nana, Freya, Alpha and a few others hero that can stun you.

Hero skill build

1, 2, 1, 3, 1, 2, 1, 3 (max first and ulti as soon as possible)
Why max malefic bomb first?
1. It is layla's highest damaging skill
2. It has longer range than her basic attack
3. It helps you farm faster due to its low mana cost

Early game playing strategies

Proceed to mid lane as that is layla's best lane to be at
She can never lose any other marksman 1v1 in early game due to her first skill.
Try clearing the wave as soon as possible by walking up infront of the tower and firing her first skill, as the last creep is about to die, dive forward and play aggresive and attempt to get opponent low as you will gain your second skill soon which will further boost your damage output
If possible, aim your first skill at opponent hero, if you can't aim well, wait for them to attack (they stop in place when they attack) and quickly press the skill as auto-aim will hit him :)
If he is hitting you, hit him before pressing first skill, this will give you an advantage over him as you constantly have 2 attacks hitting him. Or even 3 attacks if you are already level 2!
Keep killing the side jungle creep for extra gold and exp when the lane wave has been cleared

As soon as you get your ultimate, look for low health enemy heroes on other lane or opponents that are playing overly aggresive and try to get the kill
Try to gank as much as possible before opponent gets too tanky as she is really really strong in early game (best time to rack up gold and stay ahead of everyone)
If no one is playing overly aggresive and you don't think you can kill anyone, just stay at mid and farm as much as possible while waiting for the opportunities

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next bro.. still update
Post time 2017-3-21 01:21 AM | Show all posts
Would love detailed explanation on the items you choose and why..Especially after this update
 Author| Post time 2017-3-23 10:06 PM | Show all posts
Edited by koicafex at 2017-3-24 14:12
roarthis replied at 2017-3-21 01:21
Would love detailed explanation on the items you choose and why..Especially after this update


As I don't have the list of item name, I will refer as 1 - 6 according to the 3rd item build.

1. Jungle blade helps to boost early game farm as well as give a very high dmg boost for early game due to its passive, every 1 monster killed in jungle grants 4 dmg, that's 40 fully stacked up + 30 base dmg which gives u a 70 atk dmg blade with 30% dmg on monster.
Helps you farm way faster than anyone in the game if u get that as your first item and doesn't reduce your dmg output

2. atk spd boots, doesn't rly need explaination eh xD

3. Gives a huge dmg boost on tank heroes due to its passive hp based dmg and lifesteal for maintaining lane control without having to go back home.

4. crit blade for even more burst dmg outputs

5. ignore defense item to kill tanks late game :)

6. make yourself slightly more tanky with a second life.
What I do with this item is that I buy and sell repeatedly, so when it is on cooldown, I will replace it with another item for 5minutes before rebuying this item.
Mainly I swap it with the atk blade that gives you shield :)

it still works really well in this patch, especially with all the moskov mid lane. easy kill as they have a way lower dmg output as long as you position yourself away from walls to prevent the knockback stun skill
 Author| Post time 2017-3-23 10:08 PM | Show all posts
IMO layla is a really squishy hero and can't last long in team fights if focused on unless you kite them, which is why I play this bursty build.  I dislike stacking attack speed, especially the 3rd item in the first build list as it is pretty useless once they get close to you
and you will lose to hero like clint who has a much stronger burst dmg output.
So this build gives you a higher burst dmg potential allowing you to win them.

same reason for why I do not buy the first item in the first build, (the red blade that gives you very high lifesteal when low hp)
what's the point if you can't even shoot :) burst them before they get close enough!

if they ever update the game to save replay locally, I wouldn't mind uploading my gameplay...
Post time 2017-4-13 09:34 AM | Show all posts
what battle spell do you use?
Post time 2017-7-14 12:35 PM | Show all posts
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