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[Hero Concept] Hero Suggestion - Edmond the Vengeful Wraith

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Support Hero Appearance - He look like a ghostly english gentleman figure without bottom half of the body.  

Story - Edmond is a vengeful spirit that is wrong and kill by Vexana. He break free of Vexana `s control and now on its own.

Passive - Curse - Whoever edmond attached will be grant 30% Spellvamp, however the ally`s defense will be weakend for 10%
2nd Passive - Anyone getting attack by edmond will recevie curse mark meter (Much like Wan Wan)

Skill 1  - Attached / Dettached - Edmond can attached and Dettached ally hero freely. No cool down. Upon attached to a new ally hero. It grant the user 200 Shield. Unable to attached to same hero for 20 sec. (Angela is global attached. Edmond can only attached within his sight area). Upon attached, No damage come to edmond. It will automatically deattached when the host die.

Skill 2 - Ghost Cloak - Edmond will grant invisibility to the host or himself for 4 sec and grant movement speed for 3 sec and heal for 200 HP.
Skill 3 - Ghost Screen -  
             When attached - The area is circular area damage
              When not attached - The Area is Frontward wave area damage
              This attack build up the curse meter of enemy hero. (Five Hit and it activate the Ultimate)
Skill 4 - Possess (Condition Require) - Edmond can possess enemy hero in sight for 10 sec. Upon being possess, enemy hero grant a shield of 1000hp that can be damage by enemy hero but immune to all attack from out ally hero. Edmond will take control of enemy hero - Movement panel and skill panel. (Enemy Player will not be able to do a thing for 10 sec.)  Edmond will be able to play as enemy hero for 10 sec. It can perform basic attack and cast skill. (The Enemy hero will become ally and able to damage foe).

If the Shield of 1000 Hp get destroy, edmond possession end and enemy hero receive 300 damage. If Edmond exit possession manually, enemy hero do not take damage. All skill use within possession time will be consider used skill and require cool down.

The Playstyle will be mainly support. It can attached and deattached ally hero. If alone, this hero is consider weak. If alone, he can use skill 2 to invisible and ambush with skill 3 to build up Skill 4. Upon Using possession, It can try commit suicide by tower dive or Lord dive. While being possess, it can attack enemy hero as well.

In Gang, he can attached to ally hero without being damage. He can turn any hero into assansin with skill 2 easily. He can also save those being chase and low Hp by granting invisiblity and small heal to get away safely. In Gang, He almost casting skill 3 to area attack enemy hero and build up curse meter for Skill 4. Once skill 4 activate, he can possess enemy hero. It can turn the 5 v 5 to 5 v 4 team fight. Imagine a over power enemy MM get possess and turn against the enemy.

Everyone scared of Wan Wan Ulti, Imagine there another hero you afraid the ulti will build up cause it will turn again you. This hero is suitable for those unable to fight properly in team fight to use.  

Post time 2020-9-9 03:49 AM | Show all posts
Thank you for your great hero concept, please submit this to our ingame CS > Advice or suggestions regarding the game > Suggestion for Game Design > Form_Game Design Suggestion.
Fill the form and put this link thread to the form and submit.
Thank you.
Post time 2020-9-9 01:40 PM | Show all posts
Hi, I like the idea of Ghost hero that could possess enemy.
But since he was a Support it will hard for him to complete the curse mark meter, then if he attack on ally she couldn't complete the curse meter mark on enemy so it will be very hard to cast the ultimate.

Here i have some suggestion about his skills, i hope it could be helpful for you :)

(Passive)Ghostly Bound
.everytime you move passing through the enemies body you will deal 125 magic damage and collect 1 soul stack, you can't do this again on the same target for 3 second.
.use the soul stack when you move passing through the ally which recover 200 hp and generate 200 point of shield, you will also get the benefit of soul stack but only the half amount, use all soul stack toward ally hero/host that you attach with "Attach" skill.

(1st Skill)Attach
.nothing change, but now instead of giving a skill, he will give an extra 10/13/16/19/22/25% movement speed and recover 1.5% max hp regen every second.

(2nd Skill)Poltergeist
.target a direction to haunt over there and then back, deals 200/215/230/245/260/275 magic damage to enemies in a line.
.you will also leave an ectoplasma behind last for 4 second, this ectoplasma will cause 25% movement speed to enemies inside.

(sub 2nd Skill)Ghost Cloak
.when you attach on ally hero then "Poltergeist" skill will be replaced into this skill.
.activate to apply cloak to yourself and the host, grant invisibility and make the host can move passing through the wall last for 4 second.
.while in this state the host can trigger the passive and collect the soul stack by passing through the enemies body.

.activate to possess enemy hero in the sight up to 10 second, you will get full control target movement/attack/skill while duration.
.at the same time casting this skill you will leave your tombstone in the spot which have 1000/1500/2000 max hp, while possessing enemy you can't get close to your own tomb or else this skill will be canceled immediately, enemy also can attack your tomb and cancel the skill when it is destroyed, but attacking the tomb will also cause a damage toward possessed enemy.

( Now this skill will easier to cast but it is also can't be abused to make the possessed target to come to ally turret/ally base because it has 10 second duration which is possible to feed the target toward your own base/turret after the duration end, but if we reduce the duration of the skill then it will be not worth it imagine you can possess the enemy only for 5 or 7 second )

I hope this kind of hero can be implemented on the game since we don't have the transparent ghost hero yet.
Post time 2020-9-9 01:46 PM | Show all posts
i also have the image that maybe suit for this concept, just send me message your email then i will send it :D
 Author| Post time 2020-9-9 05:32 PM | Show all posts
i like the tombstone idea. Cause i feel like it easy to hit enemy with my previous skill set. Imagine he can invisible and cast screen and run. Wan wan need to hit for direction so giving him.some challenge to hit is fine cause the ulti is quite powerful.

For heading toward tower. I think it not a problem.  Imagine you get so hard to cast ulti, if not other enemy beside, you can do anything as well and it not always a tower beside. Even if tower dive, the enemy wont die
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