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[Hero Concept] Rihanna: Starsands master

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Edited by Eiva-Kun at 2020-9-12 01:39 AM

Hi everyone, i hope all here are fine and good.

i have a hero concept today and i want to share it with you, so let's start.

Name: Rihanna
Role: Support

Short story: In the vast Western Desert, there's a girl have power to control a white sand. No one know how she gets this power, and how she have a "white" sand, but someone say: This "white" sands has choose her.
When Esmeralda heard about Rhianna, she Summoned her.
Esmeralda saw in an old book that these sands belong to the first starmoon master, Esmeralda decided to teach Rihanna and help her to control this distinctive power.

Passive: Starsands Blessing

When Rihanna effected an ally by her skills,

Increase the ally regeneration effects and sheild effects by 3% ( up to 30% )
Mana regen and HP regen increase by 30%(up to 300%)

First skill: Starsands shield

• Rihanna summon the Starsand around her and around the ally, the Starsands give a Sheild absorbs 160~340 + ( 40% total Magic Power ) Points of Damage every 1s for 3s( the Sheild can't be higher than 30% of ally's/Rihanna's max HP ). However. Every time the Starsand sheild broken. The ally will gets 15% extra movement speed for the next 2s

The sheild have extra 30%~50% Physical and Magic defense from ally Physical and Magic defense. This Sheild can't absorbs by enemies

Second skill: Starsands swoop

Rihanna summon the Starsands to attack in the designated area, dealing 200~400 + ( 100% Total Magic Power ) and knock up the enemy for 1s, the enemy target will Cursed by sand for 4s, if the target hit by Sand Waves Skill or receive 1000 Point of damage from Rihanna or ally, the sand will immobilization the target for 1s.

Assist will reduce this skill CD by Xs

Third skill: Starsands Waves

To designated path, Rihanna will summon Starsands Waves to attack. dealing 40~80 + ( 20% Total Magic Power ) Points of Magic Damage every 0.2s for 3s and slow down the target by 20% for 2s
Dealing extra 50% Damage for minions and Creeps

As well, if Rhianna or an ally in the path, the ally and Rhianna will gets extra 20% movement speed and restore HB equal to 3% of (Rihanna's/ally's) lost HP every 0.2s for 3s.

Ultimate: Quicksand

Rhianna summon the Quicksand around an ally, the sand give the ally a sheild absorbs 500~700+(70% Total Magic Power) Point of Damage for 6s.
While the Sheild is active, the Ally can casting an skill and move freely with 30% extra movement speed, the sheild is have immune to all cc effect for 2s.

So i hope u love this concept,

For her Passive, i see MLBB dosen't have that much item to increase regeneration( except Orecal) however, now the players can counter regeneration heros/items easley. So i think MLBB can make hero have effect to increase ally regeneration effect to counter anti-regen effects too .

For first skill, i see "Sheild" is the best helper effect, Especially with Rihanna Passive, however the sheild can't be higher than 30% of ally's max HP but will have extra defense.

For second skill, i see here best AoE and CC skill.

For Third skill, i try to make a "teamfight" machine skill. As a Support is very useful, can Healing Allies or start the fight. Also, u can going and try to killing the lord and more.

For Ultimate, seriously i don't have good idea but this is my best
I think her Ultimate will be good with(Odette/Pharsa/Yve) and another Heros , help to attack or escape

Anyway I hope u love this concept. Have a good day ♡

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When I read the title, I was surprised that you made a hero concept on Rihanna. Rihanna is also a famous singer.
 Author| Post time 2020-9-12 05:49 AM | Show all posts
Kathey replied at 2020-9-12 03:56 AM
When I read the title, I was surprised that you made a hero concept on Rihanna. Rihanna is also a fa ...

I know, but Rihanna is a Arabic name and i see i MLBB can add more Arabic Heros to the game, anyway u can change the name.
However, do u like the concept?


No thoughts on the concept. But it also appears to be that it would be a hero that would help Esmeralda primarily.  Post time 2020-9-12 05:56 AM
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