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I am mythic IV>210 points.Matching system is dead.
Atm I am playing one game daily rank and two games of magic chess.

In my squad we have 3 ex-myth glory that can't climb to mythic.
Only 3 members are mythic.
Two of them mythic IV and one mythic V.We used to have 80% win rate playing trio this season we have bellow 50%.Matching is bad because lets say one team have mix of legends and mythics(thats ok).While one team of the mix have 2 mythic 3 legends.Abother team have full mythic or myth glory and 1 legend.

I cant carry my teammates to climb mythic beacuse of this.Lets say I play mythic 4 tier trio with 1 mythic and 1 legend.We get 2 legend 5 randoms againts full myth glory 800+ points and 1 myth 5 and 1 legend.So saaaad this game is d.....Sometimes u can enjoy rank but its rare classic once u reach mythic is unplayable.
If magic chess is not there I would have deleted game long time ago.

Post time 2020-7-29 05:10 AM | Show all posts
Are you saying that if you lose matchmaking is bad.
And if you win it's fair?.
Those Legends you complaining about is also an OLD season mythic. Like you said . Your teammates can't climb up. Does it means other player's are automatically bad?.

I'm currently Mythic IV too. And I never complained about legends in my team. Because current rank doesn't mean anything. They reach those ranks because of their skills. You opponent also reach their ranks from their own efforts.

Don't be too arrogant always saying that your teammates is bad whenever you lose a match.

If you lose consecutively. It's your problem. Maybe your bad too.

Don't always judge people because you have a higher rank.

Remember the more you discouraged your team they will lose Focus and Start trash talking too. And typing a word consumes time. In which they can farm more.

Just stay calm. Stay humble and always encourage youe team so they don't lose hope and focus.
Post time 2020-7-29 08:02 AM | Show all posts
This is because they nerfed many old heroes and over buffed heroes we were not using in previous seasons

All marksman are nerfed. A team with no marksman have higher chance of winning than a team with marksman

Many tanks are nerfed like Johnson, Gator, hylos

Too many nerfs on other roles to make assassin the best.

A team with good Lancelot, fanny, fusion or ling is more likely to win

I hate current meta. It's really unfair to all the marksman players
Post time 2020-7-29 08:10 AM | Show all posts
PhilYan replied at 2020-7-29 05:10 AM
Are you saying that if you lose matchmaking is bad.
And if you win it's fair?.
Those Legends you c ...

You should know that there are troll players out there who intentionally pick nop heroes and make team lose

Many heroes are nerfed in current meta. This is really bad idea. It's like forcing players with good control of one role to switch to a new role they never played

Many people does not read patch notes as it is lengthy. So they end up trolling because of the nerf introduced in recent update.

Moonton should consider this and make this a balanced game instead of making a particular role OP
Anonymous user  Post time 1970-1-1 08:00 AM
Post time 2020-7-29 10:39 AM | Show all posts
Marksman is still a thing.
If your objective as a marksman is to kill. Then you will likely to lose.
Remember that a marksman greatest weapon is their basic attack.
So the fastest split Pusher other than Masha is Marksman. Except Granger. Because Granger is made for killing. The one and only spell caster marksman.

Well for assassin's. It's common for them to dominate the games. Since they are made for killing. Obviously Assassin.
I really like this project next since they are attempting to Ballance every heroes.
Post time 2020-7-29 11:55 AM | Show all posts
Well I have been Mythic V, but this season I keep going between epic IV and Legend III. I got a 11 win streak in rank, then a lost streak hahahaha.
Im a great player because I play a lot (11 000 games in total), but I know there are some better players than me. This game is a team game so no matter how good or bad one player is, its all about the team work, turrets and ganks.
Im better than most players because I play more, but I still get ganked sometimes, and I lose towers in my lane. Is it my fault?? Sometimes, most of the time it is my teammates fault who have no idea what to do. They keep trying to win teamfights eventhough we had already lost 3. They want to fight one vs one against the enemy with the most money in the game. My teammates decide to get their buffs instead of saving their tower…
Most of the time when I lose is because there are better players in the enemy team, doesn’t matter how good or bad one of us is; in general, as a team, we are worse so we lose.
Matchmaking s fault? Yeah, definitely. I just lost a rank game we were 5 legends vs 4 mythics one legend. Our highest ranks were legend, never even touched mythic. Enemy highest rank was mythic I.
Another way the matchmaking is not fair is putting 5 players together with no tank experience, they are all marksmen fighter mage. The opposite happens often too, no marksmen and everyone main tank and support.
 Author| Post time 2020-7-29 02:01 PM | Show all posts
PhilYan replied at 2020-7-29 05:10 AM
Are you saying that if you lose matchmaking is bad.
And if you win it's fair?.
Those Legends you c ...

U can say whatever u want about fair matcmaking but it will never work.I would rather play with someone in team with balanced 2k games tank,2k games mage,2k games fighter or assasin.

They give me teammate with 1k games mm or mage and 100 games all other roles.Or worse I get fanny or gusion with new account that dont want to adjust and want to spam for win rate.They have good win rate but want to play fanny against mythical glory badang and moskov bye bye.

Legend and mythic V tier have more trolls than epics and grandmaster.Why is that?When I get to pick first I win 90% of the time.When someone else have first pick I can see if he dont show esme,yu zhong,helcurt,natalia,hylos and ask team because he wants to adjust that we are done for.I know most of mythics like to adjust but learn at least 1 meta hero S rated.And then when someone show him hylos he switch and pick change 2nd pick and give enemy free lolita.
Post time 2020-7-29 02:37 PM | Show all posts
PhilYan replied at 2020-7-29 05:10 AM
Are you saying that if you lose matchmaking is bad.
And if you win it's fair?.
Those Legends you c ...

Yeah I agree don't blame your teammates, you played the game too so that means you are one of the reasons why you lost. I am Legend III as of the moment I play 1 day 1 rank I was Legend V 3 days ago solo. My Winrate is 71-72 just up and down. When I lose 1 game I just win one and stop.
Post time 2020-7-29 02:47 PM | Show all posts
Hi Legend III here! I am a solo player I play 1 day 1 rank from GM III last season, I play solo 1 day 1 rank and it turns out to be great, I have 71-72% wr up and down 1 loss at a time. I was Legend IV yesterday Legend V 2 days ago. What I am saying is, don't blame your teammates that you can't rank up cuz in Solo Que its harder, I show that I want to use my main hero Fanny with 87wr they ban it then I chose to play Chou then we lost 82%wr to 76.3. I know that it is hard but try doing solo and play 1 day 1 rank when you lose just play 1 game to regain points and stop, try again tomorrow. I limit myself on playing for 3-4 hrs (8pm-11 pm or 12am) it really helps a lot don't kill yourself for a game you need sleep for skills. Cheers, Happy Gaming!
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