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[Map] New System Turret

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Edited by ariefhzt at 2020-8-25 05:43 PM

Hi, to the point, i think ML need improve turrets system with adding more turrets and harder them.'For what?'
- to make comeback possibility is higher.'

- priority of gameplay'
- harder get super minions.'

my references is d0t4 and L0L.'

First, adds new objectives behind inhibitor turrets or last turrets that's hasn't attack damage, just new one objective with high HP that trigger to make our minions in that lane become super minions when this objective down but inhibitor turret must down first.'
that i know inhibitor turrets have 6900 HP, then this new objectives will  be 6900 HP too and has high HP regen same like altar.

Second, adds split attack for Altar/ Main turret and adds more HP. that i know Altar has 6900 HP and 539 true damage for first attack.
my suggestion is it's HP become 12000 HP and 600 true damage for 3 different targets. For example if just one hero attack this altar, just one shot, but if 3 heroes that all will get attack in one time.'
hope moderator will send this suggestion to devs.,

that's for me. thanks, and cheers.'

Post time 2020-8-25 07:16 PM | Show all posts
Edited by RohitBK201 at 2020-8-25 07:17 PM

Theses are some nice ideas, ya i too feel like that turret dives are now too easy, probably have to do with the map design but i guess they need to update it real soon, thanks for sharing for views with us
 Author| Post time 2020-8-25 07:38 PM | Show all posts
Edited by ariefhzt at 2020-8-25 07:46 PM
RohitBK201 replied at 2020-8-25 07:16 PM
Theses are some nice ideas, ya i too feel like that turret dives are now too easy, probably have to  ...

hahaha thanks, but turret dive is normal in moba, that's why my concern is how to make this game more interesting because with more possibility to get comeback with stronger altar and inhibitor, that make game more longer, because i feel boring when i watch ML tournament because of how fast the game end. and i think devs need make new design map that make more complicated wall instead of simpler in first turret zone to make harder players to make "sandwich" for target. and i think with reduce bushes place is nice.
Post time 2020-8-25 11:28 PM | Show all posts
ariefhzt replied at 2020-8-25 07:38 PM
hahaha thanks, but turret dive is normal in moba, that's why my concern is how to make this game mo ...

I totally agree, in this game there is no such thing as late game.
Post time 2020-8-26 05:12 PM | Show all posts
Or they should make the map a little bigger, then add some more building inside the base to trigger the super minion when destroyed...
Or maybe also make the both Nexus base at 30 minutes of the game will get up as turtle monster that slowly walking in the middle attacking each other
 Author| Post time 2020-8-26 07:37 PM | Show all posts
luciva replied at 2020-8-26 05:12 PM
Or they should make the map a little bigger, then add some more building inside the base to trigger  ...

hahaha, that's too much bro
Post time 2020-8-27 03:33 PM | Show all posts
Retreating to a turret is not safe anymore. In one game Ling would just jump in anytime he wanted and killed one or more heros under the turret ahahahaha, he escaped and kept killing everybody else. This should not happen, EVER. In another game, there was a Grock mm combo, grock walked in, then the marksman killed me and grock escaped fast with his ultimate… freaking joke. It was so easy for those two to killed us like that many times. And in another game there was a Hilda, she was tanky enough for kill my zhask under the tower. She didn’t die, she just killed me and got my tower and crab…
Making towers stronger would mean longer games, and they advertise “10 minute matches”, so I guess they are actually happy and satisfied with the current state of their game.
Only the first tower is hard to destroy, the others are pretty easy. As a zhask I can get any tower in less than 5 seconds with only 2 items.  
Maybe if each tower was stronger than the previous one?? So for example first tower with 1000 HP, The second one with 1500HP and the Third one with 2500HP, so they are balanced with the hero???
I loved the suggestion of double or even triple attack. This means you need 3 minions inside the tower so you can attack it. This would make tower diving a suicide, not a piece of cake.
Another idea would be making the area damage of the tower bigger for enemy heros, same range for minions.
4 towers in each lane sounds great. How about 3 towers, just like now, but make them double?? We need to destroy two towers, there is a double attack, minions have to go to both towers…
Its really hard to be zhask for me. Im not a newbie you know, I have more than 300 games with zhask (highest mythic with a total of 11 000 games). I hate when lancelot gusion ling chou one shot kill me. Even inside my ultimate, under the tower. There is nowhere safe, not even when I get flicker.
Post time 2020-8-28 06:18 PM | Show all posts
I support this, because there is no excitement to play the game fast, not for those who really want to push rank quickly
but I think making the game longer with new turret mechanism will make players enjoying the game more too, on the other hand, rather than hone their skills but also to manage the gameplay chance to comeback possibility for them to win which will provide a better playing experience as well
Post time 2020-8-28 09:19 PM | Show all posts
I agree, the turrets need some buff, tower diving is too easy if enemy just ganked up on you and killed you before the turret can even do any damage. It’s frustrating.
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