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Suggestion for Battlefield Adjustment

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After the release of 1.5.10 in the advance server, there are mixed reactions about the battlefield adjustments. For me, there are PROS and CONS for the update. I have some suggestions for the battlefield adjustments.
1. Jungle Items
Personally, I am the one who complains about the jungle items before but using retribution to buy jungle Item is too much since there are some heroes needs other battle spells for teamfights. I also understand that moonton wants to have proper jungle role in order to focus other roles on the lane.

a. My first suggestion is that remove the retribution as requirement when you purchase jungle items. Instead, whenever a hero purchases jungle Item (either tier 1, 2 or 3), the hero will gain 25% more from jungle monsters but exchange lower the gold and exp received from minions by 35%. This will be removed when the 8th wave minions are already pass the outer tower.
Reason is that in the last update they lower the gold received from jungle monster so there will be disadvantage from the jungler if they are farming only in the jungle. Also, from the last update and this patch, they buff the minions and towers, and add new mechanics to the siege minions which benefits the sidelanes, it is better to give jungler lower golds and exp than those who focus only on lanes.

b. My other suggestion is that if they really want to keep this requirement, they should add 2nd battle spell of the game since some heroes really need spells for teamfights like Granger + purify, others. But it has delay of 5 or 8 seconds after casting the first battle spell for the second skill to activate.

2. Turrets
Adding shields to the outer turrets is good since they are easily destroyed but gaining 400 golds when a hero reduces the turret's shield to zero? It is insane.

My suggestion will be remove the shields and revert it back to damage reduction but increase it from 40% to 60% whenever minions or heroes attack the outer turret for 4 minutes and after 4 minutes, it will regenerate itself by 80 per second when no minions and heroes attacks the turrets for 5 seconds and lower the damage reduction to 20%-30% so that no more gaining of golds when heroes reduce the shield from turrets to zero. The regeneration will apply to all turrets.

Another suggestion is that base will attack more than one enemies (whether minions or heroes) up to 4 enemies but lower the damage by 25% and it will regenerate faster by 3 seconds compare to 5 seconds when no minions or heroes attack the base.

3. Roaming Items
This is the reason why there is funneling strategy since all heroes can use the roaming items. Since the devs wanted to remove that strategy, then my suggestion is that only tanks and supports can used the roaming items. Also, add secondary roles to some heroes to support like valir, Selena, or others.

This is only a suggestion but I hope they read my suggestion for better gameplay.
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Thanks for your suggestion
We also hope for the better adjustments considering the many pros and cons of the last patch advanced server and hopefully this can be considered by them for further adjustments
Post time 2020-9-6 12:52 AM | Show all posts
Edited by Azazel341 at 2020-9-6 01:02 AM

I'm agree, they should removed item restriction, not just jungle item but all items too
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