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[Hero Balance] Hanabi (Marksman/support)

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Edited by Oty95 at 2020-7-12 07:01 AM

Hanabi needs a buff or a fix, from a great Marksman to useless hero she was nerfed!
I think the best way to balance her is to make her a Marksman/support hero!
Here's some ideas:
Passive:Hanabi inspires near ally to get more attack speed!
Or movement speed!
She should be able to share her sheaild with the closest ally!
Her second skill should be like Moskov's second skill were it can push enemies away and stun them if they hit a wall, and increase the rang!
Allies inside her Ultimate  will have more attack speed once they enter the circle of her ultimate and they'll get shaild after the ultimate is over!
Aiming her ultimate is hard, so what if we made her like Eudora's ult, were the ultimate will go automatically to the target and you don't have to aim, this way it's  guaranteed  that the ult will lock something,i miss her  ult 80% of the time ! Her second skill should slow enemy more to give her time to drop her ultimate!
And after every skill she uses her rang increases , making her out rang a turret!
Rang increase after every skill for 3 seconds!
Post time 2020-7-12 08:49 AM | Show all posts
Edited by krips at 2020-7-12 11:14 AM

I've face a lot of hanabi user and they use her pretty fine, she just need to farm and farm and when she get the item that she need hanabi is hard to kill because it has a crazy life steal... even tanks will melt their hp. She is a marksmen by the way expect that she is weak at early.. that's why tank should stick to her until she get the item that she need.
Post time 2020-7-12 09:10 AM | Show all posts
She's definitely needs a buff. She can't do nothing in early game, i mean she can't even help to defend her buff when the opponent are trying to steal the buff.
Post time 2020-7-12 11:48 AM | Show all posts
Ultimately disagree, i'm sorry to tell you that this is a worse suggestion of Hanabi i've ever heard. Copying Moskov's 2nd skill & Eudora's ultimate? Mann be original. Please.

Despite Hanabi is already fine & have a lot of abilities, but i would agree its she received a buff, or rework her entirely, not giving her more abilities like a dash or stun, which will make her stupid OP.
 Author| Post time 2020-7-13 05:30 AM | Show all posts
IjamRex replied at 2020-7-12 11:48 AM
Ultimately disagree, i'm sorry to tell you that this is a worse suggestion of Hanabi i've ever heard ...

I didn't mean to copy the skill you smart person!
I meant to copy the targeting system, meaning auto-lock on target!
Not send a thunder cloud!


Still no. Hanabi is unique herself and have too many abilities.  Post time 2020-7-15 12:00 PM
Post time 2020-7-13 10:45 AM | Show all posts
this looks like revamping/reworking her if add a secondary role and change almost all of her skills
she is weak in early like irithel, but when in late game with full items she is really strong
Post time 2020-7-14 09:50 PM | Show all posts
Yes and No. She is strong late game. But she stays get outtrade by a lot of mm late game actually in 1v1 situation. What makes Hanabi decent is the petal barrage and her late game ability to deal decent damage to everyone close. However, the meta does not favour heroes like her because it is more early game so yeah she needs a buff unless meta changes to late game.
Post time 2020-7-15 05:47 AM | Show all posts
I kinda like your idea there but cant support it. For a marksman to be support, its a very far fetched idea as its a marksman role to be the main damage dealer. What she needs is a strong buff, thats not too OP since she can already do pretty well if she can get the gold lead.
For your ultimate suggestion, do watch out for the advanced targetting feature as provides a much easier way of targetting the right enemy. Anyway, Thanks alot for your suggestion.
Post time 2020-7-15 01:11 PM | Show all posts
there are 2 kinds of heros, early game and late game heros. Of course, early heros are better cause the winning chances are higher. BUT if you are playing in a team and you master your late game heros, your chances of winning are higher because of the power of these heros.
Hanabi is unstopable late game, the best marksman for teamfights. Aldous is super strong, you just need to survive til late game hahaha whic is pretty hard. So any buffs to hanabi Will make her op. maybe she needs a buff in her early game but a nerf in her late game.
Post time 2020-7-16 08:41 AM | Show all posts
Build hanabi with critical chance and physical damage. She will be a monster once you complete the build. You need to play safe because she don't have escape skills like flicker.

It would be better if they increase her early game damage
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