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[Gameplay] More Suggestion to be Considered

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Hi, i would like to suggest that the Classic/Rank have a bigger map, so it could contain more jungle monster/secret side lane/new building/another feature like cyclone eye....Add more watery area in the map so someday there would be a hero that got the benefit from water...and day/night time or season/weather maybe, yes this could also to be use to make new variety on hero that got benefit from it....
Oh i think we also really need more item..especially tank item...and support....

I would also suggest to add territory super power/map speciality on each team on every match begin, this just like we choosing battle spell in the picking phase but this territory power will apply its effect on the map, the territory super power/speciality will be choosen by 1 player on each team or maybe using vote...
For example :
our team choose "Agressive Jungle" then maybe the jungle monster in our team area will deal more damage and take less damage from enemy team...
our team choose "Advanced Turrets" then maybe our team's turrets will have a little bit increased on its attack speed and max hp or armor...
our team choose "Strong Wind" then maybe if the enemies enter our territory team area then then will reduced 5% of its movement...
our team choose "Fairy Bushes" then maybe in all bushes in our team territory will have something like wisp or firefly that will add 5 hp regen when your team enter it...
So this basically like emblem/passive ability/speciality on our team territory...and of course enemy team could also pick/choose their own territory super power/map speciality...
Why i suggest this because untill now i can't find another moba implement this kind of feature, so this could be the chance for MLBB to implement this first to be more unique...and also for the squad team/grup of player that already have their own strategi when they play together so this feature maybe could also help their gameplay to be more unique too.
Post time 2020-8-27 12:54 AM | Show all posts
Nice suggestion. Ur map specialty idea is really unique , like to be chosen by a team captain or by voting (most fair). It will be great to see how it affect the team synergy and various strategy to be used by players. Support from me. Also like the day/night mode too. Overall great suggestion. Ty
Post time 2020-8-27 12:56 AM | Show all posts
I love these suggestions, however, it's a good idea for another mode other than the usual mode. Since these are modes in the first place are designed to be fast-paced sadly.
Post time 2020-8-27 07:58 AM | Show all posts
the game will be like 1hour per game. im not support this
Post time 2020-8-27 11:56 AM | Show all posts

It's an interesting suggestion, but like others have stated here, I have similar concerns as well.

I think it's too drastic as a change to be implemented all at once, so maybe this can be a gradual thing?

Lithowanderer's concept isn't exactly new but even this took years to implement.
Post time 2020-8-27 03:10 PM | Show all posts
I think your suggestions are great, thanks.
-In my previous similar game there was water around the center of the map, everybody got 50% movement reduction inside water, except for one hero similar to khadita, she got normal speed. Some water in some areas of the map would be amazing! Its like the new speed buff in the jungle, but the opposite. It doesn’t have to be a huge area and it could be just a little reduction, like 20%. Maybe around crab and buff so its harder to steal??
-Night and day is amazing!! Imagine some heros like helcurt getting a speed buff during the night!! It could rain too, making khadita area bigger and longer. If its sunny, fighters could be stronger and tanky. If it snows, Thamz loses lifesteal and damage… At night tanks are weaker. If its windy Vale gets movements speed or an extra skill!! I love the idea.
-Besides the weather, also the ground: rock, sand, grass, water. It could be more than four but four is enough for heros to get one buff and one nerf type of ground.
-Being different from other games is good, but all I see is games copying each other. If something works in one game the other game copies it. Cowards… Innovating is good!! ML could do a million things with this game. Fanny was a great success and a unique hero, only in ML. Franko is the same hero in all games. Miya… I like the idea of new hero skills and techniques.
- I suggested a while a go an idea for Ling, a hero who could climb the walls. I also suggested in December showing your 3 stats in the draft pick and they listened. Im not sure if they read my stuff or if this was just a coincidence, but its worth trying!! I still have those posts in my profile, the one for Ling is 2 years old.
If one of the developers reads it and likes it, this idea could be implemented!! I also suggested a hero who was monster based, he could control the minions and the jungle monsters. Another idea was a hero who could get inside the turret and aim longer shots, like Lesley sniper skill mixed with zhask ultimate… No other games have this. Another idea was a magician who gave the team mana, money or experience, and his ultimate was to show things in the mini map that were not real, like towers being attacked or teammates dying… it would be so annoying hahaha. Oh and my personal favorite was a hero who couldn’t attack, he was an aikido martial artist similar to Chou. He could only block the damage and return the same damage, his basic attack would be a basic block. Skills would be returning the damage to the enemy (imaging a gord or a chang being killed with their own ultimates hahaha).
-People here are rejecting your idea because it seems like too many big changes, but what they didn’t understand is that these changes could happen little by little, not all at once. For example, this season we have a bigger map, at the middle of the season we add some water in some areas, next season when everybody is used to the water we give some heros buffs and debuffs in the water, at the end of the season we add sand…
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