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Well, some Heroes can't catch the current meta. I hope this suggestion will make this game beter.

Rafaela [Suport] She is actually good, but her skill set especially Passive and Ultimate Skill doesn't suit her as well. So i hope this shuggestion will suit her.

-> Passive : After cast a Skill which it's dealing Damage to Enemy, Rafaela can summon a Light of Judgement from the sky then fall to damaged Enemy with lowest HP. It deals 4% Enemy Current HP + 231 (+ 15 * Hero Level) as Magical Damage (+60% Magic Power) and it inflicts Stun to Enemy for 1s. This Passive has 8s Cooldown.

-> Skill 1 : Nothing changes.
-> Skill 2 : Add imunity against Slow effect.
-> Ultimate Skill : Lock an Enemy then charge within 2s. After that, release a powerful magical projectile to locked Enemy and deal 20% Max HP + 341 (+47 * Skill Level) as Magical Damage (+100% Magic Power). While charging, locked Enemy will slowdown by this Skill (-60% Movement Speed), but the intial attack/damage from this Skill can be blocked by other Enemies. Basically it's a replacement of her current Passive to her Ultimate Skill with some improvement from me.


Bane [Fighter] Bane current Skill set doesn't suit him as Pusher like the past. So i hope this shuggestion will make him good pusher.

-> Passive : Every 6s, Basic Attack launchs a shark from under ground, then it dives to track down nearby enemy and deal 312 (+33 * Hero Level) Magical Damage (+170% Attack Power).

-> Skill 1 : Nothing changes.
-> Skill 2 : Nothing changes.
-> Ultimate Skill : Deal 300% Damage against Turret.

Estes [Support] : Estes needs a buff, so i hope this is will make him better.

-> Passive : Basic Attack now can trigger speed of activate his Passive often.
-> Skill 1 : When HP is full, the rest HP is converted to Shield.
-> Skill 2 : Nothing changes.
-> Ultimate Skill : When HP is full, the rest HP is converted to Shield.

Diggie [Support] the current diggie is fine, but he needs improvement of his skills.

-> Passive : When revive, Diggie will immune against Damage and Crowd Control for 2s.

-> Skill 1 : This skill inflicts Stun for 0.4s instead of Slow.
-> Skill 2 : Nothing changes.
-> Ultimate Skill : Shield amount is increased.

Post time 2020-9-7 07:39 PM | Show all posts
A great suggestion, i support on this, especially Estes and Bane. Bane only great at full build while Estes need more adjustment, for Bane Passive, i prefer the current one, keep notice on Advanced Server, Thank you for suggestion.
Post time 2020-9-8 03:10 AM | Show all posts
Cool changes there.

Rafaela`s passive is similar to her skill 1, but with a stun. A new passive is needed to update her mechanic.

Bane: I like his current passive. Some that he desperately needs is a model revamp. 300% tower damage sounds awesome.

Estes: 100% agree. Estes can not even defend himself an on top he deals no damage.  

Diggie: Nice.

Post time 2020-9-9 02:11 AM | Show all posts
I support these cool idea especially on Rafaela and Bane,

Rafaela skill change, yes i think it will suit more if her Ultimate replaced with her current passive...
Bane passive where she could summon shark that track down enemy was hella cool to imagine!!!

I hope the dev team could see this suggestion.
Post time 2020-9-9 03:25 AM | Show all posts
I like your suggestion about Rafaela for her passive and enhancement for skill 2, for the Ultimate uhmm..
Post time 2020-9-9 09:57 AM | Show all posts
Nice suggestion, justice for bane, rafaela and estes
Post time 2020-9-10 07:40 AM | Show all posts
nice!! i really believe rafa is the worst hero right now. she was my main ages ago hahaha, but yeah, sadly she cant really support. her movement speed is too little, her healing is insignificant, her poking barely does any damage, her passive is useless, her ultimate is the worst stun.
she needs a whole revamp.
maybe make her ultimate a skill? but the stun duration and range shorter, she would be supper annoying. or when healing, heal both health and mana?? and enhance teammates next basic attack? her passive should be helpful to the team, no to herself to get a kill. something like teammates in range get health or mana or speed... that would make her a real support. or we could go crazy and make somehting completely new and amazing, like teammates next to her receive half the damage from jungle monsters
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