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[Hero Balance] The best way to ballance heroes of MLBB.

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Marksman. - high Basick attack damage. Low in HP\Defence.
1) if a Marksman has any form of movement enhancement. The base movement speed must be lower. Example granger, Lesley, roger and Clint.
2) if a Marksman has High base attack damage . Base attackspeed must be lower. Like Lesley and Granger.
Lesley has too much basick damage because of her passive. Her attackspeed must be Nerfed. She can literally  shot squishy heroes. So its pointless to give her so much attack speed. Irethel is the most ballanced mm for me.

Fighters - Fighters is intended to have a high durability while dealing damage.
In terms of durability it may came from high lifesteal or high defencive stats.
1) skill damage of fighters must have high base damage and low additional\addaptive damage(extra damage from a percentage of heroes attack damage or magic power). This will ensure that temhe best item for fighters are 2 damage items 1 mobility and 3 defencive.
2) magic dependant fighters must have some form of attack modifier. Best example is silvana. She deals basick damage base from her magic power.
And guinivere. Guinivere is the most ballanced fighter thats why no one uses her.
3) basic attack dependant Fighter must have some form of defence enhancement so even with a full damage build will still survive. Best example is minsitthar. Hes also wonder no one wants to use him too. And also masha. I wish no more buff for her. Shes Shes ballanced now in advanced server.

So what's lacking in fighters RightNow is Higher base damage from skills and lower adaptive damage.
Why?. Go back to number 1.
And also the fighter emblem doesn't have any magic enhancement like hubrid damage that will give both physical and magic power.

Tanks - tank is intended to take damage rather than dealing damage.
1) no tank should be Magic or physical dependant.
Srsly . Pls remove any physical or magical enhancement in tanks skills. It should have lower base damage and and adaptive damage base on weather HP, Physical defence or magic Defense. Or even damage based on opponent stat. Like defence difference, HP los, or even mana loss. Dont make any tank depends on damage items.
2) tank emblem stats should have defencive stats that enhances tanks base defencive stats
Like additional 10%hp. And so on.

So what's lacking in tanks is the ability to survive after taking all enemies damage. Pls take a look in other moba. Did you see what they do with Bristle Back?. Hes so durable to the point that no ine can kill him. And still . Hes ballanced. Because that durability will lost if Enemy focus hitting him in front side.

Mages : this is the most OP heroes in MLBB. Mana cost of their skills is not that low. As well as CD. Some mages can 1 shot kill you and after a fiew secs. All of those heroes skill is up again. Srsly . Where is the rule of High damage High CD in this game?. There's also no conditional skill in this game. Something like it should do something before it can be casted.

1) High CC shouldn't have low Cd.
2) spamable skilk shouldn't have High damage.
3l if damage is too high for a spamable skill. It should have High mana cost.

Mages is obviously inBallanced. Proof?. They can dominate Brawl matches because of low cd.lowcc.spamable skill. And CC with low CD.

Assasin - assasin is design to be a Marksman killer. And Hard to catch but easy to be killed. This heroes should be hardly dependant on Damage items.
1) base damage of their skills should be lower. But the additional adaptive damage from stats is higher. This will ensure that dafence items will nod benifit them too much.

Support. Support shouldn't have any form of damage.
And intended to protect, enhancement and heal teammates. Also debuffing and CC. .
1) most of the hard CC skills must be given to supoorts.
2) base damage from skills should be lower as well as adaptive damage. But CC and slow effect must be high.
3) no support should be a magic or physically dependant. As well as defencive. They should have their own item sets.

So what lacking in supports is items intended for support. They dont need any magic item or physical item. Or even tank.
What they need it mobility item. Healing item. Escaping mechanism . Team buff enhancement items.

Game ballance is pretty broken. They really need to implement this ballancing algorithm.
Items should only purchasable in base.
And some items must be restricted. Like jungling items. It should only be available to someone using jungler emblem.or someone using retribution.
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A detailed explanation adjustment for each role, for shop, i think its good can purchase anywhere, its actually great idea but MLBB is fast paced MOBA game just like other, Thank you for suggestion.
 Author| Post time 2020-6-25 10:19 PM | Show all posts
DennisST replied at 2020-6-25 10:13 PM
A detailed explanation adjustment for each role, for shop, i think its good can purchase anywhere, i ...

