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[Gameplay] Here are tips for ml devs to prevent player from quitting

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Edited by DennisST at 2020-6-6 11:44 AM

It's obvious why mlbb is so unfair and mlbb developer failed to make it fair , so here are tips for mlbb devs

1. Makes all hero free to use without limitation and can be used on all mode , mlbb core problem of unfairness in the game is that mlbb does not allow player to choose hero for fair matches if the player haven't pay for that hero , either by time (playing game for battlepoint) or diamonds .
2.Remove progression from emblem , and makes emblem free to play , not pay to play , current emblem system require player to pay time (by playing to get bp) or diamonds to gain fairness in emblem , which is unfair.
3.Makes stream gifting more approriate , current stream gifting system is that streamer only get 1 diamond for every 5 diamond the viewer gifted , so it means streamer only get 1$ for every 5$ (in-game worth) the viewer gifted , with that 1/5 exchange ratio , only clueless viewer would use stream gift , viewer with knowledge can simply find streamer donation link to donate outside mlbb and donate it trough there.
4. Rework matchmaking so beginner player (epic or lower) does not matched with experienced/professional player (legend or mythic).
5. Reduce the imbalance impact of meta , current meta system gives only few hero advantage over all hero , please rework the meta system so only 10% of total hero or lower will be underpowered in the meta .
6. Rework moba gameplay system , current classic and ranked moba gameplay system gives too much advantage over winning team (team with gold,xp, or turret advantage) and too less for losing side (team with gold,xp,or turret disadvantage) , it is too hard for losing side to do comeback with current moba gameplay system.
7.Remove bonus attribute from skin , because it gives unfair advantage .
8. Gives more detailed reason when balancing hero , so player will be able to gives reasonable complaint and protest when developer inapproriately change a hero.
9. Prevent in-game progression from affecting gameplay , currently player that play mlbb a lot and have a lot of battle points or players that pay real life money for diamonds have too much advantage over player that does not pay in real life money and does not pay much time to play the game. In-game progression should be only as achievement or cosmetics.
10. Ban player with inapproriate/porn in game profile picture and verificate profile picture before changes is shown to other player to make sure the picture is approriate  , currently it's so easy to apply inapproriate in game profile picture which will be shown to other people without censor , mlbb should've been rated R18 until this problem is fixed.
11. Allow community to take part in balancing hero , currently hero balance is determined only by developer and community is unable to do anything othen than complaining when developer released unbalanced patch note.
12. Solo player shouldn't be matched against 5 player squad.

'If developer does not make changes regarding everything this post has explained , wi|ld r|ft is going to knock mlbb down in a single blow.

Post time 2020-6-6 09:32 AM | Show all posts
Edited by StreetGamer at 2020-6-7 03:06 AM

June 6th - Moonton Coffin Song Time ~~~


You mean that Old Coffin Meme that's getting popular during this time of pandemic?  Post time 2020-6-8 03:10 AM
lel XD  Post time 2020-6-6 02:34 PM
Post time 2020-6-6 01:19 AM | Show all posts
Btw guys, hit the support button and spread the words should already help.
Post time 2020-6-6 01:17 AM | Show all posts
From all you just listed...none I disagree.

But you seems to forgot one thing that will easily cover up all your listings....


I promise I will become loyal back and continue to support MLBB if they

1. max out all emblems for free to all players
2. fix more unfair matches
3. implement heavier punishment for players wrong doings
4. treat every players, heroes and roles equally....dont just focus on new hero skins and epic players
5. stop damaging ML name. Especially stop copying lel heroes and concept.
Post time 2020-6-7 09:27 AM | Show all posts
I am fine with how the dev revamp the non meta heroes but I can't agree more with you that they need to do something about the matchmaking. While I can't complain if they match me up with noob/pro players around my winrate percentage, though somehow I felt frustrated when people started to feed and leave the match etc.

And as you said, MLBB is too simple for (XXXX). Otherwise this can be a game where it is for all to enjoy.
I can't say I am someone who know everything about MLBB but as what I can see, there are just a bunch of trolls who just want to play their own fave heroes in rank match and not adapt to the combo/strategy change accordingly.
Post time 2020-6-7 06:33 AM | Show all posts
I find the 1:5 exchange rate ridiculous. After being sent 3k diamonds in stream, I only earn 750?!??! That's not even enough to buy a special skin. I think a 1:3 ratio is better, or even a 1:2. 1:5 is a money grab for the greedy ppl at Moonton.


Stream gift increase popularity and get you promoted to the list of livestreams getting you more visibility and higher likelihood of receiving more stream gifts  Post time 2020-6-11 06:12 AM
i mean 1/2 or higher , it would be better if the exchange ratio was 3/4 or higher.  Post time 2020-6-7 12:05 PM
I really hope developer lowered the exchange ratio to 1/2 or lower , or maybe 1/3 as the lowest exchange rate developer should ever think about if they plan to change exchange rate.  Post time 2020-6-7 12:01 PM
with 1/5 exchange ratio it's better to just directly gift the streamer skin through shop or donate money outside mlbb .  Post time 2020-6-7 11:55 AM
stream gift is just an item with little to none benefit , it's does not even as useful as the top garbage item in mlbb (5 emblem pack) , why would they charge so much for stream gift wtf ?!/1  Post time 2020-6-7 11:53 AM
Post time 2020-6-6 11:58 PM | Show all posts
All of your suggestions, I have nothing to disagree. I'm perfectly in your side..


i really hope developer give up on their ego and realize all idea in this post , otherwise i would just leave to wi|d r|ft and won't give a sht about my progress in mlbb.  Post time 2020-6-7 11:49 AM
Post time 2020-6-6 03:45 AM | Show all posts
all I want is fair matchmaking. solo players vs solo players and not against 5 man teams. make punishments more severe for feeders, afks and allow us to report trolls. I don't mind if they don't give free heroes or emblems.
Anonymous user  Post time 1970-1-1 08:00 AM
Post time 2020-6-6 08:18 AM | Show all posts
Edited by StreetGamer at 2020-6-12 06:22 AM

Moonton: we don't know and we don't care becoz fook you we are Moonton =)

Post time 2020-6-6 09:53 AM | Show all posts
MLBB is too simple. If progression is too easy, the players can get bored and stop playing if they complete stuff too quickly. If MLBB is complex enough that every game feels different and fresh then maybe ML can give quick progression as players won't get bored even if they play non-stop. But, the fact that MLBB is simple makes it boring to play again and again. The only reason I'm playing the game is for collections. If I don't have the will to collect things from events then I will also not have the will to play the game daily. My friends who don't care about collecting items, maxing out stuff, and completing the game only play when they just have a random free time. ML needs to improve the gameplay first and add enough complexity that makes the game fresh and new each time then maybe they can speed up the game completion process by increasing BP and emblem fragment rewards. It's not healthy at this point for the game to be too quick to finish. Look at Game B now. They gave everything to players quickly and players did stop playing the game that it shut off in operation now handing the game to its community.


What's this game B they censored, I don't know anything about it but I know Game G Heroes of the $torm  Post time 2020-6-8 03:08 AM
Post time 2020-6-6 09:57 AM | Show all posts
Edited by StreetGamer at 2020-6-6 10:49 PM

Oh i didn't know that you can't mention other games.

I was pertaining to Game B when it said Game B.


They keep on censoring. The other game is about glory and vain.  Post time 2020-6-11 06:09 AM
Magic Rush Heroes? Heroes Arena? ? What's this Game B?  Post time 2020-6-8 03:12 AM
Post time 2020-6-6 10:33 AM | Show all posts
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