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[Query] In your memories, which was the biggest nerf applied to a hero by Moonton ?

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I remember Granger received a massive nerf to "Rhapsody" his first skill –

1.4.44 – Death Sonata: Basic Damage decreased from 150/200/250 to 120/160/200. The CD increased by 10s at all levels.

Rhapsody: Basic Damage decreased from 30 to 20. Damage Growth increased from 26 to 28.

1.4.60 – Rhapsody: The skill can be interrupted by CC now. Basic Damage reduced by 5 at all levels.

Initial HP reduced from 2490 to 2370.

Whats your biggest nerf?

Post time 2020-6-24 03:06 PM | Show all posts
Kaja definitely.
He before the rework is already great, but then Moonton rework him for no reason. Yeah...after the rework, people claim that he is much better...of course, because he is OP. Look at him now after tonnes of nerfs, only his ulti is functional. ... iewthread&tid=74292
Post time 2020-6-24 10:33 AM | Show all posts
Chou no immune in skill 2 and ult (this was little ok)
Chou no longer immune to franco hook even though its a cc(this one really destroyed my fun )

Post time 2020-6-24 11:19 AM | Show all posts
The biggest nerf moonton ever released is the nerf that nerfed hero that is already balance , it's not fair to compare one nerf with other nerf and judge which one is the biggest nerf without also comparing the effect , for example harith shield nerf might looks big judging from the number , but that nerf doesn't destroy harith and somehow harith is still in meta , goes same with chou , chou is nerfed hard and everyone says he's already balanced due to how big was the nerf , but chou is still meta so that's indicating he might still not balance and still need more small nerf, meanwhile saber skill 1 spellvamp nerf might looks small but now saber can't perform well which mean saber receive harder nerf than chou and harith.

To make it simple , the biggest nerf moonton ever done is releasing patch note that creates underpowered hero.
Post time 2020-6-24 11:41 AM | Show all posts
kagura shield
Post time 2020-6-24 11:49 AM | Show all posts
1. The reduction of saber's spell vamp in his 1st skill
2. Grock's passive def reduction near walls and got replaced with HP regen
3. Grock used to be immune to CC by just staying near the wall (kinda OP) instead of charging 1st skill near a wall
4. Khufra's 2nd skill damage was based on 8% of his Max HP instead of just 5% atm
5. Terizla's passive damage reduction
6. Hayabusa can no longer one-hit kill the minions with his ultimate
7. Lancelot was OP indeed when he came out, his ult has a micro stun and the damage modifier was a WHOOPING 250% total physical attack, his 2nd skill spell vamp got nerfed just like saber's 1st skill and the damage modifier got reduced from 140% to 100%
8. Akai's 2nd skill range was longer
9. Martis 2nd skill was wider and the animation was quick, making your enemies got no room to dodge
10. it's not just heroes, some items got nerfed or even got COMPLETELY removed from the game,
like the legendary assist boost, Bloodlust Axe CD reduction was at 20% and dominance ice CD reduce was at 15%

There are more, but for me personally these are the nerfs that made the heroes that I love to be completely turned into rubbish and some of 'em can no longer join the meta e.g martis


I miss that assist boot again now lol  Post time 2020-6-27 10:27 PM
Post time 2020-6-24 11:52 AM | Show all posts
The biggest nerf is from Belericks Revamp.
Post time 2020-6-24 11:58 AM | Show all posts
Ghatotkaca's passive was cut in half, reduced from 4% lost hp conversion to 2%.
It did not happen in one update but with every rework he got, he became much weaker
Post time 2020-6-24 01:19 PM | Show all posts
For me personally was Kaja.

Kaja V1.0 is broken in the sense that a skilled player could bring death and destruction as a tank using his dashes. However in the revamp, Kaja was actually nerfed and his playstyle made a lot simpler and more predictable.

Even though it's despairing to face a skilled player using Kaja V1.0, I still prefer that Kaja over the current one. The current one lost his bite.
Post time 2020-6-24 03:01 PM | Show all posts
CloudDevelic replied at 2020-6-24 01:19 PM
For me personally was Kaja.

Kaja V1.0 is broken in the sense that a skilled player could bring dea ...

Finally someone understand me

For a very long time, I hope Moonton to return his old version. His kits and look are more to tank/support than fighter/support. Kaja now is so squishy and people only use him for his ulti.
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