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[Complaint] Just glad with recently role adjustments BUT...

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In the advance server, a bunch of heroes just got role adjustments. Im glad because ive been requesting that for a long time now but also got some disagreement.

Here are one of my thread about roles adjustment :

What Moonton did recently by removing mage role from some heroes just because it use magic items is very good and appreciated. Like I said before, roles should based on the hero's playstyle, not items. So heroes like Karina, Gusion, Silvanna and Guinnevere now lost their mage role. Masha lost his tank role because no one play her as tank.

But, I got a new disagreement where, heroes that being durable from lifesteal or spellvamp shouldnt be classified as tank. Tank role suppose to be for a type of hero being durable because of his defensive capabilities. So I strongly disagree making Alice, Ruby, Esmeralda and any other heroes that depend on life-steal as a tank. There is tonnes of other heroes like Alucard, Alpha, Thamuz, YuZhong etc that also durable just because of their lifesteal....and its useless making them all as tank.
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Hah, Alucard is a tank?


No......he is not a tank  Post time 2020-6-25 11:17 PM
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I'm glad they finally took roles adjustment seriously. And yes, some of it are debatable.. Like Ruby, i believe the right roles should be Fighter/Support or at least Fighter/Tank, not Tank as primary. But Alice i remember back then Alice as a Tank was really a thing (With the builds of Queens Wings, Oracle, Blade Armor etc), so i'm fine with Tank being a secondary role for her. And i believe Guinevere should stay as Fighter/Mage as her gameplay is mage-ish too. However it is just my opinion.

But.. i don't know why but i beyond happy that Lolita has been change to Support/Tank. Her skillset & passive are more towards Support's skill. I could finally said that i've main Support instead of main Tank.
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Lol..Nice to see that you are still here. I though you quit this game already. Making all the big fuss thread about quiting the the same time trying to get more people to quit.
Haha..guess your mind change easily. How old are you btw?
 Author| Post time 2020-6-27 05:20 PM | Show all posts
Edited by AZNUR at 2020-6-27 05:22 PM
izaidi replied at 2020-6-27 02:45 PM
Lol..Nice to see that you are still here. I though you quit this game already. Making all the big fu ...

I'm not really stop bothering ML at all, in fact I'm now currently making a private connection with their staff for game discussion etc. But I'm not at a level that can easily request things directly from them.

I'm still watching ML YouTubers tho because they always win and know how to keep their cool. So I'm not really left behind any new updates. But I still can't take on ML unfairness, I still don't see any updates regarding matchmaking.

Btw I'm 20 rn, still an undergraduate
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Edited by diwang at 2020-6-28 11:59 PM
AZNUR replied at 2020-6-27 05:20 PM
I'm not really stop bothering ML at all, in fact I'm now currently making a private connection with ...

Lmao stop bothering ml is just not enough , you should uninstall too , like i did. Trust me once you do that you will experience less temptation to go back to the toxic p2w game . Just saying.

For ruby , i agree she's not a tank , she has damage and big dps , making ruby role as a tank will just misguide new player thinking her playstyle as a tank , but in practical ruby playstyle is more attacking enemy using the endless battle passive , rather than protecting teammate.

Removing mage role from gusion is another way of developer to misguide player thinking gusion is just an assassin , in practical , gusion damage is just too much to be classified as assassin.

And putting Yu Zhong role as a fighter is the worst lie that developer ever did , yu zhong in practical is a tank , his durability is insane while his damage almost can't kill anyone... and yu zhong playstyle is more to disrupting enemy to protect teammate rather than attacking enemy...

But i guess wrong role is just a writing issues , big brain player still able to know behind the wall of lie that the developer has placed .

Uh , i really want to vomit just seeing this season meta , i can't believe some old player still play this game , and i'm feeling pity to the new player , being brainwashed with the pay2win grind system...
Post time 2020-6-29 01:33 AM | Show all posts
I'm also glad to hear that your previous suggestion about role adjustments has been implemented by the Devs, also appreciates your current concerns about some hero roles that are not suitable in your opinion that can be used as suggestions for future adjustments
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