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[Hero Concept] New Tank Dom The Puriffier of Worlds

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Edited by Mjuyts at 2020-7-29 11:18 PM

Dom The Purifier of Worlds
Specialty:Crowd Control/Burst Damage

Physical Attack 110
Attack Speed 0,8
Moviment Speed 260
Armor 20
Magical Resistance 12
HP 2700
HP Regen 39

Passive-Divine Wrath:
Every 3 basic atks
The next he will do more magic damage and send the enemy away with a explosive energy.
When it is coated with the "divine" aura,
He will launch big pillars every 3 atks
Throwing enemies forward away.
skills gain 10% more magic power
based on 12% of maximum HP.

Without aura: he had launched a projectile
That when hitting an enemy
Unleash an explosion on enemies near the hit target
Causing 202/240/260/300/320/340 (+ 90% total magical damage) magic damage and 1sec of 80% slow .
With the aura: It will launch the body's aura into an area
Inflicting 260 (+ 100% total magical damage) magic damage and pushing hit enemies
Then the aura comes back to him
Bringing hit enemies close to him
And causing more 260 (+ 100% total magical damage) magic damage.
Cooldown 8

2skill-Divine Power:
It stays around an aura for 5s, reflecting 10% of the damage taken as actual damage based on 12% of its total Spell Power. The healing he receives is boosted by 150%, and changes the others skills.
Cooldown 15

3skill-Energy Absorption:
He stands and absorbs an atk
Empowering 1skill with 20 more damage
Then dash to the desired direction.
With aura:
It absorbs two atk
Empowering 1skill with 20 more damage
And then a dash,
When pressing again
It will give a second dash.
Cooldown 8

Ult-Brutal God:
Without Aura:
He grabs and hits the opponent on a wall or a nearby enemy where he unleashes a flurry of attacks (25 atk) that deals a total of 280 (+90 total magical damage) magic damage and ends with a powerful energy sphere that deals 350 / 400/450 (+ 100% total magical damage) damage. Lasts 2sec.
Cooldown 59

Ult-Dis-integrational Power:
With aura:
With both hands above your head,
It creates a hole for 1.5sec
Sucking some projectiles and
inflicting 90/100/130 (+ 95% total magical damage) magic damage every 0.3sec on enemies, bringing them close
And healing Dom's hp by 90 (+ 70% total magical damage) every 0.3sec. At the end it leaves a mark on the most fragile enemy.
When pressing again
It wraps around the enemy marked on a sphere for 1.28sec which then explodes for 480 (+ 100% total magical damage) damage to it and nearby enemies.
Passive:if he kills the target inside the sphereit will disappear with the body
increasing the enemy's resuscitation time by 4sec.
Cooldown 59

being chosen:"Neither good nor bad
Only God "

Moving:"Demons and Angels fear my Power"

"I don't want to smash mortals so beautiful
So don't try to do anything against me "

"time to repent of your actions"

"I will spare you, my son"

I don't want to kill all the humans and monsters who are here
(Thinking) not yet "

"my parents are in the dead's world
and that's where you're going"

"only on the brink of death
You beg for my forgiveness "

"is that your total power?"

"I don't need to use even 10% of my power
To kill you "

"This is not my maximum capacity"

That's what mortals feel when they hear my name."
What happens to the fragile mortals
By disrespecting me "

2skill:"There is only one perfect being
And that being is me "

Ult with aura (second phase)
"I'm sick of looking at you"

when dying:
"God is immortal"

Skin Kof-Igniz

Skin Kof-Igniz


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Hi, remember to submit your ideas to the in-game CS as well under "Suggestion"
 Author| Post time 2020-11-14 10:24 AM | Show all posts
CloudDevelic replied at 2020-7-30 09:11 AM

Hi, remember to submit your ideas to the in-game CS as well under "Suggestion"

         Thanks :)
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