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[Hero Concept] Hero Idea + Animation||She Fa(Gorgon Queen)Fighter

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Edited by luciva at 2020-9-9 11:54 AM

Name : She Fa(Chinese) = Snake Hair(English)
Other Name : Medusa/Serpenta
Role : Fighter
Speciality : Crowd Control/Regen
Attack Type : Melee - Physical
Skill Type : Physical
Skill Cost : Mana

Image Reference
Source : Google Image

(Passive)Grasping Strike
.passively you gain 15% extra movement speed bonuses from gear.
.you also has a round area, all enemies inside will be marked(max up to 3 target), the next 1 attack you will jump to all marked enemies to attack them and apply 15% movement slow for 0.5 second and drain 50 plus 2% of their max hp, this special attack has 4 second cooldown.

(1st Skill)Snake Coil
.target a direction to throw 5 magic curse forward, dealing 85/90/95/100/105/110 physical damage and add 1 mark to enemies each curse.
.when enemies have 3 marks then your next 1 attack toward him will make you jump and wrap around him last for 1 second, both of you are immobilized while duration while yourself will apply "Grasping Strike" every 0.5 second toward target with a double drain effect.
Mp Cost : 125
Cooldown : 9 second
*Note : This skill works like Chan'ge old 1st skill, but this will also leave a mark to enemies everytime you success hitting them, then your next 1 attack will be enhanced toward enemy with accumulated mark.

(2nd Skill)Stone Gaze
.activate to channel the gorgon curse on a fan shaped area last for up to 2 second.
.enemies inside the gorgon curse area will be stacking slow 25% of their movement speed every second, when you finish channeling you will petrify all enemies inside the area to deal 200/250/300/350/400/450 physical damage and apply 1.25 second stun, your attack/skills will deal 25/30/35/40/45/50% more damage toward petrified enemies.
Mp Cost : 100
Cooldown : 12 second
*Note : This skill activation works like Leomord's 1st skill but with an area like Alpha's 2nd skill, and this skill require channeling which make you can't move but can be canceled by press the skill again.

(Ultimate)Gorgons Dance
.target an area to jump over there which at the same time you dig underground last for 3 second, grant you invulnerability while hiding under the ground.
.while in this state you will command 3 gorgon snakes every 0.5 second to impale into the random spots inside the area, deal 275/300/325 physical damage and apply 50% movement slow for 1 second to attacked enemies.
.you will recover 2.5% your max hp every second while under the ground, everytime your gorgons hit an enemy hero you will also recovered 3/4/5% your max hp.
Mp Cost : 275
Cooldown : 50/45/40 second
*Note : This skill works like Kadita's Ultimate combined with old Valir's Ultimate, but unlike Valir/Kadita that could move during ultimate, this skill will make you stay under the ground and stop moving.

Note :
I just saw @gabntg17 made an animation for his hero skill then i just inspired to do the same, but i am sorry if the quality is still bad, it is my first time make an animation, maybe next time i will improve that so it will look better XD
Also my special Thanks to @Dreamseeker & @shimura27 who give me detailed feedback and suggestion so i could adjust the skill base on it.

Final Though on the Skills :
She has so many crowd control effect on its skill but it needs some requirement, now she also has the speciality on regen by draining enemy hp and recover its own hp while ultimate, now she only has 1 untouchable/invulnerable effect(Ultimate) unlike before.

Thankyou for your time reading this concept, I hope you enjoy it, dont forget to support if you like this concept, feel free to add any feedback/suggestion :*

Post time 2020-9-5 07:56 AM | Show all posts

I think that is exciting when you come up with new ideas, but when you thing of the ML limitations on heroes mechanic you have to set limits. Have you seen the passives description for ML heroes?
They are understandable and simple. That is the key.

Passive> You are giving way too much effects to this hero. So much that makes her unfair to play against. Let`s review this:

10% movement speed
Mark enemies up to 5. This does not seems to be a fighter/assassin. Is it a tank?
quickly jump toward all enemies with the mark? Can she deal damage to all enemies at the time?
deal an extra 45 true damage. Ok?  
75% life steal. OMG!   
35% movement for 0.5 second to affected enemies. Is this real?
life steal effect will increased by 10% for every time you jump to another target. God! Help us all.
this skill has 6 second cooldown, doing basic attacks will reduce the cooldown by 1 second. Ok. That`s too much.

I don`t know, but this is way out of discussion. This hero passive is madness no offence.

Skill 1> grants 35% movement speed for 3 second and accumulate. 0.85 second immobilize to the enemy hit by the stone curse 3 times. How many buffs this hero has?

Skill 2>
50/55/60/65/70/75% damage reduction last for 3.5 second. No way.

when your hp drops to 35% or below while this skill is active then you will be petrified last for 1 second, you will become invulnerable while petrified. No way.

grants 400/500/600/700/800/900 points of shield last for 5 second afterward. This hero is crazy. Any hero will not have a change to fight back. I will uninstall the game until Moonton remove her.

Too broken.

I will not even talk about the ultimate. It is too much. This hero concept is impossible to create due to its unbalance passives and skills. She needs to be re-worked.

She is at 1,000,000% way out the game capability.

Good try.
Post time 2020-9-5 04:39 PM | Show all posts

It's ok that there is animation for readers to understand, especially if the language is different like mine, I still need to copy paste and use google translate to understand some words that I do not know


hey thankyou for inspiring me to make my first animation, your animation is good while mine is suck hahahaah  Post time 2020-9-7 03:18 PM
 Author| Post time 2020-9-7 03:17 PM | Show all posts
Dreamseeker replied at 2020-9-5 06:56 AM

I think that is exciting when you come up with new ideas, but when you thing of the ML limit ...

