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[Hero Concept] Initial hero concept: Aubelle

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Edited by Eiva-Kun at 2020-9-7 06:41 PM

Hero concept : Aubelle

Role: Assassin/Mage

Passive: Flexible Cristal
Aubelle Basic attack dealing 10 + (40% Total Magic Power ) + ( 50% Total Physical ATK ) as a Physical Damage
With Every 4 hit from Aubelle to an target( skills or Basic attack ), Aubelle summon a Cristal Copy in the area for 8s and Enhance the next Basic attack to dealing 50 + ( 110% Total Magic Power ) + ( 90% Total Physical ATK ) + 5% of Target lost HB as a Magic Damage to the target.
As well, because she have power to controll the Cristal Copies, the Copies can targeted by enemy skills and receive damage( 2 time at maximum for each copy)
Each successful damage to an Copy will reduce Cristal Dash CD by 0.5s

First skill : Cristal Dash

After 0.3s of Charge, to designated direction, Aubelle will dash and summon 2 Crystal copies behind her, Aubelle dash dealing 260~410 + ( 110% total Magic Power ) Points of Magic Damage along the way( after charge, She are immune for CC while dash )
After she reach to the designated area, the Crystal copies will dash too and dealing 120~280 + ( 50% Total Magic Power ) Points of Magic Damage along the way( damage reduce with multiple hits )
The another Crystal copies Aubelle summoned in the battlefield will dash too with the same damage

Second skill: Cristal Dance

Aubelle will explode and throw 4 Crystal copies around her, each Crystal copy hit will knock back the nearby target and dealing 180~310 + ( 50% Total Magic Power ), after explode, Aubelle will jump to joystick direction
Use again in 3s: Aubelle can select an Crystal copy And moving instantly to it, immobilization the nearby target for 1s,

Ultimate: Cristal Mirror

Aubelle summon Cristal Mirror around herself, First, slowdown all the enemy in the Mirror range by 80%( decays in 1s to 15% )
As well Aubelle increase her movement speed by 50% ( decays in 2s to 20% ) and she gain a sheild absorbs 600~1000 + ( 100% Total Magic Power ) Poins of damage, increase the sheild by Points equal to %120 of Magic Damage she deal with Basic attack, While she have the sheild, Aubelle are able to pass through walls and obstacles
The Armor will broken when her HB is fall ander 30% of her Max HB, Max active time is 10s

Anyway, i hope you love this suggestion ^-^
i will post soon full information about her, anyway she are from the Abyss,
However, see u♡

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Edited by Dreamseeker at 2020-9-8 01:02 AM

Hello, Elva kun. Hope you`re fine.

I would like to do some suggestion for this hero as I love its concept.

Passive: Flexible Cristal - there is some information that does not concern to the passive itself so I will remove it.

Every four hits from Aubelle using basic attacks or skills will create a crystal copy of herself. This crystal copy of Aubelle will last 1 second. Enemies attacking Aubelle will target her crystal copy instead. Only two crystal copies can be staked.

Aubelle 5th next basic attack will be enhanced equal to  ( 90% Total Magic Power ) or ( 90% Total Physical ATK ).

Note> I did some adjustments here as if you give more magic damage then the physical damage will have no use.

First skill : Cristal Dash. As I did some changes on the passive description this skill also needs to be modified. This is my suggestion.

By holding this skill by 1 second Aubelle can dash on her desired direction leaving her shadows on the path ( similar to Saber 2nd skill ) and dealing 260~410 + ( 110% total Magic Power ) or ( 110% total physical attack ) along the way. The shadow will disappear rapidly. She can charge the skill a 2nd time and become immune to CC while dashing 1.2 seconds.

Second skill: Cristal Dance  

Aubelle will explode knocking back enemies around her using the illusion of 4 crystal copies dealing  180~310 + ( 75% Total Magic Power ) or ( 75% total physical damage ). Crystal copies will show only 0.5 seconds.

Ultimate: Cristal Mirror

Aubelle summons a crystal mirror around herself slowing down all the enemies on the mirror range by 75% (rapidly decays to 30% in 1 second). 5 seconds duration.

Aubelle gets a shield that absorbs 650/750/900 damage. Enemies that deal damage to her shield  get     ( 120% of her total Magic damage ) or ( 120% of her total physical damage ).   

If her shield is broken, she gets 35% of her max HP lost back while crystal mirror is active.

These are my suggestions. Hope can be any help.

Thank you.

 Author| Post time 2020-9-8 03:16 AM | Show all posts
Dreamseeker replied at 2020-9-8 01:01 AM
Hello, Elva kun. Hope you`re fine.

I would like to do some suggestion for this hero as I love its  ...

Oh great adjustment here, but the core here is her Cristal copies, cuz the copies can targeted by enemies skills and receive damage,
Post time 2020-9-8 03:38 AM | Show all posts
Eiva-Kun replied at 2020-9-8 03:16 AM
Oh great adjustment here, but the core here is her Cristal copies, cuz the copies can targeted by  ...

I got the point, but the problem is on the execution. ML has certain level of restriction on how much resources takes to display heroes abilities. So, just imaging how difficult will be to implement a hero with so many images of herself displaying all the time. Something I learnt from ML is that we need to keep things simple.

Your hero idea is good, but as you wanted to be is a bit out of ML capability right now.

Thank you.
Post time 2020-9-10 01:55 AM | Show all posts
Nice concept, don't forget to submit this suggestion to in-game cs along with this thread link and put a reference image about this hero too
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