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[Hero Balance] Let's Discuss Heroes with Dash/Escapes

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Or to be precise, Damagers with Escapes.

Can we nerf their effectiveness? Especially those with Low CD/Resettable CD Heroes.

Damagers with insane Mobility (especially Assassins) should have reduced effectiveness in battle. It is unfair that while I'm using Hanabi or Eudora or any heroes without Escapes/Dash Skills these Overused Heroes Instantly Ignores our front(rendering our front, the Tanks and Fighters, to be useless and one of the reasons why fewer and fewer wants to tank now unless if you got those tanks that counters diving like Khufra/Atlas/Franco) and dive into the back to kill us, this unfairness will prove to be more Noticeable when that Assisted Option will be applied to Original Server.

Others might oppose to this idea because of their Closed Mindedness but imagine, a 120s Flicker being Useless against Chou's 5s 2nd Skill or Gussion's 6s 1st Skill or Lance's Resettable 1st Skill. That's why flicker isn't as useful an escape as to before which leads to Purify being nerfed from 75s to 90s as it is much much used and abused to today's CC META.
Also, these heroes have so many playstyle because of these Low CD High Rewarding Dash Skills. They can Kite, Chip-off, Positioning, and Dive while on the otherhand those without can only use Positioning and Chipping-off. It might be good and all to have different varieties of heroes but read and think this carefully, "They have a VERY FRIGHTENING GAP ON DAMAGES!" and why is this? It is because Moonton Devs THINK that these heroes CAN ONLY DIVE so they MADE most of these heroes deal BURST Damages enough to KILL a hero WITH ONE DIVE!

Devs: Because... why not? They CAN ONLY DIVE so MAKE THE MOST OUT OF IT! It's not like they're safe diving-in, right? So with this in mind, we also make their Dash Skills to be enough to dive-out after successfully diving-in, as they say,"High Risk, High Rewarding" right?

This kind of mindset is true BUT... ML isn't competetive enough that these clutches are so hard to pull, take Tank as a reference, Most Tanks in-game can't even hold another Tank diving-in how much more HEROES DESIGNED to DIVE! ML is still lacking especially on these ROLE DIFFERENCES, as proof of this are these recent Role Adjustments.

So after all of that, I suggest that:
1. Reduce effectiveness of Dashes/Escape Skills by Longer CD

2. Reduce Damages of those Heroes with this Skill especially those with Resettable CD (Yi-Sun-Shin for example) as how things should have been.

3. Increase the effectiveness of those Heroes without Dash/Escape Skills by either buffing their Damage or increasing their Survivability (Hanabi's Shield for example)
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I can understand your point of view, but if we do this nerf heroes will lose their unique style, skill, power, passive and so on.
If we take for example chou, he was nerfed so many times during the time, or let's take for example Lancelot e hero that from long time no one used, while Gusion is one of the best midlaner also is a hard hero to mastering.
So the best option is to use hero that can stun em
Anyway I'll move your threat in suggestion section.
Post time 2020-9-17 03:30 PM | Show all posts
You are right. Its so annoying to have Esmeralda harith wanwan ling yuzhong khufra and even hilda, walking to your tower as if nothing happened. The only offlaner I can barely defend top tower with is zhask, and that’s because of his ultimate. With hilda I can survive the attack but not defend it. Sometimes 2 enemies is more than enough to dive and kill.
Another good option would be giving the turrets an extra attack, like a blue ray exclusively focusing on heros and ingnoring minions when enemies are in range.  That or give the turret attack speed or a bigger area of attack. Turrets can only defend early game. Mid game they are easy to destroy and late game you can get them in less than 3 seconds. Base is also really easy to destroy.
Post time 2020-9-24 01:13 PM | Show all posts
Edited by diwang at 2020-9-24 01:17 PM

When it comes to one vs one comparison , some hero is stronger than the other , because it's just the 1v1 comparison and too subjective without taking other elements into account . Basic damage , draft pick , damage growth , hp and hp growth , gold and xp , lane , rotation , role , speciality and many more.

Watch MPL and see that there many pro player use hero without dash skill. It's not all about dash skill, because each hero have their own strength. You also need to count growth and draft pick into account.

The problem they can turret dive easily is not because dash skill , but because some hero for example : Esmeralda , have very strong relative immunity against tower damage , in case of Esmeralda it is because of her shield , while argus have absolute immunity , it only last for 5 second and not as strong as Esmeralda relative immunity , this is just example and not to subjectively pointing Esmeralda. If you have problem enemy easily gank you inside tower almost everytime in the match , then i recommend you to learn more about rotation and draft pick to easily counter / ambush tower diver ,and if possible , kill them .
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