Ahahaha sorry my bad, i actually not going well with the nominal/nurmbers
yes the passive could make her dealing a damage to enemies whos being marked by being nearby, the mark itself will apply one by one to all enemies inside every 0.25, so it would take 2.25 second for her to marking 5 targets, and the cooldown of the passive to marking enemies again is 6 second which could be reduced 1 second by doing attack. and yes it has the lifesteal & slow effect, it is because i can't pick which one of the effect, tell me what do you suggest XD

the 1st skill of her is like the old chang'e skill "Biu Biu Biu" which throw a magic projectile forward, but the different in this skill that she should accumulate those magic projectile to be casted unlike the old chang'e skill which instantly shot 5 magic projectile and if enemy attacked by those projectile it will apply stun, but in this skill it only apply 0.85 second immobilize effect

the idea of making the 2nd skill is like she use the gorgon power on herself to increase the durability, yes my bad with the number bc i think of khaleed when deciding the damage reduction XD
and also the petrified effect only apply for her, not the enemies, which cause her to be invulnerable for a second, then she got the shield after that...

the ultimate is combined ultimate from Kadita+old Valir, so yeah it would be OP but if the number of the damage she could deal reduced then maybe it would be better hahahah sorry XD

anyway thankyou for the feedback
Post time 2020-9-7 10:56 PM | Show all posts
luciva replied at 2020-9-7 03:17 PM
Ahahaha sorry my bad, i actually not going well with the nominal/nurmbers
yes the passive could ma ...

Hello! Thanks for taking into account my comment.

Here is my suggestion>

(Passive)Snake Grasp:

She Fa has a round area that grants her 10% movement speed. This effect ends if she deals or takes any damage. 5 seconds cooldown.

Enemies that enter within She Fa area get marked. She can mark up to 3 enemies.  Enemies marked will have a 30% slow effect for 0.5 seconds. 5 seconds cooldown.

(1st Skill)Stone Curse

Activate this skill grants She Fa 1 stone curse every 1 second. Once the stone curse reach 3 stacks will be fully charge.

Use the skill again to release all stone curse staked on a straight line, immobilizing enemies on the path for 0.6 seconds. Enemies can still use skills, but can not move from their place.

(2nd Skill)Petrified Scales

Activate this skill grants you 15% damage reduction per enemy dealing damage up to 60% damage reduction last for 3 seconds.

When your HP drops to 30% while the skill is active then She Fa will be petrified for 1 second, you will become invulnerable while petrified.

(Ultimate)Gorgons Dance

She Fa will dig underground and attack the selected area (the same as Hanzo 2nd skill) and command three gorgons that deal 450/600/750 physical damage to all enemies on a square area while she hides on the ground for 3 seconds. Enemies hit by the gorgons will be stunned for 1 second.

She Fa will recover 3%/4%/5% of her max HP per enemy hit by gorgons.

This are my suggestions. Hope can help.

Thank you.  

Post time 2020-9-8 12:42 AM | Show all posts
Great concept, man! submit this to in-game cs as well and put this thread link
Really appreciate your animation work about the hero skill even it's only 2s because your previous concept suggestions never existed, and with that it will be understandable
go ahead and want to see your next concept
 Author| Post time 2020-9-8 02:23 AM | Show all posts
Edited by AlyAoi at 2020-10-12 03:52 PM
Dreamseeker replied at 2020-9-7 09:56 PM
Hello! Thanks for taking into account my comment.

Here is my suggestion>

Hi, Thankyou for the suggestion, it's done!! i change some of the effect on its skill base on your suggestion

Ncup.Ajh replied at 2020-9-7 11:42 PM
Great concept, man! submit this to in-game cs as well and put this thread link
Really appreciate you ...

Thankyou, yeah hahahha my drawing is suck hahaha and it only 2 second, i hope it would be more helpful XD
Anonymous user  Post time 1970-1-1 08:00 AM
Post time 2020-9-8 03:26 AM | Show all posts
luciva replied at 2020-9-8 02:23 AM
Hi, Thankyou for the suggestion, it's done!! i change some of the effect on its skill base on your ...

My pleasure to assist on this amazing concept. I liked it so much and I wanted to help you make it happen.

Thank to you.
Post time 2020-9-9 11:37 AM | Show all posts
Edited by shimura27 at 2020-9-9 11:45 AM

I like the concept well. But she is broken. I have my suggestion about this hero :

Name and background : don't add chinese name again. From my view, She can be Freya dear friend that cursed by God in the past then they have fate to kill each other.

Passive : gain additonal Movement speed after buy boot item/item which it can increase Movement Speed. Also every 6s basic attack can inflict Poison to drain enemy HP every second.

Skill 1 : chase an enemy then surround enemy for 2s by dealing damage. In this state, enemy can't move at all (like get stunned) while she is draining enemy HP every second.

Skill 2 : she can petrify enemy that arround her within 2s charge  while she is dealing damage each second at same time. (skill mechanism seems like Alpha skill 2). But she can't move during the charge (you must cancel by pressing this skill again). After the charge, enemy will immobilize for 1s. Dealing damage in immobilized enemy will deal more damage. She can combo with her Skill 1.

Ultimate : summon little snake on destinated area to deal damage every second (that snake will chase the enemy and bite it) and slow enemy for 2s. Effect last for 4s.
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