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[Hero Balance] BUFF these heroes!

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Edited by olDIE at 2020-6-11 05:24 PM
Yo! After so many seasons of Mobile Legends, I think it's safe to say that the game should focus on changing the meta by revamping old heroes. Here are some of the heroes that I think should be re-developed because of these reasons:

1. Poor skill design.
2. Weak overall impact in the game.
3. Forgotten in the higher ranks.


Known for being quote overpowered back then because of his immortality skill, now he's not even considered to be a threat.
The problem with Argus is that when he's CC'ed during his ultimate, he's done for. Aside from the fact that his skills need perfect timing and execution, he still lacks the potential to change the game unless during the very, very late phase of the match. Here's what I think should be done:

Passive Skill: Warmonger
Argus’ demonic blade always thirsts for blood. Hence, it gains more power as it soaks in the sufferings of both Argus and his enemies. Over time, Argus’ demonic blade charges its malevolent power. Once fully charged, Argus’ next basic attack quickens and doubles in form. In essence, he makes a double attack the moment his demonic blade’s charge is full. Note that the lower Argus’ HP is, the faster his demonic blade charges.

Rework Idea:
To me, it doesn't need any major changes. Maybe increase the charging speed of his rage a little bit?

First Skill: Demonic Grip
With the fury of his demonic hand, Argus lunges toward an enemy hero and deals 175 [+200% Total Physical ATK] physical damage. Thereafter, he makes a quick slash behind the enemy hero and deals 125 [+60% Total Physical ATK] physical damage. If this skill doesn’t hit an enemy hero, Argus simply covers some distance by pulling himself into the location.

Rework Idea:
First of all, this skill's animation needs to be faster. Second, it only locks down one hero so what if we could actually pin two heroes at once so Argus can be efficiently step into the team fight.

Second Skill: Meteoric Sword
With a demonic blade that possesses an unsatiable thirst for blood, Argus mercilessly strikes the enemy with it—after a short period of charging—and deals 400 [+150% Total Physical ATK] physical damage. After hit, the enemy bleeds out for 5 seconds leaving a trail of blood for Argus to follow. If Argus follows the trail of blood, his movement speed drastically increases.

Rework Idea:
No base changes.

Ultimate Skill: Eternal Evil
As the Nightstalker, Argus can transform into the Fallen Angel of Eternal Evil. In this mode, he becomes immune to death for 5 seconds. He also instantly charges his demonic blade to its maximum power for one time. And to top it all, 100% of the damage that he absorbs during this brief state of invulnerability, wholly restores his life force after it ends. The more damage he receives during this mode, the more HP he recovers thenceforth.

Rework Idea:
This is where Argus needs MAJOR changes. These are the following options we can consider:
1. Once Argus activates his ultimate, he creates a crater (preferably the slightly smaller than the size of Minsitthar's ultimate) where enemies are slowed down by 60% for the duration of his ultimate - unless they leave the said area.
2. The duration of his ultimate is increased by three seconds more.
3. When he transforms, he is granted immunity to stun for one second and gains 120% damage taken - so it means better HP recovery.
4. His first and second skill cooldowns will be nullified immediately during the ultimate.

5. His second skill should have a stun effect for 1 second and then a 50% slow effect for 2 seconds during the ultimate.
6. His attack speed increases by 10% and stacks up to 3 times when he is currently receiving damage.
7. Reduce the cooldown.

  • Skill Level 1 – 80 Seconds Cooldown
  • Skill Level 2 – 65 Seconds Cooldown
  • Skill Level 3 – 50 Seconds Cooldown
  • Skill Level 1 – 65 Seconds Cooldown
  • Skill Level 2 – 55 Seconds Cooldown
  • Skill Level 3 – 40 Seconds Cooldown


He was one of the most used and dominating mages in the game during the early seasons of Mobile Legends. In fact, Cyclops is often banned in ranked games because of his capability to melt down tanks and shut down enemy hypercarry with ease. His mechanics were considered to be broken, but now he's rarely in the scene.

Base Attribute Buff Idea:

  • Reduce mana costs of all his skills by 15 at all levels.

  • Increase base mana by 100.

Passive Skill: Starlit Hourglass

When Cyclops casts a skill and hits an enemy, all skills' cooldown is reduced by 0.5 seconds.

