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[Hero Concept] Hero Idea|| Ferud(Puppet Master)Fighter with Ranged attack

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Edited by luciva at 2020-9-10 01:04 AM

So in this suggestion i will make the combination of PopolKupa+Kagura, but unlike PopolKupa where its pet can be attacked by enemy, this puppet can't be touched by enemy, and what make this hero unique is that even he is Fighter he could attack enemies from distance through his puppet.
I am not really sure about his role, maybe it could be Marksman/Fighter too but with more durability, but unlike the Marksman he couldn't have the attack speed bonuses because he have special attack that allow him to attacking from distance with his puppet.
The hero itself has low armor/durability, but then he will become more tankier once the big puppet carry him, then he become even more tankier and become melee when he cast his ultimate.

Name : Ferud
Role : Fighter or Marksman/Fighter
Speciality : Damage/Reap
Attack Type : Ranged - Physical
Skill Type : Physical
Skill Cost : Mana

Image Reference
Source : Google Image

(Passive)The Controller
.you attack enemy using your big puppet, this make your basic attack to be replaced with "Puppet Attack" skill, you can't get any attack speed bonuses but it will converted into the cooldown reduction to "Puppet attack" skill.

.the big puppet will automatically go back to you quickly and carry you in its arm when you are not giving any command to the big puppet for 3 second or when both of you getting too far, this will give you an extra 5% movement speed and 25 hybrid armor.
*Note : The Puppet carrying you basically works like Kagura's Passive when she get her umbrella but with different effect.

(Spc.Attack)Puppet Attack!
.target a direction to command your big puppet to dash forward, deals 105% of your physical attack and apply 10% movement slow last for 1 second to all enemies in the path.
.the big puppet will stay in the spot up to 3 second, and when you command the big puppet again while duration then the dash will start from its current location.
Mp Cost : 0
Cooldown : depend on converted attack speed
*Note : This skill also works like Kagura's 1st skill that she moves her umbrella to specific location then if she cast it again while the umbrella still stay in the spot then it will start from its current location.

(1st Skill)Puppeteer Strings
.target a horizontal line to attach 2 layer of string that connect from wall to wall, it will last for 5 second.
.deal 50/60/70/80/90/100 physical damage to non-hero enemy unit who passing through the string, disconnect the the string that trigger whiplash in the area which deal 170/200/230/260/290/320 physical damage and apply 0.25 second immobilize effect when enemy hero passing through.
Mp Cost : 105
Cooldown : 16/15/14/13/12/11 second

(2nd Skill)Dance Moves
.activate to command wherever your big puppet to dance and strike all enemies around which deals 230/245/260/275/290/305 physical damage and apply 10/12/14/16/18/20 physical armor reduction last for 3 second.
.cast this skill will stop the puppet to carry you.
Mp Cost : 95
Cooldown : 6 second

.activate to rip off the big puppet's body and pull yourself toward it to put on its armor on yourself last for 8 second.
.you get an extra 10/15/20% movement speed and 30/35/40 hybrid armor, also change how you cast "Puppet Attack" and "Dance Moves.
.Puppet Attack : now you will dash instead of your puppet, increase 5/10/15% the movement slow effect on it.
.Dance Moves : now you will dance instead of your puppet, increase 150/175/200 physical damage on it.

.Use again : target a direction to command your puppet to detach from you which deals 400/500/600 physical damage and push all enemies in the path.
Mp Cost : 250

Cooldown : 35 second

The puppet itself can't be touched by enemies unlike PopolKupa that depends on each other, this hero is more like real puppeteer that have full control on it's puppet and use it as he will that's why i made such effect on its ultimate so he can get the full control on it's puppet.

Thankyou!! I hope you like this suggestion, don't forget to support this idea if you like it, and feel free to make any feedback/suggestion and i will gladly change/adjust the skill base on it

Post time 2020-9-10 12:54 AM | Show all posts
So he really doesn't have basic attack, meaning he has 4 skills due to his special attack has cd too
but as fighter/tank with ranged attack is unique because basically fighters should be in the front line during teamfight like tank by relying on their basic attack as melee hero

His skillset are cool especially for his ultimate, but can it be stacked with his passive for extra movement speed and hybrid armor? if true then he will be too tanky like using more defense item
 Author| Post time 2020-9-10 01:57 AM | Show all posts
Ncup.Ajh replied at 2020-9-9 11:54 PM
So he really doesn't have basic attack, meaning he has 4 skills due to his special attack has cd too ...

Yes, he doesn't have basic attack because it is replaced with skill, and the cooldown of that skill will depend on converted attack speed.

I am not really sure what his role actually is, but i imagine the controller himself has low armor maybe like a squishy mage or assassin or mm until the big puppet carry him/he cast the ultimate.
Maybe it could be Marksman/Tank, like he become marksman when he attacking by command the big puppet but once he merge with his puppet he will become tank maybe?idk what do you think?

The movement bonuses and hybrid armor from its ultimate are not stackable with its passive bc it would be too tanky hahaha


Yeah, its suits him too  Post time 2020-9-10 02:45 AM
Post time 2020-9-10 11:57 AM | Show all posts
nice!! he could be a tanky poker?? or maybe the first tank with range attacks?? (which contradicts his role as a first engager). So he could be a very tanky support.
 Author| Post time 2020-9-10 03:59 PM | Show all posts
HoaHoa replied at 2020-9-10 10:57 AM
nice!! he could be a tanky poker?? or maybe the first tank with range attacks?? (which contradicts h ...

Thankyou, what i am still curious is what exactly his role would be hahahah
It is like the first time esmeralda being released even it says Mage/Tank but then i am still find out what exactly her role because without her shield she is more like fighter XD

Yeah this could be a Tank with ranged attack(even actually he has no basic attack), but he also become melee by merge with his puppet armor then become more tankier, idk i am confused too XD
Post time 2020-9-22 10:33 PM | Show all posts
so the passive and extra skill is like Puppeteer in Onmyoji arena where the basic attack came from the puppet and you can use it as a melee and range. 1st skills seems hard to use in-game, it looks legit but it's hard to use. 2nd skill is basically Pupetter's 2nd skill but can be stop manually, but the damage needs a nerf because it's a continuous damage. Ult is also basically a puppeteer Ult but instead the user blinked to that puppet but feels not so useful in my opinion because you already have an extra skill for releasing and summon back the puppet.
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