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[Lineup Strategy] Offlane Guide

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Edited by Ar3neKn1ght at 2020-6-14 01:04 PM
Guide To Offlane
I bet no much people know about offlaner. Let me tell you real meaning offlane.
Offlane means offensive lane or suicide lane. Toplane always will be offlane in mostly moba include ml.

Offlaner/Offlane heroes is player/heroes who actually defend their lane, clear lane and strong 1v1. Offlaner only join teamfight when nessacary. (not all heroes always join teamfight) Most of their time are rather solo lane than teamfight

Offlane Job:
- Hold and defend lane and tanking for their turret
- Steal turret if no opponent nearby their lane
- Clear and push lane
- Join teamfight when nessacary or during huge war
- Kill 1v1 if they have enough damage
- For early game offlane, kill as much as possible an enemy
- Sustain when opponent gank them and try to survive from ganking
- (Special Job) Some offlane can be setup ganker during war. Like Nata and Chou etc, they will ambush and lock target with their cc or damage to opponent carry during middle of teamfight.

Type of Offlane:
1. Sustaining Offlane
Their job only to sustain lane and survive from ganking. They not used to be damage dealer, only to tank lane. Opponent need very long time to kill them due to high durability or very high regen/lifesteal. Oppenent have hard time to destroy turret and lose their advantage in early gamee.
Example - Thamuz, Uranus, Grock, Esmeralda (counter Uranus), XBorg etc.

2. Carry Offlane
Their job to clear or push lane (for gold) and do much damage either early game or late game. They are very excellent in 1v1 situation. Some of them have very good mobility and and ecsape mechanism too. They also give much contritibution during war in middle teamfight, not only setup ganking but also turret stealer as well.
Example - Hayabusa, Chou, Natalia, Jawhead, Esmeralda (Enhanted Book build) etc.

Every Roles as Offlaner
1. Fighter as Offlane
Fighter is the most common role to become offlane hero. They can be carry or sustaining or both of them.
Common Fighter Offlane - Chou, Thamuz, XBorg, Jawhead etc.

2. Tank as Offlane
In ML, tank offlane quite rare, actually quite common during s6 and below if i not mistaken. But mostly moba tank supposed to be offlaner. Offlane tank only to use to sustaining offlane and quite few of them are carry offlane. Exactly, they have strong damage early game but fall in late game. Even pro player in tournament use tank offlane as carry offlane (they exactly pro player from other moba too). Please dont hate me if tank also can be damge dealer as well (only in early game).
Common Tank Offlane - Uranus

3. Assassin as Offlane
Mostly assassin has good mobility to escape from teamfight, clear lane fast but bad jungling. They also very monstrous in 1v1 situation
Common Assassin Offlane - Natalia

4. Support as Offlane
Support Exactly only Faramis is the most suitable to be offlane support. He as support offlane exactly has very short cooldown due to passive.

5. Mage as Offlane
This one might interesting. There are few heroes can be mage offlane. Most excellent one is Esmeralda. Since esme has very good shield absorption and hp regen, she can defend and deal damage as well but for sure you need Enchanted Talisman because you dont pick blue buff.

6. Marksman as Offlane
LAYLA IS TANK!!!!! (Joke) I dont feel mm can become offlane right now. Roger? I consider him as a fighter but he not really an offlane too.

Difficulties Using Offlane Hero
1. They are just punching bag heroes (for sustaining offlane)
2. Offlane is difficult to survive due to structure of map (Not mirror type map and some jungle site is too exposed to enemy team)
3. Some of offlane are too squishy to protect lane (fighter role especially)
4. Report FEEDING, report this player for feeding as offlane. (offlane very common with feeding because 5 man try to gank offlane)
5. REPORT LOW SKILL LEVEL!!!! Not join teamfight and/or always feeding. ML player stereotype. (Atleast they push turret)

That all from me. Thank You
Post time 2020-6-14 01:43 PM | Show all posts
Thts a nice suggestion a days there are very few who understand the role of a offlaner...
Post time 2020-6-14 04:13 PM | Show all posts
I am a pro off laner. most of the time I play off lane fighter and win my lane. off laner need to rotate and help mid lane when your mid laner such as gusion, harith is farming. if mid lane is gone, it will snowball and result in game lost. your jungle especially buffs will be easier to invade when your mid lane is gone.

nana is good off lane hero. she can poke, harass enemies and steal turrets. helcurt is another good off lane hero. he can kill and steal turrets with his ultimate.
Post time 2020-6-14 05:25 PM | Show all posts
This really help alot for me since im still trying to learn how to be offlaner.
Post time 2020-6-14 11:17 PM | Show all posts
Offlaner and Tank are two most difficult roles to play.
Nobody is protecting you as a offlaner, you need to fight against 2 or more enemies, you have to clean lane all the time, to push etc etc etc...
Tank have about 10 tasks to do during game, need to be 120% focus on map and to constantly suffer insults from marksman who bought Boot as a 1st item.
That's why nobody picking these two...Fact.


these 2 roles are the hardest to play in solo q. 5 man team then it is easy.  Post time 2020-6-15 07:22 PM
Post time 2020-6-15 09:14 AM | Show all posts
TheBlackDragon replied at 2020-6-14 04:13 PM
I am a pro off laner. most of the time I play off lane fighter and win my lane. off laner need to ro ...

Another fact about offlane Nana is that they can prevent the crab from falling into enemy hands.
Post time 2020-6-15 02:17 PM | Show all posts
Edited by Eizy at 2020-6-15 03:43 PM

I love one thing about ML, that is ML meta dont direct copy from the other game. I also play that other game and i dont like their meta which tank have to stay top and need to focus on last hitting the minions. I like tanks to keep roaming from the beginning of the match till the end.
 Author| Post time 2020-6-15 06:46 PM | Show all posts
AZNUR replied at 2020-6-15 02:17 PM
I love one thing about ML, that is ML meta dont direct copy from the other game. I also play that ot ...

The great thing in ml, they introduce tank mid make by pro player themselves, that never exist in other moba. Tank themselves act as a ward roaming around and open map. They are no ward in ml unless using several hero like Selena and Popol Kupa can make their own artificial ward. It is okay not making tank as offlane in ml but if they rework map or map mechanics, tank mid is no much useful like before.
Post time 2020-6-15 10:01 PM | Show all posts
Thanks for sharing.. this guide might be more useful for those who are specifically as main offlane players
Post time 2020-6-17 02:18 PM | Show all posts
great guide! thanks, it helped a lot, im starting as an offlaner and its very hard.
Im using zhask a lot, also xborg. Zhask with arrival, i never jungle or take buff, i just focus on towers, bottom and top. I clear top and then arrive bottom. Many times my team complains but i usually get more than 20% hero damage and more than 70% tower damage hahahaa.
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