How about Shop only in base. But it's only for Mythic and MG
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Ah sht here we go again.....
Kid , listen , in my opinion this is not the way to balance the game , i can even note some hero that will be overpowered with the balance system you suggested.

When balancing hero , it's simple , it's not about stats and mechanism , it's about what can and what can't the hero do in practical , the reason the game is unbalance right now is because moneyytoon balance developer forgot that underpowered are only good at theory but practically can't perform well .
In project next , implicitly the developer already announce to make all hero have it own uniqueness , it means all hero is going to have it own cons and pros in practical , all we have to do is wait , at least for now . . . .
Post time 2020-6-25 10:41 PM | Show all posts
Edited by Onlyloser at 2020-6-25 11:20 PM
diwang replied at 2020-6-25 10:22 PM
Ah sht here we go again.....
Kid , listen , in my opinion this is not the way to balance the game ,  ...

I agree with the uniqueness of heroes but they should heavily depend on the class they belong to. Tanks should not be dealing huge damage and sprinting around the map, mages should not be firing off spells every second, MM's should not have high atk speed, high movement speed (or an evade skill), high critical chance, high damage AND slowing effect ALL AT ONCE in one hero.

That said, I agree 100% with the original suggestion
Post time 2020-6-26 09:02 AM | Show all posts
Onlyloser replied at 2020-6-25 10:41 PM
I agree with the uniqueness of heroes but they should heavily depend on the class they belong to. T ...

I guess you still didn't understand what i just say... tanks dealing huge damage,mage firing spell every second, mm with high attack speed , ect , is normal , roles aren't there to judge hylos must use tank item instead of magic , or balmond must use tank item instead of physical , roles are there only to judge the limitation of what the hero can and can't do through skill set , for example lesley have high evade skill and high damage but she can't destroy tank fast meanwhile karrie damage is smaller but destroy tank quickly .

The only cause of imbalance in the game is that some heroes can do too many things at once without significant flaw (example: gusion , ling,kimmy,Yu Zhong, and other overpowered hero) , gusion is overpowered not because he has huge evade skill nor he firing off spells every second but simply because he can do too many thing without being able to be countered when enemy and gusion has the same gold lead.
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Edited by CloudDevelic at 2020-6-26 02:48 PM


Actually if all of Irithel's ulti hit a crit + items, she can go beyond Granger's damage output. And I didn't like Irithel's aspd nerf. Feels out of place given that she was already borderline weak.

Also I kind of like MLBB's heroes and items' system and scaling, which allows a sandbox styled approach to item building. Meaning that anything goes.

However, what I dislike strongly is the strength of physical jungling items, as well as the strength of red buff. Raptor is undoubtedly 100x more OP than its mage counterpart, which is unfair. Red buff should be nerfed in early game because most MMs shouldn't be strong early game. The current state of things is that Mage generally is too weak during early game, while MMs are too strong. The scaling is misplaced. And mage items are a big joke.

Also roam items are retarded. Might be an unpopular opinion but roam items ruined the game as well. The ability to funnel carries meant that whoever goes around and hyper farm and farm and farm only, that carry would win. It doesn't matter much if the tower is down at 2 mins etc for that carry's team, compared to getting lvl 12 within 7 mins. MOBA's etiquette is lost because nobody has to bother with lane clearing properly etc. Not to mention that it's spoonfeeding because MMs no longer have to always last hit properly.

It used to meant something when your team hyper pushed. Not anymore.

Also I don't understand why Dominance Ice was revamped, it was an okay item. Felt like they were serious about making MM overly OP given that Dominance Ice is a good MM counter item.
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each hero is unique, and when you make a hero skills hard like granger then it is hard to balance him. The problem with some hero is that their skills makes their hard to balance. MM as a rule is squishy in generally but the fact that they have unique skills make it hard to balance. For example, granger the infamous op mm. He is one of those heroes that if you nerf him, you could potentially destroy him. The reason is because his dmg is reliant on first skill, if you don't land all of your first skill then you could get outtrade by many mm.
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