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[Talk With Developer] Voice from Developers 9/9/2020

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[i=s] Edited by irezer at 2020-9-9 06:26 PM [/i]

Hi MLBB players. Developers have been paying attention to MLBB's community feedback. Thank you for your feedback. Here are some suggestion of date 9/9. (Suggestion resources from: players from official MLBB Discord groups, players’ proposal to customer service.)

If you want to see the previous feedbacks, you can refer to these links:

1.)[Talk With Developer] Community Feedback & Devs Reply [ 27/4/2020 - 21/7/2020]

2.)[Talk With Developer] Voice from Developers 2/9/2020

MLBB Player Suggestion #1

Player Nickname: Yerffej

Please sync alucard skins (lone hero, fiery inferno and empire agent) height size to default alucard model. The said skins are too short in height compare to the original model.

Keyword: #Alucard #skins



 Developer Reply

Thank you for your suggestion, we are continuing the adjustment.


MLBB Player Suggestion #2

Player Nickname: S L E N D E R M A N

new walkie grass update is too biased towards the heroes with mana regen. it's only benefits them, which is kinda unfair for some heroes that has no mana consumption. bring back hp regen, or at least remove mana regeneration, just add movement speed bonus. makes it fair.

Keyword: #jungle


 Developer Reply

Thanks for your suggestion. This monster is designed for mid-lane heroes, and current mid-lane heroes generally have mana. In the latest version, we have increased its gold rewards to increase its appeal, but we still hope that assassin heroes will focus more on the jungle.


MLBB Player Suggestion #3

Player Nickname: Dev™

Suggestion is for alucard ingame sound effects..... when he attacks it feels like someone is washing clothes.... the old sound effects were way better than this... please change the attack sound of alucard.. Thank you.

Keyword: #Alucard #sound effects


 Developer Reply

Thank you for your suggestion. We will consider it seriously.


MLBB Player Suggestion #4

Player Nickname: 晴寶ṃʏʟȏṿε

1. I wish there is a new button for auto decline all surrender tick box can let us to use.
2. I wish there is option can let us to choose make afk or dc player to stay at base by default everytime, i hate the pop out and ask me if i want to control it to follow me. It disturb me focus.
3. And also mute chat button for certain player in game, i know there is a mute chat button exist already, but some of my teammates are good, maybe just one or two keep flaming, so i think we can have mute button for certain player during game. It’ll be good for mlbb players mental and more focusing on reading chat with player who are positive and provide useful information to game instead of those who are negative and flaming.
4. Another thing is maybe a function for let us to know if our teammates ulti is ready at the top of the screen during game like Game C, when teammate ulti is ready the icon shows green colour, not enough mana but is ready : blue colour, not yet lv4 : no icon shown.

Keyword: #surrender #afk #mute #ult icon


 Developer Reply

1. We will not consider it currently. Thank you.
2. Thank you for your suggestion. At present, this is a more appropriate way to facilitate the player's choice. At the same time, we are also working hard to optimize the game environment to make the AFK issues less and less. So it will not be modified for the time being.
3. You can choose from the scoreboard.
4. We are optimizing, so stay tuned.


MLBB Player Suggestion #5

Player Nickname: JhaPi™

Hello i would just like to open up about the wallpapers after you win or lose in a match. I would really love if u guys could work on changing the wall backgrounds of original heroes wallpaper into the players current skin of use. Like if the the player has the elite/special/legend/epic skins it should be seen in the wall backgrounds the actual skins they have used after you win. I know some skins of heroes already showing but not all. Hope u could do this suggestion so that we can be more excited on sharing our win stats. Like the attached picture. I used xborg and i have its elite skin the “moto drifter” but still the original skin still showed on the screen. Hope you get my message. Thank you.

Keyword: #wallpapers


 Developer Reply

Thank you for your suggestion. We will consider it in the future.


MLBB Player Suggestion #6

Player Nickname: •Xel•

Please make brody basic attack faster because it is too slow.

Keyword: #Brody


 Developer Reply

Thank you for your suggestion. Considering that slow attack speed and high damage are his design features, we will not make this adjustment for the time being. 


MLBB Player Suggestion #7

Player Nickname: Zinny

Most my female friend said MLBB hero and skin doesn’t attract them to join this game. Maybe developer should bring more female hero that more cute or cool. Not like Marsha hilda wild.

Keyword: #female heroes


 Developer Reply

Thank you for your suggestion. We have been considering diversified hero designs.


Post time 2020-9-15 09:17 AM | Show all posts
About suggestion #2

What is the use of movement speed buff ?

The hp and mana regen effects were good. Increasing movement speed doesn't make any sense.

Also this effect works only when hero is standing in the river.

It looks like the developers want to move from one lane to another lane faster. I don't see any other benefits with this change
Post time 2020-9-10 03:33 AM | Show all posts
JhaPi's suggestion was good but #7 is good too. Would really love to see more female heroes..but not as manly as Hilda tho'..
Post time 2020-9-11 06:06 PM | Show all posts
Edited by Denoas at 2020-9-11 06:15 PM

I'm agree with zinny friends, i can't stand how they butchered eudora with her new look (the revamped one), she's like a masculine woman now. Hopefully, there's no hidden message like 'if you loves your favorite character because his/her appearance, then you're play the wrong game'
Post time 2020-9-9 10:59 PM | Show all posts
I absolutely support JhaPi suggestion about win or lose wallpaper based on current skin
Post time 2020-9-10 05:55 AM | Show all posts
Dev working hard. Keep it up.
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