Rework Idea:

  • I suggest the skills' cooldown reduction per hit to be increased by 0.1 seconds.

  • Also, whenever his skills hit creeps/jungle/enemy, his movement speed will be increased by 5% that can be stacked up to 5 times; lasting for 3 seconds per stack.

First Skill: Stardust Shock
Cyclops casts two shockwaves of stardust, each dealing 245 / 270 / 295 / 320 / 345 / 370 (+60% Magic Power) Magic Damage for a maximum of 490 / 540 / 590 / 640 / 690 / 740 (+120% Magic Power) Magic Damage to all targets hit.

Rework Idea:
  • No changes to the skill mechanics.
  • Bring back his old 120% spell vamp benefit.

Second Skill: Stardust Shock
Cyclops increases his Movement Speed by 30% for 2s and generates 5 spheres around him. The spheres attack nearby enemies prioritizing enemy heroes, dealing 210 / 250 / 290 / 330 / 370 / 410 (+50% Magic Power) Magic Damage. Damage dealt to the same target after the first sphere decays to 50% / 54% / 58% / 62% / 66% / 70% reduced damage or 105 / 135 / 168 / 204 / 244 / 287 (+25% / 27% / 29% / 31% / 33% / 35% Magic Power).

The 5 spheres can deal a maximum of 630 / 790 / 962 / 1148 / 1346 / 1558 (+150% / 158% / 166% / 174% / 182% / 190% Magic Power) Magic Damage on a single target.

Rework Idea:
  • Reduce movement speed benefit of this skill to 25%.

Ultimate Skill: Star Power Lockdown
Cyclops generates a giant magic sphere filled with planetary power to chase an enemy and immobilizing them on hit - from 1 to 2 seconds based on the distance the sphere traveled, dealing 500 / 650 / 800 (+220% Magic Power) Magic Damage.

Rework Idea:
  • Add an explosion effect after the skill's immobilization phase that will deal 200 (+120% Magic Power Damage).

That's all I guess! Feel free to comment your ideas as well down below! Will update this post from time to time.

Post time 2020-6-11 04:05 PM | Show all posts
A great explanation about adjustment hero, MLBB already revamp old heroes like Layla, Saber, Zilong and more adjustment on old heroes like Hilda, Balmond, Ruby.
Argus was one of forgotten heroes, the weakness of the hero was long CD and easy avoid ultimate, i support on adjustment for Argus.
Thank you for suggestion.
Post time 2020-6-11 04:28 PM | Show all posts
i am happy to see a thread like this haha. my friend is a fighter player he plays any fighter the meta ones and the non meta ones , but currently argus was a hero he had a lot of fun on so a buff would be super nice on him

loving the thread for being so detailed as well goodjob!
Post time 2020-6-11 05:07 PM | Show all posts
And there is this guy,immune to cc at the activation of ult and 5sec immune to death,super speed during ulti with aoe basic atk for 8 sec and a huge aoe cc after ulti, 25% hp restored after immunity,skills cd refreshed,bonus shield and bonus dmg based on enemy hp tons of stuns in his skillset and still this guy is not op,if you can guess who is this hero

Devs should copy some of the concept from the hero mentioned above for argus.
Post time 2020-6-11 05:17 PM | Show all posts
manko replied at 2020-6-11 05:07 PM
And there is this guy,immune to cc at the activation of ult and 5sec immune to death,super speed dur ...

Badang? Am i right?
Post time 2020-6-11 08:14 PM | Show all posts

Weird. Badang got plenty of cc, a dash, a burst, ulti grant shield, damage based on enemy max hp, but still...he isnt OP. I think this is what define "balance".
Post time 2020-6-11 08:25 PM | Show all posts
That's a very nice thread everything is detailed....tnx for sharing...aree with u
Post time 2020-6-11 09:57 PM | Show all posts

It's from different game ,he is volkath.
Post time 2020-6-12 12:19 AM | Show all posts
Edited by StreetGamer at 2020-6-12 06:07 AM
manko replied at 2020-6-11 09:57 PM
It's from different game ,he is volkath.

Well i know hero who has 10 Skill and still hes ballance
Post time 2020-6-12 02:15 PM | Show all posts
I am supporting Argus adjustment/rework!!!!
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