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[Hero Balance] Kagura Skills Refinement in her Upcoming Remodel

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Edited by Jeykusjeykus at 2020-7-27 11:13 AM

I searched yesterday about Kagura's pick rate this month and I was surprised that it was only 0.37%. It's so low and to put it into perspective, Kagura is only played 4 times out of 1000 matches. It is ridiculous. Even if her fandom says that she is balanced and a perfect mage, it is still a low pick at high elo rank games so please adjust her skills. Her remodel is already being planned and to make things perfect, her skill set needs to be refined (not rework, her skill set is already unique and perfect).

Her problems in the current meta:

1. Low survivability.
Even if she has a shield, the passive has its own long cooldown which does not make sense in combat. Even if she has blink skills which optimizes her mobility, she is still vulnerable to multiple CC heroes such as Chou and Khufra so remove her passive cooldown. Scale her passive shield to 20% of her total health.

2.  High mana-consumption.
Her main poking skill, Seimei Umbrella Open, devours a lot of her mana in the early and mid-game, she isn't much of a core because of this assassin meta so it'll not be good to only rely on buffs. Therefore, add a unique feature to her passive, MANA regen. As an Onmyouji Master, the Shikigamis living in her umbrella sworn to help their rightful master in combat and such grants the seimei umbrella owner (+1.2 Mana Regeneration if the Umbrella is in Kagura's hand, stacks up to 20 by killing and assisting in combat). Additionally, mana regen is granted to her allies 60% of her total mana regeneration from her passive. Now, this grants a proper usage of her passive in combat as well as lowering her buff reliance and mana consumption in early and mid-game. And acts as a tertiary support when the ally team has a core assassin.

3. Negligible CC
Luo Yi is highly anticipated in every combat as well as those heroes wih high cc capabilities which can give them a lot of advantage in combat. Therefore, add a stun to Kagura's Yin Yang Overturn Pink Phase after they are pulled after 3 seconds or they'll escape the link which last for 0.6 seconds.

I hope the devs can read this suggestion. Thank you.
Post time 2020-7-27 06:42 PM | Show all posts
I am not main Kagura player, but when i use her i also feel that her mana consumption is kinda high, idk about the cooldown since until now i am still confused with her combo...
I think they should add mana regen on its passive, remove her shield and change it to some cc, and lower her skills cooldown, then she change her role into Mage/Assassin as she could in and out the teamfight with her mobility skills...
Post time 2020-7-27 02:40 PM | Show all posts
Nice suggestion. Kagura is my fav mage, she was really strong before the nerf. What she needs is, more shield/survivability , low mana consumption like u said. Adding a stun would be really great too. Thanks for the suggestion, support from me. Will be submitted .
 Author| Post time 2020-7-27 02:44 PM | Show all posts
Thank you so much for noticing my suggestion. I hope that this will be a great help on her upcoming remodel.
 Author| Post time 2020-7-28 01:02 AM | Show all posts
luciva replied at 2020-7-27 06:42 PM
I am not main Kagura player, but when i use her i also feel that her mana consumption is kinda high, ...

I agree on your comment. She really has a high mana consumption. However, what do you mean by add CC? What kind of crowd control that can be implemented as a passive skill?


No.. not the passive skill, i mean the ultimate... just like you said they should add cc like mini-stun or something when enemies break the link on its ultimate...  Post time 2020-7-28 06:14 PM
 Author| Post time 2020-7-28 07:27 PM | Show all posts
Jeykusjeykus replied at 2020-7-28 01:02 AM
I agree on your comment. She really has a high mana consumption. However, what do you mean by add  ...

Ohhh okay.
Post time 2020-7-29 02:23 PM | Show all posts
I agree that Kagura needs a little buff. Reduce mana costs and increase damage, since Kagura has low damage, it would be better to increase the damage readings, especially from the ultimate.
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