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[Hero Balance] Farmis rework & adjustments

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Edited by Oty95 at 2020-7-15 07:24 AM

Farmis is okay in everything until you come to his ultimate, in order to use it ,i have to die???
That's just stupid sorry for the word, but just think about it, i won't follow ally Farmis into a fight , why should i? He can  resurrect fast while i spend minutes just to get back in the game!
That's Why him and  his ultimate needs total rework!
And here's some ideas!
1-ally should be able to collect the souls that Farmis leaves behind to reduce their resurrect time , by 15% in total for allies!
2-allies who die in his ultimate will have a reduced resurrection time , it's should be fixed amount of time!
3-every kill inside his ultimate will add 1 second to his ultimate, meaning the ultimate will stay and last longer more then 10 seconds, and the ally who kills the enemy while in ghost will have longer time as ghost!
The next one is important, so i need you to focus:
4-Magic build can effect the ultimate, meaning his ultimate will be like odette's ult where her ultimate slow down enemies and deal magic damage ,
and effect  from items will be applied5- oddeat's ultimate can move but Farmis's ultimate can't be moved which is less  dangerous  Then oddaet's ult!
Farmis should be able to  relocate  The ultimate , because once the enemies are out of it, it becomes useless, he should be able to move it , i mean he could pickup the ulter and walk with it and  place it again!
6-once he hit 18 souls from his passive, The souls collected should reduce his ultimate Cooldown!
Or the souls will slow down enemies once they pass over them!
And the list goes on and i can write more ideas, but this is enough for now!Or he should be like kinderd from LOL, where allies inside his skill won't take damage and can't be killed for few seconds after they reach 10%, as he blesses the group beneath them, the same concept can be done for Farmis's ult!
ML team is busy fixing heroes who has a new skin comeing soon and leave heroes like Farmis and vale in the back!

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Edited by diwang at 2020-7-13 11:32 AM
ML team is busy fixing heroes who has a new skin comeing soon and leave heroes like Farmis and vale in the back!

I guess you're new player ? Welcome welcome ~
Yeah as you can see moneyytoon developer is different from other moba , they abuse patch note as excuse to make certain hero overpowered to increase the amount of skin they sell. It's just a normal norm in this moba community so you better accept it because it's not going to change anytime soon.

And for faramis , in my opinion the reason he's useless is because his ultimate absolutely do nothing if nobody dies , and the loss from dying is too much in this "forced" 10 minutes meta so player tend to not to take the risk to die . Faramis ultimate need rework to add some mechanics in which faramis ultimate don't need anyone to die to be useful.
Post time 2020-7-13 11:24 AM | Show all posts
I agree on some point in ultimate, like deal magic damage and slow enemies, overall is great, little adjustment is enough for his ultimate, Thank you for suggestion.
Post time 2020-7-13 02:32 PM | Show all posts
One way to improve is to be able to cast AFTER allies in his area already actually died. The requirement to cast BEFORE anyone has actually died is like wishing for for allies to die so they can benefit from your ulti.
His ulti should be able to raise all dead allies, enemies (AI-controlled), and minions (without gold/xp value)
Post time 2020-7-14 09:42 PM | Show all posts
Farmis ult I think should be that heroes that would have died would resurrect with little hp like zilean ult from lol. Instead of dying and then moving which gives enemies gold.
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