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[Hero Balance] Minsitthar

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We all know Minsitthar is one of the fighters with an unique ultimate however, his potential has been replaced and is considered weak. Truthfully I would like to see some changes to him.

Old Passive-All United- this passive goes minsitthar gold as well as to supports to spend. This seems like a decent passive; but it is really a supportive passive.  The gold you get from this passive is not enough to make him influential enough.

New Passive- Change it to he deals extra dmg with auto with increased range that slows. Reason why this is a better passive, bc minsitthar skills has a lot of skillshot. Giving it a slow will make skill shot easier to land.

1st skill- this is a typically hook you situtation. Easy to avoid and takes skill to use. Increase the width by 5% make it easier.

2nd skill this is a good as it is.

3rd skill- increase the ult size of this so that it could be a game changer.

Post time 2020-6-21 04:16 PM | Show all posts
I think he just need :

1. Role adjustment, from fighter --> fighter/support
2. Buff his passive, give more gold in every situation
3. Buff ulti attack speed and damage

or small rework might be good to like :
1. make his ulti follow him around
2. ulti will grant shield to everyone in it
3. every hit from his ulti soldier will slow down enemy by 10%

but your request arent bad
Post time 2020-6-21 11:36 AM | Show all posts
Or else, just give Minsitthar a role adjustment, a Support/Fighter. So that they could pick him as a Support instead of Offlaner the way Kaja is now. I believe that could bring him into the game.


agree ,personally most of the time i play minshittar , i play it as support (with def item) and it work pretty nice , and most of the time i play as damage minshittar , it's free win for enemy.  Post time 2020-6-22 12:30 AM
Agree  Post time 2020-6-21 04:11 PM
Post time 2020-6-21 10:25 AM | Show all posts
Its rare to see players pick Minsitthar, if there he/she is main that Hero, some players have hard to use skill, some adjustment is need, Thank you for suggestion.
Post time 2020-6-21 07:04 PM | Show all posts
Right now. He is the best counter to yu Zhong.

Under his ult. Yu zhong cant use his 3rd skill and ult.
 Author| Post time 2020-6-21 07:12 PM | Show all posts
Ministar ult could only counter yu zhong efficiently; his ult is not that good because khufra does a better job at it. Second khufra does more dmg.  
Post time 2020-6-22 08:35 PM | Show all posts
Edited by Mr.Tank at 2020-6-22 08:40 PM

I only use minsitthar as Tank. He is really good as tank, he also counter almost all heroes with his ult.
it's easy to save your mm and mage with his ult + 2nd skill + petrify combo.

His damage without item is lowest in whole game, even after buying endless battle he does little damage.

You can compare his basic damage with not any hero but "a minion". A minion that shot tiny arrow deals same damage as minsitthar.
Very few people use him because offlaner role should be fast at clearing wave, but as fighter minsitthar, it's a struggle until you buy BOD or endless battle + 1 more damage item.
and by that time if enemy is aggresive and rotate fast, your team might be already on losing side.

 Author| Post time 2020-6-22 10:21 PM | Show all posts
Mr.Tank replied at 2020-6-22 08:35 PM
I only use minsitthar as Tank. He is really good as tank, he also counter almost all heroes with his ...

100% true, the problem is that Khufra outdmg minsitthar both late and early game. Second, khufra second skill is like minsitthar ultimate with a lower cooldown and more dmg in the sense that it punishes heroes with dashes. Khufra also deals dmg based on max hp making his dmg insane. Thats why I proposed minsitthar to change his passive to one that deals massive dmg and slows enemies.
Post time 2020-6-23 10:50 PM | Show all posts
Yes, Minsitthar passive and first skill needs changes.

Enemies escape easily with first skill. Sometimes enemies will not be pulled even though the tip of the spear touched the enemy

Second skill should be faster. Enemies move away before the skill activates
Post time 2020-6-23 10:53 PM | Show all posts
AZNUR replied at 2020-6-21 04:16 PM
I think he just need :

1. Role adjustment, from fighter --> fighter/support

The slowing effect of enemies hit by his ulti seems valid. I also prefer his ulti to be fast, cos enemies can move in and out of his ulti without much damage
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