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Balancing the game but not in terms of hero

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I'm going straight to the point

1.Reduce the gold earned when killing an enemy in early game(0 to 5 minutes).

2.Increase the gold gain for your team from destroying turret.

3.Change how first blood works(Gives 75 gold for every team mate and 1001for the killer when getting first blood).

4.Increase the amount of gold obtain when killing an enemy who have kill streak for the team.

Keep exp reward the same.

Reduce gold when killing enemy from 0-5 minutes
-We all know, when you get 0-5 in early game, you already felt like were losing because of the gold gained and almost impossible to catch up your opponent's gold. The match is pretty much decided if their carry hero is fed(most of the cases)
-The thing about this is that it isn' the fact that you can't jungle appropriately when your always dead, but the fact that the enemies gold is almost impossible to catch up from killing too much.
-You can play safe all you want, but if you don't find a kill anytime soon, you'll always be at a huge disadvantage
*This suggestion should lower the gap in gold so that you have more fighting chances when facing this type of situation.

Increase the gold gain from destroying turret
-Lets agree on something here, you felt much more rewarding from killing rather than pushing. Most people who are using carry, more interested in killing for gold rather than pushing to win.
*This should give yourself and your teammate more into excecuting and protecting objectives because it will leave a big anough gold gap if your tower is less than the enemies. Making the only reason for killing is so you can kill their turret defenders.
*This will also helps turret stealers shine when facing unfavorable situation as they destroy turret, the gold will be given to your teammate will help. It doesn't matter if you die while pushing, the destroyed turret is more rewarding.

First blood rewards for your team
-Most moba game's first blood gives a really impactful result when getting first blood. Why not also implement it here?
*This should make first blood a more dreadful thing if it happens to you
*It will also makes early game more favorable to the one who got first blood
*This can also compesate for reduced gold from killing

Bounty kill(Killing enemies with kill streak earns more gold for your team)
-Killing enemies carry does not really mean much, other than halting the inevitable.
*This should help in prioritizing who to kill and gives a chance for comeback.
*This will also makes kill streaker be more careful rather than "I died? Well who cares, let me revive and kill you once again"

Suggestion for reward when killing bounties
Killing spree(25 gold for your team and 75 for the killer)
Mega kill(45 gold for team and 90 gold for killer)
Unstoppable (90 gold for team and 150 for the killer)
Monster kill(125 gold for team and 185 for the killer)
Godlike(175 gold for team and 225 for the killer)
Legendary(200 gold for team and 300 for the killer)

These rewards will be added as an extra for the killer. For example, if you normally get 100 gold for killing an enemy, then killing an enemy with killing spree will be 100+75 for the killer.

A mini guide will show heroes with kill streak(Much like a bounty hunter post with gold reward info when pressed) on any other side of the screen and also, there will be a new chat saying, "Hunt the bounty".

Post time 2020-7-23 11:03 AM | Show all posts
in the past few patch notes an adjustment for gold reward gain in battlefield has been applied mainly to killing creeps
and this adjustment suggestion is quite good for gold reward gain after killing heroes/enemy
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